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Anything you need to know about Workations in 2022

We have been always told that there is a different time for work and a different time for vacation, but not anymore! Many people choose to Travel and Work simultaneously these days, which is the main concept of Workations!

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By Amir

Published: Oct 27, 2022 min read

Anything you need to know about Workations in 2022

Workation or Workcation! No matter how you write it, the word is a combination of two words that traditionally were not used to be used together! “Work” and “Vacation”! But tradition is fading away these days.
The pandemic had various effects on our lives and everything has changed! More people are working remotely or hybrid and companies have changed their structures accordingly. A new type of business traveler has emerged from this new type of working culture, Workation travelers.
Many people tend to take a break from their ordinary place of work and move to another location for a while. This can help them change the atmosphere and even help them to be more creative! Even some companies take their employees to Workaitons to increase their motivation and teamwork. It all seems delightful but of course, with every course of action, there are challenges, advantages, and disadvantages. Let’s take a deeper look.

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It’s a Workation, not a vacation

Workations come with responsibilities; therefore, It is necessary to remember the purpose of your trip. You need to have a very specified plan for your days and excellent time management to be able to use your time for work and to be able to enjoy your time.



Planning for a Workation is an essential part of the process and the location must be chosen wisely. For longer Workations and further destinations, restrictions such as visa requirements and stay periods should be considered wisely. Also, it is needed to think of a comfortable working place. Although it is going to be challenging, still you can have a good place for your work if you plan ahead, it could be a suitable table at your hotel or a nice place outdoors with a great view.


Time-zone differences

If you decide to have your Workation in a completely different time zone, you can face many communication challenges. Even though many companies have adopted the new system of working, many of them still have strict working hours for their employees, it is worth mentioning that for many job categories, not having a fixed time of work might cause many problems for the business. Considering this, it is important to make sure your destination's time zone will not affect your work performance.

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Advantages of Workation

Travel your bucket list

We all have a bucket list full of places to visit but as the pandemic paused all travel plans, many of us could not visit any new place for a while. With the introduction of Workations we get the chance to visit our bucket list destinations without waiting for any special holidays or days off!


Improves creativity

For sure traveling can have positive effects on creativity. By taking a Workation you get away from your daily routine and get to enjoy the feeling of having a vacation. Depending on what you do for your job, seeing new places and new cultures can affect your productivity at different levels. For example, these travels can probably be more beneficial for a content writer writing about traveling or a social media manager rather than a computer programmer.


Team-building opportunities

Employers can use this approach to their advantage as well. A Workation with your team can increase your employees' motivation and well-being and create closer relationships between the team members.

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Lack of routine

People tend to get used to their routine and usual working environment, even when working remotely, your home office becomes an important part of your life. Leaving the comfort zone and all the pleasures of having a routine is not easy for all people and disturbs the balance of their daily life.



Having to pay for accommodation, food, and leisure in another country can be very costly! Especially if you are already renting a place back home and maybe paying for monthly subscriptions to your gym and etc. Choosing the right destination can help you lower the costs of your Workation. 


Not enjoying the fullest

Workations can be very enjoyable, but they can never replace vacations. Spending most of your day on your work projects will really limit the time you get to enjoy your new destination. Even if you do manage to split your time in a good way between work and leisure, unpredicted work inquiries might rise at any moment. Therefore, you need to have your mindset on all these possibilities in order for you not to get disappointed. 
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Oct 27, 2022

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