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Phuket - the pearl of the Andaman. Arriving worldwide, travelers flock to Phuket for relaxation and adventure, and the island rates as one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. So, if you plan on visiting Phuket (November to February is the best time) - here’s a 5-day Phuket itinerary, including things to do while in Phuket, what to see, and one awesome place to take a lunch break.

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By Kamilė

Published: Oct 25, 2022 min read


Short summary: 

  • DATE January 19-23, 2023
  • HOTEL Kalima Resort and Spa - SHA Extra Plus
  • PRICE (accommodation) $468 on Expedia, BUT $396 on
  • SAVINGS $72
Kalima Resort & Spa


Kalima Resort & Spa

Thailand, Phuket

Located in Patong, Kalima Resort & Spa, Phuket is near theme parks and the beach. The area's natural beauty can be seen at Patong Beach and Kamala Beach.

What's nearby: 

  • Kalim Beach - 12 min walk
  • Patong Beach - 3 min drive
  • Royal Paradise Night Market - 4 min drive
  • Yae Beach - 5 min drive
  • Bangla Road - 15 min drive


  • Salsa Mexicana - 8 min walk
  • Duck Spicy - 10 min walk
  • Acqua - 12 min walk
  • Mother India - 3 min drive

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Day 1 Krabi - Phuket

The fastest way to reach Phuket is by ferry. So, if you’re going from Krabi, it would cost around $50. From Krabi to Phuket, with a distance of about 103 miles from one terminal to the other, and along the way, you'll be passing through not just one but three national parks, so the scenery is pretty remarkable! At Phuket’s port, it’s pretty easy to find a local taxi and leave for Kalima Resort & Spa.

Now more about the beach. If you decide to spend the day or just a few hours on the beach, you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas because sun exposure is quite dangerous. 

What to do: Beyond Patagon beach, there are a surprisingly broad array of things to do for everyone - rooftop bars, night markets, some cinemas, bowling, and huge shopping malls that are a lot more fun than you may think. Basically, that's it for the day. 


Day 2 Phuket’s old town

If you came to Thailand all the way from the UK, USA, or basically any European country, you’ll probably experience a cultural shock at first. So, to experience Phuket’s daily life, spend the whole day in the old town. Or, as it is called, the hidden gem of Thailand. While you are going around, you can expect to see many unique style shophouses, small and colorful shops, some delicious local Thai restaurants, and, lately, many coffee shops. 

Where to eat: Quick stop for lunch to taste Thai food is a must. Safe choice - Tu Kab Khao Restaurant. This restaurant received a Michelin Plate, which rewards restaurants that simply serve good food. 

Now comes the best part - the nightlife in Phuket's old town. Once the sun sets, it is undoubtedly way quieter than the bays on the island's west side. You won't find pumping dance music, but you can find chill cocktail bars and live bands in a few places frequented mainly by locals.

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Day 3 Similan Islands

Stunning Similan Islands - must experience while in Phuket. They take place off the coast of Thailand. There are nine of them in total. Fun fact: Similan even means nine in the local language.

It takes approximately 3 hours to get there by speedboat. And then all left is just feeding your eyes with epic views - jungle-covered granitic outcrops and white sandy palm-fringed beaches - as to be exact.  Lastly, as you would probably spend the whole day in Similan Islands, it’s worth trying out snorkeling or even scuba diving. 


Day 4 Maya Bay

Have you seen the fantastic movie The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio? Maya Bay is that beach! Just a short sail away from Koh Phi Phi Don is Koh Phi Phi Lei, the island on which Maya Bay is located. On Koh Phi Phi Don, there are loads of longtail boats in the harbor that offer tours to Maya Bay and other fabulous locations on the islands.

What to do: You can book either a half-day or a full-day tour, depending on how long you want to spend on the Maya Bay beach. Prices vary depending on how well you can haggle.

After Maya Bay, you can also go to a small lagoon on the other side of the island, which is a better place for snorkeling because the water is calmer. Last stop before heading back to the harbor of Koh Phi Phi Don - the famous Monkey Beach! 

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Day 5 Kata Beach

Kata beach becomes one of the top favorite places in the whole world when people leave Thailand. The last day’s plan could be like this: enjoy the sun, take a power nap after lunch, and that's it. Although, renting a board at Kata beach could turn out to be a fantastic decision. It costs around $7 for a couple of hours. 

And that’s a wrap of a 5-day trip to Thailand.

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Oct 25, 2022

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