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13 Best Ski Resorts in Canada

Hoping to check out some of the best ski resorts in Canada? You’re in the right place. Canada offers some of the best skiing and snowboarding in North America. With a country as large as Canada with diverse terrain and landscapes, there are a variety of different hills to choose from when selecting a ski resort to practice one of the most popular extreme winter sports.

13 Best Ski Resorts in Canada

Skiing has been popular in Canada since the early 1900s, and today there are nearly 300 ski resorts Canada-wide that draw skiers and snowboarders alike from around the world. Today, we’re narrowing it down to the 13 best ski resorts in the country, from coast to coast.

So, let’s jump in. Here are the best ski resorts in Canada!

1.Whistler Blackcomb

Commonly known as Whistler, Whistler and Blackbomb are two mountains side by side formed to make this one ski resort which is one of the largest, and  most famous ski resorts in North America. Canadians from all over the country travel to Whistler for its excellent views and diverse slope options. Whistler consists of 200 runs, the longest being 11 km (11 miles) and 21 different lifts.
Whistler is located in British Columbia, in the east of Canada, the province with the mildest weather in Canda, which makes its capital, Vancouver, a popular place to visit. Whistler is just a 90 minute drive north of Vancouver, in the rocky mountains, which makes for a picturesque place to ski.

2.Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Revelstoke Mountain Resort, like Whistler, is also located in British Columbia, on Mount Mackenzie. Its vertical drop is 1,713 metres (5,620 feet) which is one of the largest vertical drops in North America. Needless to say, Revekstock is perfect for skiers and snowboarders looking for a challenge, although there are some easier slopes for beginners too.
The town of Revelstoke is located halfway between Banff, Alberta and Kamploops, BC, right in the rocky mountains, which gives it some of the most pristine views for skiing and snowboarding. The small mountain town of Reveltock at the base of the mountains has lots of accommodation options, restaurants, shops and bars.
There are other activities to be found at Revelstoke Mountain Resort during the winter, such as iceskating, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. 

Revelstoke Mountain Resor- best ski resorts in Canada Ratepunk

3.Sun Peaks Resort

Sun Peaks Resort, located less than an hour from the British Columbia town of Kamloops, has the second largest ski area in the province, with 4,270 of terrain to ski and snowboard on. There are 13 lifts and 135 runs, the longest one being 8 km (5 miles) long.  Most of the slopes at Sun Peaks are known for being challenging for those with ski and snowboard experience, but with spectacular views of the surrounding land. In the winter months at Sun Peaks, there is also dogsledding, iceskating and snowshoeing offered at Sun Peaks Resort.

.Sun Peaks Resort - best ski resorts in Canada ratepunk

4.Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain is the largest ski resort in Ontario, just outside the town of Collingwood, 2 hours north of Toronto. Because of its terrain, Ontario has much smaller resorts than British Columbia, Alberta and even Quebec, however Blue Mountain is a beautiful and exciting resort that offers skiing and snowboarding for all ability levels. 
There are 40 ski runs, and 16 lifts. The longest run at Blue Mountain is Gord’s Groove, which is 1 mile long. Blue Mountain is family-friendly and has lifts and runs that are suitable to a variety of ability levels. Blue Mountain also has a training centre where young children are taught to ski or snowboard.
The pictueresque Blue Mountain Village is within walking distance of the slopes, and is a popular attraction for both tourists and locals. With its cobbled streets, shops, cafes, restaurants and bars, skiers and snowboarders can grab a bite to eat, shop and relax in Blue Mountain Village after a day on the slopes.

Best ski resorts in Canada, Blue Mountain, ratepunk

5. Mount St Louis Moonstone 

Mount St Louis Moonstone consists of two mountains, St. Louis and Moonstone, combined to make one ski resort. Located just north of Barrie, Mount St Louis Moonstone, like Blue Mountain, is a great ski destination for families in the Torontoarea.
Commonly known as “Mount St. Louis,” this high-end Ontario features 16 runs - the longest of which is 2 km long - nine of which are beginner runs. This makes it a fantastic place to learn to ski, but there are plenty of more challenging slopes too which offer a pretty view from surrounding lands from the top. There are also scenic trails going through the forest.
Mount St. Louis provides access to 13 charlifts, some double, and some quad, as well as a ski chalet with several dining options on site.

best ski resorts in Canada,  Mount St Louis Moonstone, ratepunk


Mont Tremblant is located in the Laurentian mountains in the province of Quebec, with an elevation of 2871 feet (875 metres) from which the summit offers a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. Mont Tremblant is 1.5 hour drive from Montreal, Quebec, and less than 2 hours from Ottawa, Ontario. 

Mont Tremblant features 102 ski trails and 14 lifts, with varying levels of difficulty, some of which are great for newbies as well as the more advanced skier or snowboarder. It has a resort village at the base of the mountain with restaurants, shops and a number of accommodations.

best ski resorts in Canada, Mont-Tremblant, ratepunk

7.Mont Sainte-Anne

Mont Sainte Anne is a 30 minute drive from beautiful Quebec City, Canada’s most historic city.  Skiers and snowboarders can enjoy 71 trails and 9 lifts, and its summit sits at 2624 feet (800 m) above sea level. Mont Saint Anne has different sized runs catering to different levels of difficulty, as well as a ski school for children learning the sport. Families especially enjoy the sugar shack at the base of the mountain selling maple taffy. 

Mont Sainte-Anne is also home to Nordic spa, with thermal baths and massage therapy that make for a great way for relaxing after a day on the slopes.

Mont Sainte Anne - one of the Best ski resorts in Canada ratepunk

8.Jasper Ski Resort

Also known as Marmot Basin, located in the Canadian Rockies at an elevation of 8,570 feet (2612 metres) at the summit. With over 90 runs, and 7 lifts, Jasper Ski Resort is has slopes for skiers of all levels. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, there is also snowshoeing, ice skating and hot springs available at Jasper Ski Resort.

Jasper Ski Resort- one of the best ski resorts in Canada Ratepunk

9. Norquay Ski Resort

Norquay Ski Resort is one of three ski resorts located in Banff, Alberta. Featuring 60 runs, the longest being 3829 feet (1167 m) and five lifts, Norquay Ski Resort makes for a great day out for advanced or beginner skiers looking for an exciting ski experience. Norquay Ski Resort also has a large and picturesque terrain for snowtubing, a popular Canadian activity, especially among kids.

10.Lake Louise Ski Resort

Lake Louise is one of the most visited destinations in Canada, and the ski resort offers spectacular views of the rocky mountains. Lake Louise Ski Resort is a smaller resort with 17 trails and 11 lifts.

The difficulty level is a bit higher than average at Lake Louise Ski Resort, with ¾ of the runs being for an intermediate to advanced skier. However, there are still some perfect trails for beginners. In addition, there are free guided tours offered at Lake Louise that teach visitors about the geology and the mountain - a great way to learn more in depth about the slopes and terrain on which you’re skiing.

Lake Louise Ski Resort - one of the best ski resorts in Canada

11.Ski Wentworth

Ski Wentworth is located in the province of Nova Scotia, in Eastern Canda, an hour and a half north of Halifax. Ski Wentworth has 23 alpine trails, a half-pipe, and 2 terrain parks, and three different lifts to explore them all on. 

Ski Wentworth  is small compared to other ski resorts country-wide, but its the largest ski resort in Nova Scotia, and a great place to ski if you’re in Eastern Canada. Visitors enjoy the ease of visiting a smaller resort with minimal wait times.

Ski Wentworth in Nova Scotia- one of the best ski resorts in Canada, ratepunk

12.Whitewater Ski Resort

Known for being the ski resort with the most snow, Whitewater Ski Resort is the 3rd largest ski resort in Canada, after Whistler and Revelstoke. Twenty-five minutes from Nelson, in southern British Columbia, Whitewater boasts 82 runs and four lifts to take you to the top to explore them and choose your scenic path down. The views of the mountain top are incredible with the snow covered evergreens and surrounding mountains and land.

Whitewater Ski Resort is family-friendly and has a fantastic ski-school for kids and adults learning to ski or snowboarding. 

Whitewater Ski Resort - best ski resort in Canada, Ratepunk

13. Marble Ski Resort

Marble Ski Resort, located in Newfoundland, like Wentworth Ski Resort, is one of the most popular ski resorts in Eastern Canada, and for a good reason - its steep slopes, the highest point of which is 1791 feet off the ground - offer a pristine view of the surrounding mountains and the frozen lake below in the valley. 

Marble Ski Resort provides 4 different lifts to 39 different runs, over 225 acres of skiable terrain. Newfoundland is known for being one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces, and Marble Ski Resort provides an exciting and fulfilling day on the slopes for Newfoundlanders and visitors alike. 

Marble Ski Resort best ski resort in Canada, Ratepunk

Final Thoughts: 13 Best Ski Resorts in Canada

Canada is a fantastic destination to learn to ski or snowboard, or to use your skills in either. Skiing and snowboarding are popular, iconic sports in Canada that many Canadians learn from a young age. Being such a large country with varied terrain, the ski resorts in Canada are so diverse, depending on where in the country you take up the sport. From the rocky mountains of British Columbia and Alberta, to the hilly terrains of Nova Scotia, you’re likely to find a ski resort nearby, regardless of where you are in Canada.

Skiing in Canada is a great way to admire the Canadian scenery and immerse yourself in an activity that has been traditional in Canadian winters for decades. With its snowy winters, and diverse terrain, ski resorts Canada-wide make a beautiful place to ski. 

P.S. If you are more interested in Europe, you can check our blog post about the best snowboarding locations in Switzerland and the top 10 ski hotels in France

May 05, 2023

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