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8 BILLION PEOPLE 🌍 & TOP 8 Travel Destinations to Runaway from Them

Here we’ll present the TOP 8 travel destinations where you’ll barely meet a person, see breathtaking views, and will be able to take that well-deserved break.

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Published: Nov 15, 2022 • min read

8 BILLION PEOPLE 🌍 & TOP 8 Travel Destinations to Runaway from Them

Welcome to the point in history when the argument “I won’t have kids because they won’t fit on the earth” gains even more legitimacy. People are nice & all, but, uhm… Sometimes you just need a break-off, and that’s definitely not something you should be postponing - especially nowadays. 

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Now you’re ready to get down to business: 

1. Yangmingshan National Park, Taiwan

What associates with no people and a break more than a national park? We don’t think of anything, and that’s exactly why the Yangmingshan National Park in Taiwan is your go-to destination for the long-awaited runaway. Here you’ll find a whole variety of nature: from cherry blossoms & fields to mountains & hot springs, and, most importantly, complete silence. 

Also, your wallet will say thanks because there are no taxes or entrance fees, so you can be sure of a budget-friendly & calm vacation. 

BEST TIMES TO VISIT: from February to March for the best weather & to see the blooming flowers. 

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2. Curonian Spit, Lithuania

This one’s located in one of the often-missed Baltic countries, Lithuania. A narrow peninsula in the Baltic sea attracts more visitors every year but still remains a perfect destination for a quiet runaway. Sand, beach & sun - that’s what you’ll get there. With the center of the Split being Nida, you can choose even smaller towns like Juodkrantė or Preila to really hide from the noise. 

You have to pay for the ferryboat & the ecological entrance fee if you’re going in your car (during the high season, it costs 30 EUR). 

BEST TIMES TO VISIT: June to September. 

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3. Valladolid, MĂ©xico

Located in the Yucatán Peninsula, Valladolid lets you experience the local lifestyle. It has only around 48 thousand habitants so you can explore the colorful architecture and the traditional churches & try the local food without fighting the crowds. And don’t forget all the streets that are so worth a shot.

BEST TIMES TO VISIT: November through May. 

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4. Svalbard, Norway

That’s for the cold lovers: Svalbard in Norway will get you the remote Alaska feeling. It’s known for the number of glaciers (it counts up to more than 2 thousand), which can be best seen during the summertime, and polar bears. Imagine waking up in one of the little houses with a fireplace, surrounded by snow and ice… and not having to go anywhere - just enjoying the views. 

BEST TIME TO VISIT: May to September - these are the summer months with the best glacier views. 

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5. Marble Caves, Chile

We’re moving to South America here. The majestic architecture formed by Mother Nature itself will make your problems seem very small & you’ll feel the rest of the 7,999,999,999 people on earth didn’t exist. Moreover, Patagonia offers a lot more than only these caves, so it will get you covered for a longer recharge, too. Keep in mind: that particular attraction costs around $50 per person. 

BEST TIMES TO VISIT: December through March. 

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6. Nevis Island, The Caribbean

For some remote and wild beaches but still a Caribbean vibe, choose Nevis Island. Offering a variety of private & remote stays, the island is perfect for some time off. Besides the beaches, you’ll have crystal clear sea and mountains, and since it’s one of the least known and touristy islands in the whole Caribbean - close to no people other than locals. 

BEST TIMES TO VISIT: February to May. 

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7. The Alentejo Villages, Portugal

Portugal offers a bunch of little towns to choose from, and the Alentejo Villages can be a great start. Called one of the most beautiful regions in Portugal, it offers all that’s cute and is the opposite of mass production. Take a walk through the vineyards, feel the cooking smell in the small streets and get away from the hustle and bustle. Also, keeping in mind that these towns aren’t very touristy, the prices will surely not be shocking. 

BEST TIMES TO VISIT: although it’s super nice throughout the year, try March to June. 

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8. Piha, New Zealand

Even though called one of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand, Piha isn’t as touristy as you could this it was. Also known as a surfer-super-friendly beach, it’s an option for a more active distraction from your daily routine. Surf through the waves, hike all around, and watch the sunset - it doesn’t get better than that. 

BEST TIMES TO VISIT: December through February. 

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Depending on the level of how much you want to get away from society, you still might need a hotel. To make sure that the return is as pleasant as the getaway itself, don’t splash out all of your money & book your stays with RatePunk. Install by clicking the button below, choose one destination of the listed above, and get that well-deserved break! 

Nov 15, 2022

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