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Best Museums in Barcelona

Barcelona is full of cool museums! From famous art at the MNAC to funky modern pieces at the MACBA, there's something for everyone. Whether you're into Picasso, cutting-edge media, or just want to see some neat buildings, Barcelona's got it covered.

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Published: Dec 22, 20234 min read

Best Museums in Barcelona

Barcelona is renowned worldwide for its historical significance, dynamic culture, and stunning artistic achievements. When visiting Barcelona, you'll probably be eager to delve into the wide array of cultural and recreational activities available. One of the activities can be visiting museums. 

Best museums in barcelona- Museu Picasso- recommended by ratepunkMuseu Picasso

The Museu Picasso, devoted to the illustrious Pablo Picasso, presents an expansive collection of his early works. Nestled in the Gothic Quarter, its historic ambiance and labyrinthine galleries provide a personal exploration of Picasso's life and creations, housing over 3500 pieces, this museum features pivotal works of Picasso, emphasizing his formative years. It's a journey through the artist's evolution. 

Official website

Ticket Price€33.00 for adults, €22.00 for children (0-17)​​.

Free Entrance: every Thursday after 5:00 PM, on the first Sunday of each month, and during select holidays.

Best museums in barcelona- MOCO Museum - recommended by ratepunk


MOCO Museum

The MOCO Museum is a dynamic venue for modern and contemporary art, featuring celebrated artists such as Banksy, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Banksy, and Salvador Dalí. Its interactive installations provide a unique, engaging experience. With its focus on cutting-edge art, the museum aims to inspire and challenge perceptions. 

Official website

Ticket Price€14.95 for adults, €9.95 for students/youth (10-17), and free for children under 9.

MACBA (Contemporary Art Museum)

MACBA, the heart of Barcelona's modern art scene, presents an extensive collection of post-1940s art through varied exhibitions. It boasts over 3,000 pieces reflecting pivotal moments in contemporary art history, from the mid-20th century to the present. Visitors can explore a diverse range of thought-provoking works spanning several decades.

Official website

Ticket Price€10.85 online for adults, €9.60 for students​​.

Camp Nou Tours

Do you also believe that football is life? If yes, immerse yourself in FC Barcelona's storied past on a tour of the museum, navigating through the club's illustrious history as the stadium sees upgrades. Explore the legacy of Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, and other FC Barcelona legends at Camp Nou. Experience the storied trophy room, players' changing areas, spectator seats, and the 'We are History' tunnel, featuring a tribute to Johan Cruyff and a collection of evocative photographs.

Official website

Ticket Pricefrom €19

Best museums in barcelona- Museu del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia - recommended by ratepunkMuseu del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia

The Museu del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia offers an in-depth view into Gaudí's architectural masterpiece, Sagrada Familia. It includes detailed models, sketches, and photographs illuminating over 90 years of the basilica's construction. Visitors can see Gaudí's tomb through a museum window and explore the intricacies of his design philosophy, making it an essential experience for understanding this iconic structure. Is it worth visiting? Yes, it is. I haven’t met a person who didn’t like spending time there. 

Official website

Ticket Price: Starts at €33.80​​.

Museum of the History of Catalonia

Set in the historical Palau de Mar, once known as General Stores, the Museum of the History of Catalonia not only offers a deep dive into Catalan heritage but does so within a significant architectural relic. This location amplifies the visitor's journey through time, providing a tangible connection to the past amid the evolving narrative of Catalan identity and history. 

Official website

Ticket Prices starts at 4 euros

Museu Marítim de Barcelona

Chronicles the city's maritime history with artifacts and ship replicas.  Situated in the old Royal Shipyards, the museum showcases Barcelona's maritime past with displays about sea navigation and various ships. Visit to see restored vessels and understand the city's connection to the ocean.

Official website

Ticket Price: €10.00 for adults, €5.00 for youth​​.

Free entry every Sunday after 3:00 PM.

Best museums in barcelona- MNAC (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya) - recommended by ratepunkMNAC (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya)

Nestled in the striking Palau Nacional on Montjuïc, this museum is a tribute to Catalan art, spanning from Romanesque to modernism. Its extensive collection includes works by Dalí, Gaudí, and other luminaries. Alongside its rich permanent display, the museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions, enriching visitors' understanding of Catalan art. This venue also offers breathtaking views of Barcelona, making it a cultural and visual treasure.

Official website

Ticket Price: €12.00​​

Free entrance: every Saturday after 3:00 PM, on the first Sunday of each month, and during specific open-door events.

Erotic Museum of Barcelona

Let's spicy up this topic! Europe doesn’t have many erotic museums but there is one in Barcelona that you can visit. . The museum offers a look at eroticism through art and historical pieces, showing how sexuality has been viewed and expressed. It's a place for learning and appreciating this important aspect of human culture in a respectful way.

Official website

Ticket Price: €12.00​​

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