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Best Easter Destinations in Europe 2023 | Ratepunk | European Easter Cities

Spirit of Easter can be felt each year all over European cities, but if you are planning to travel for Easter, there are always destinations that offer more than the others. Take a look at our chosen Best Easter Destinations in Europe in 2023.

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Published: Jan 05, 2023 min read

Best Easter Destinations in Europe 2023 | Ratepunk | European Easter Cities

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague simply has so much to offer. Even after you've visited the typical must-see attractions like Prague Castle, the Astronomical Clock, and Charles Bridge, there is still a ton to do. You can just walk around the city and be amazed by the gorgeous buildings and architecture you see around you. Don’t be surprised by the number of people you see on the streets, as Prague is quite famous for tourism and has many visitors throughout the year.

Easter is a perfect time to visit Prague because the city offers a wide range of activities including markets, cruises, fairs, and church services during this time. The wooden huts that make up the Prague Easter Markets are painted in vivd springtime hues and filled with regional handicrafts and classical Easter fare. Mosaics, jewelry, glasses, wooden toys, candles, puppet masters, and dolls decked out in traditional clothing are some of the goods for sale. But the most important part of the market is eggs! 
You can find many stores that sell different types of hand-colored eggs with ribbons and there are plenty of workshops for children on how to paint eggs or make ribbons. Besides, there are many shows and concerts happening at or around these markets that many of which are made for children. Therefore, Prague is one of the best cities to visit with kids in Europe at Easter time.

You can visit the markets every day from March 25 to April 16, 2023, from 10 to 22.

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Vienna, Austria

Vienna is undoubtedly a well-liked travel destination, especially for short stays. One of the famous reasons for visiting Vienna is the architecture of the buildings. There are buildings from Pre-war architecture, Viennese post-war architecture (starting 1960s), some revolutionary buildings from the 1980s, and of course the modern buildings of the 21st century. Of course, Vienna is also famous for art. There are museums, theaters, and musicals happening here all year round.

Other than Christmas, Easter is the most significant holiday of the year in Vienna, and it is lavishly observed over several days with marches, markets, plays, and traditional foods you must try at least once in your life. The main markets are Freyung, Am Hof, and Schönbrunn markets. In all these markets you can expect to find many decorative eggs, chocolates and traditional cuisine. You will also find that these markets are very well decorated with interesting lighting, and special sculptures or giant eggs!

These markets usually start running around 10-11 days before Easter and usually run through to Easter Monday.

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Bologna, Italy 

Bologna might not be as famous as other cities in Italy for tourism such as Venice, Florence, or Rome, but it is absolutely an astonishing city for short visits. The city is full of historical and cultural places to visit such as Piazza Maggiore, Basilica - Santuario di Santo Stefano, Santuario di Madonna di San Luca, and many others. 
Besides, the city offers amazing restaurants with delicious food for food lovers.

Easter is one of the best times to visit this city because all of the churches of the city will have ceremonies but the most special event happens on Easter Monday at The Santuario di San Luca. Locals and visitors all attend the ceremony at this place to show their gratitude to the saint. This place is linked to the city center by a road that, winds for four kilometers with the biggest portico in the world, which boasts over 600 arches. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 2021 along with the other city porticoes. This place offers an amazing view of the whole city, so even on a regular day, people come to this place, have a picnic, and enjoy the view.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

For sure Amsterdam is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe that offers many activities and attractions for visitors. Amsterdam is the city of bicycles and you see riders all around the city, also tourists can rent bicycles and join these big crowds to explore the city. The other interesting option to see the city is to take a boat ride in the narrow canals of Amsterdam which runs through the streets of the city.
The city has many famous museums to visit with different characteristics and exhibitions. That's why the city is our first chosen destination for BEST ART EXHIBITIONS IN EUROPE 2023.

Visiting Amsterdam during Easter time can add much value to your Amsterdam trip. Easter time is the best time of the year to visit Dutch flowers in their full glory. There are many areas inside the city where you can watch these beautiful flowers.
For those who are traveling with kids, Amsterdam in Easter can be a special trip. On Easter Sunday, feeding farms throw easter parties for kids which includes egg decoration, egg hunts, and many other activities. Also, there are several parks for families to throw Easter picnics.  Some of these parks are Erasmuspark, Beatrixpark, Amsterdamse Bos.

As the weather gets better, several outdoor markets start appearing in different places in Amsterdam. Easter time is a great time to experience spending your evenings at these markets, eat delicious food, and buy Easter decorations.

In case you are located or traveling to the US, check the chosen Best Easter Destinations in USA for this year.

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Seville, Spain

Seville (or Sevilla in Spanish) is the capital of the Spanish region and province of Andalusia and has a population of approximately 700,000 people, making it the fourth-largest city in Spain. Although it might not be as popular as other tourist cities in Spain such as Barcelona, Madrid or Mallorca, it definitely has its own charm and many people describe it as a special city.
The city is full of attractions and some of the most famous ones are Plaza de Spana, Catedral de Sevilla, and Setas de Sevilla (Metropol Parasol), which are all gorgeous buildings.

Easter is a special time of the year in Seville and is celebrated in many traditional ways. Celebrating Easter in Seville goes back to the 16th century and has become more famous through the years. In the most traditional way, 50,000 people dress up in conventional robes and march in the 58 organized parades, while "costaleros" carry the Pasos (religious statues) on their shoulders. The parades happen day and night by different churches that each have their own specific paths. Easter considers an important and emotional time for this city as religion, art, and people come together to show their respect.

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Jan 05, 2023

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