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7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting Caravanning

Caravanning is an astronomical and economical way of traveling while enjoying gorgeous landscapes and connecting with nature. You don’t have to worry about flights, hotels, and rental vehicles since your caravan is your transportation and accommodation. Caravanning also comes with unlimited freedom, comfort, and fun, and you can tag your kids and pets along.

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Published: Aug 30, 2023 min read

7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting Caravanning

While hitting the road for your first caravanning trip, adequate preparation is vital for a fun and thrilling experience. Overlooking crucial details like choosing the right caravan, compiling a checklist, and adjusting driving skills can be disastrous and ruin your trip.  

This article discusses seven things to consider before caravanning for a smooth and enjoyable adventure. 

1.Choose the Right Caravan 

You can’t start caravanning without a caravan. Fortunately, you have plenty of options for buying or renting a caravan, thanks to Caravan Finder UK. Hiring is a good choice for first-time caravanners since they learn what works before committing.  

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a caravan to get one that suits your needs and budget. 

  • Size: Typically, the ideal size depends on the number of people traveling. Two berths suit a couple, while a family or bigger group needs more capacity. Caravans with many berths are longer and heavier, significantly impacting axles, maneuvering, storage, insurance, and service costs.   
  • Towing weights: Ensure that your vehicle can tow the caravan comfortably. The rule of thumb is that your loaded caravan should not exceed 85% of your vehicle’s kerb weight. 
  • Amount of storage space for accessories, clothing, provisions, and wet stuff for outdoor and water sports enthusiasts 
  • Accessories and appliances like heating, solar panels, and fridges 
  • Do you want a new or used caravan? A used caravan may save you money while providing many features.
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2.Have a Plan

Although no destination caravan road trips are desirable, it is best practice to have a plan so you know which way your wheels turn off your street. Your preferred weather can provide some guidance on your destination. If you prefer cool weather and live in a hot area, you can head toward the preferred weather. 

Whether you take the beaten path or towards the coast, ensure your caravan can handle the road conditions. As you plan your route, identify the roads you will take and any stopovers you will make. Remember to map out useful amenities like campgrounds and caravan parks. You wouldn’t want to run out of water or carry wastewater throughout your trip.      

3.Create a Checklist 

Your caravan will be your transportation and accommodation. As such, you want to be sure that it’s working optimally. First, ascertain the battery, tires, and brakes are in top-notch condition. The water tank and gas bottle should be full and secure. 

Do not forget to check the fire alarm, fire extinguisher, electrical appliances, and toilet ensuring they work correctly. Remember to install your caravan number plate and get caravan towing mirrors for greater safety and peace of mind on the wheel.     

Maximize your caravan holiday by having essential items and equipment to create a home on the wheels. Forgetting important things means you incur additional costs, which add up quickly. The checklist depends on what you already have on the caravan and your needs. Here are a few suggestions. 

  • Kitchen: pots, dishwashing accessories, plates, cups, spoons, knives, kettle, coffee maker, food 
  • Bathroom: toiletries, soap, towels, tissues 
  • Holiday accessories: comfortable clothes and shoes, umbrella, sunglasses, waterproofs, swimwear, sports equipment, a spare bag for wet clothes 
  • Entertainment: iPads, board games, toys, chargers, reading material, extension cords 
  • First aid kit: cotton swabs, sterile gauze, antiseptic wipes and cream, eye drops, pain meds, insect repellent, scissors, tweezers, personal meds.

4. Tow Safely 

Towing a caravan can be daunting, like driving a vehicle for the first time. You will notice considerable differences in how the caravan handles, from stability to braking, stopping distance, and steering. T is chiefly because the caravan is more extended and heavier than the standard vehicle. Luckily, it gets better with time and practice. 

With a caravan, you will require more time to stop, and accelerating will be slower than usual. Other best practices for towing a caravan include refraining from sudden lane changes, maintaining a distance with the vehicle in front, and cutting corners widely. In addition, exercise extra caution on wet road conditions and strong winds and plan rest stops as needed.     

Consider taking a caravan towing course if you are too nervous to tow. This way, you learn driving and maneuvering techniques, braking and reversing, legal requirements, safety checks, and sway management and control. Also, you get the guidance of trained and experienced instructors and practice in a safe environment. 

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5.Get Used to Confined Spaces 

One thing that makes caravanning outstanding is living in a confined space with everything in your reach. However, this may be a turn-off for claustrophobic people who like their space. While you can get a bigger caravan to solve this issue, you can’t get a space as ample as your home. Taking frequent breaks can help, and you don’t feel suffocated. 

Another potential problem for caravanning is leaving the luxuries of home for a modest lifestyle on the road. It takes time to adjust to life on the go, and you create other luxuries like enjoying sunsets from your window, locating good camping sites, and waking up to amazing sceneries. 

6.Take it Easy 

Although caravanning is a stress-buster, you will encounter situations that increase your adrenaline levels. However, it pays to take it easy and enjoy the moment. For instance, when towing a caravan, you may annoy other motorists due to speed limits and safety concerns. Be ready to frustrate other drivers as you enjoy your best life.  bSimilarly, in your nomad life, you will meet many experienced caravanners with many tips and tricks to offer, some good, some bad, and some conflicting. You decide what to do with all the information, but don’t forget to smile and thank them. 

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7.Develop a Setup Routine 

After spending a considerable part of the day behind the wheel, the last thing you want is to engage in a tedious and time-consuming setup. While you may want to lazy around first, it is best to set up and then relax. Also, setting up may be daunting for first-timers, and you don’t know where to start.  

Here’s a simple guide. 

  • Unhitch the caravan and activate the handbrake 
  • Clear your vehicle 
  • Level the caravan by lowering corner steadies so they touch the ground 
  • Connect water, gas, and power systems 
  • Conduct a safety check 
  • You are set! 

Your first caravanning trip is an opportunity for fun, freedom, and thrill. A little preparation and a checklist ensure you have everything you need for caravanning and prevent hasty surprises. Consider the tips discussed above for a once-in-a-lifetime caravan holiday. 

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