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Autumn Destinations: Most Haunted European Places & Their Ghosts

Europe, with its ancient castles, winding alleyways, catacombs, and centuries of history, is a continent that resonates with tales of the supernatural. This should be your next destination for autumn holidays or Halloween celebration-destination.

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Published: Aug 17, 2023 min read

Autumn Destinations: Most Haunted European Places & Their Ghosts

From mist-shrouded moors to cobblestone streets, the old world is home to some of the most haunted cities, where the past and the paranormal intertwine in captivating ways. You may laugh; it's up to you to decide. Nevertheless, there are many stories of how one or another person felt or saw something paranormal. And I thought that it is about time to talk about potential autumn getaway destinations.


Edinburgh… the Scottish capital, is a city where history and the supernatural intermingle in a captivating dance. Edinburgh has earned its reputation as one of Europe's most beautiful, mysterious, and haunted cities with its Gothic architecture, mist-covered cobblestones, and tales of valiant battles and tragic plagues.

Perched dramatically atop Castle Rock, Edinburgh Castle's history spans over a thousand years. While it's an architectural marvel, it's also rumored to be a haven for restless spirits. Because every famous castle must have a ghost, don't you think so? The castle's ancient stone walls have witnessed countless battles and sieges, leaving an indelible mark on its spectral landscape. Among its ghostly residents is the headless drummer boy, believed to have been executed for falling asleep on duty. His ethereal drumming echoes through the halls during the silent hours of the night. Another spectral figure often spotted gazing mournfully out of a window, is thought to be the spirit of a captured Englishman who died of exposure. Then there's the elusive phantom piper, whose melancholic tunes are said to drift through the air, capturing the attention of all who hear them. Legend has it that the piper disappeared into an underground passageway beneath the castle, a passage that has never been found. Some say the piper's music can still be heard, a haunting reminder of his mysterious fate.

Edinburgh is famed for its ancient "closes," narrow alleyways named after residents. One of these, Mary King’s Close, lies beneath the Royal Mile. In the 17th century, a plague swept through, claiming lives, including in this close. It was partly demolished and buried during the 18th-century construction of the Royal Exchange. Reports of hauntings are abundant, notably that of Annie, a forsaken girl left by family to die. Visitors now offer tokens like dolls and coins to honor her, donating them to a local children's hospital each year. As you navigate the passages of Mary King’s Close, you tread upon layers of history and the enduring memory of Annie, connecting the living and the past.

Beneath the bustling streets of the Old Town lies a network of eerie subterranean vaults. The vaults, though no longer accessible to the general public, remain open for exploration through specialized underground tours offered by Mercat Tours. These vaults were once inhabited by the city's poorest residents, living in squalor and struggling to survive. The conditions were dire, and the stories of desperation and despair left an imprint on the very walls. Today, these vaults are a hotspot for paranormal activity. Visitors and ghost enthusiasts often report hearing disembodied whispers, sudden temperature drops, and an overwhelming feeling of unease. (They even gave some names to ghosts: The Watcher or Mrs Boots). Some believe that the spirits of those who suffered and perished in these dark spaces still linger, their energies intertwined with the city's history. My friend has been there and said it's definitely one of the spookiest places she has ever been. 

P.S. There are many spooky tours you may be interested to join while staying in Edinburgh.

Island Of Poveglia, Italy

Imagine having a getaway to Venice and your friend decides to visit one of the spookiest places in Europe - the abandoned island of Poveglia. It is nestled in the Venice Lagoon between Venice and Lido.  Its roots date back to 421 when it was inhabited, but over time, its population dwindled, and by the 14th century, it lay abandoned. The island's fate took a haunting turn during the Bubonic Plague outbreak in the 14th century, and once again in 1630 during the ravages of the Black Death in Venice.

Haunted European cities - Poveglia

The island's hospital, which stood witness to these horrors, served as both a quarantine colony and, later, as a mental asylum until the 1800s. It continued its dark journey as a geriatric center until 1975. However, today, the entire island stands deserted, a chilling testament to its tragic past. Curiously, even the Venetians, known for their resilience, refuse to tread on Poveglia's soil. It's a place shrouded in fear, haunted by the specters of diseases that once claimed countless lives. The abandoned buildings and desolate shores hold a ghostly ambiance that echoes the pain and suffering of eras long past. Not only is the land avoided, but the waters surrounding Poveglia also bear a spectral reputation. Fishermen steer clear, wary of the lingering echoes of suffering that have seemingly become a part of the island's essence.

P.S. If you are interested in ghosts and paranormal activities, I recommend you checking YouTube channel called Nuke's Top 5

 Zvíkov Castle, Czech Republic

Perched atop a hill by the confluence of rivers, Zvíkov Castle in the Czech Republic holds more than just history within its ancient walls. Among the chilling tales associated with Zvíkov Castle is the legend of Queen Kunhuta. According to local folklore, Queen Kunhuta was married to King Wenceslaus I, known for his temperamental nature. It is said that Kunhuta fell out of favor with the king, leading to her tragic demise. She was allegedly imprisoned within the castle walls, facing a grim fate - murdered. Visitors and staff have claimed to experience a presence believed to be that of Queen Kunhuta. Some have reported feeling an inexplicable chill, while others have sensed an unseen presence lingering in the castle's dimly lit corners. The story of Queen Kunhuta's tragic fate adds an air of melancholy to the castle's grandeur.

most haunted places  -  Zvíkov Castle RatePunk

And yes, as with many ancient castles, Zvíkov's dungeons hold their share of eerie stories. These dark chambers, once used to imprison criminals and enemies of the state, have left a lingering imprint on the castle's atmosphere. It is said that the tormented souls of those who suffered within these walls continue to haunt the castle, their anguished whispers carried on the wind. Visitors have described feeling unease and being watched as they explore the dungeons. Flickering candlelight and the flicker of shadows further enhance the spine-tingling ambiance, immersing visitors in an experience that bridges the gap between the past and the supernatural. Hard to say if it's true or is it a labored hoax. You must visit the castle, and then inform us!

Château Miranda, Belgium

With its haunting presence and enigmatic history, Château Miranda stands as one of Europe's most eerie and captivating castles. Born in the mid-1800s, this castle's past is steeped in both beauty and unsettling tales, weaving together a tapestry of intrigue and the macabre.

Château Miranda, Belgium - most haunted places

Dating back to the mid-19th century, Château Miranda was a sight to behold, a manifestation of architectural grandeur nestled within the serene woods of Celles, Belgium. However, as history would have it, this castle's story took a dark and chilling turn. From the 1950s onward, the castle was repurposed to house mentally ill patients, earning it the ominous moniker of "Château de Noisy." In its prime, it was an imposing structure, standing as a stark reminder of both opulence and tragedy. Yet, as the years wore on, time and neglect left their mark.

Today, Château Miranda stands as a somber and derelict shadow of its former self. The ravages of time have been amplified by the destructive touch of trespassers, who shattered doors, splintered windows, and tore through its floors. The castle's once-majestic halls now echo with silence, while broken remnants speak of a past both tragic and unknown.

York, England

York, a city of stunning historical beauty, is not just another European gem; it is a realm where the boundary between the living and the supernatural is blurred. Reverberating with thousands of spine-tingling ghost stories, York has earned its reputation as one of the most haunted place in Europe. Some dare to call it the City of 1000 Ghosts, a title that speaks volumes of its eerie allure.

The city's bewitching charm conceals a past steeped in torment and gore, a past that has left behind a recorded count of around 500 hauntings. Walking through its cobbled streets, one might feel the weight of history pressing close, and the lingering whispers of the past brushing against the present. Bo-ooo!

Among York's plethora of chilling tales, a singular location stands out as the most haunted pub in the city—the unsuspecting facade of the Golden Fleece. Beneath its unassuming exterior lies a spectral realm where fifteen restless souls have chosen to linger, trapped in an eerie dance between this world and the next.

Most haunted European cities - York _ RatePunk

At the forefront of this spectral gathering is Lady Anne Peckett, a figure whose ethereal presence defies the bounds of time. As the wife of Lord Mayor John Peckett, Anne's apparition is said to float gracefully up and down the staircase of the Golden Fleece, a wistful reminder of a life lived centuries ago.

In the company of her fourteen spectral companions, Lady Anne's presence creates an atmosphere that is both enchanting and unsettling. The walls themselves seem to resonate with echoes of the past, where laughter, sorrow, and the intangible linger in every corner.

As you step into the Golden Fleece, the air is thick with history and the unseen. The ghosts of York, with their myriad stories and unfulfilled journeys, become companions on your journey through this city of secrets. A single pint at the Golden Fleece offers not just a taste of ale but a sip of history. Just do not overdose cause you may not understand where is reality and there is your fantasy, or ghosts….

Aug 17, 2023

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