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Best Party Cities in the USA 2023 | Ratepunk

We’re not sure if anything could describe today’s topic better than… Miley Cyrus song "Party in the U.S.A." We’re presenting TOP 10 best party cities in the USA, where sleep (at least during the night-time) is simply illegal.

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Published: Mar 17, 2023 min read

Best Party Cities in the USA 2023 | Ratepunk

Las Vegas, Nevada

For risk & never-ending party lovers. 

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Where else, if not in Sin City? As much as we would love to surprise you with some other name, nothing can beat Las Vegas here. Known for its unprecedented nightlife - from low-key bars and clubs, to some spicier options such as strip clubs and casinos - it has something to offer for every type of party lover. 

Many would say it’s the luxury that’s attracting millions to spend at least a few nights there. Staying at a 5-star hotel, waking up in your King Suite, having a shower in your golden bath and heading straight to a luxurious casino. You can immediately sense it’s Las Vegas we’re talking about, no? 

Go to the Las Vegas Strip and immerse yourself in that once in a lifetime opportunity to go wild in the world capital of entertainment! Best night clubs to get you started: Jewel, Marquee, Omnia. Just plan ahead, check the dress code and wear comfy shoes. 

Also, as usual as having fun during the night might be, you must go to a pool party while you’re there. Most of the hotels throw these (MGM Grand, Hard Rock Hotel, Cosmopolitan, etc.), and they’re similar to the normal parties, just… they take place in the sun, you wear a bathing suit, and, well, there’s a pool. 


New York City

For the big-city lovers. 

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And how could we not include New York: no one could even doubt it has something for everyone’s taste - doesn’t matter if it’s an invite-only night in a fancy club or a chill beer bar. 

Go to the iconic Time Square to see its bright neon lights and bustling streets. It will be the perfect starting point to explore the vibrant nightlife. If you’re down for something fancier, The Meatpacking District is your next stop. It features most of the high-end spots attracting a fashionable crowd. The Brooklyn Bowl will meet you with live shows and can be the perfect option to get your night rolling. If you decide to run away from the spark and neon lights, turn to The Village Vanguard: this iconic jazz club has been around since the 1930s, hosting legendary musicians and jazz performers. Live music + cozy environment = a getaway from all the buzz. If a good laugh is something you can’t imagine your night out without, head to the Comedy Cellar, where you can catch some of the best comedians nightly

Overall, here are a few of the main party neighborhoods: East Village, West Village, Hell's Kitchen, and Upper West Side. The best festivals to plan in advance: Governors Ball, Electric Zoo, Panorama Music Festival. 


New Orleans, Louisiana

For jazz lovers who hate being home by 2 am. 

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The city that gave birth to jazz is now officially called a party town among Americans - the night never ends with only one drink here. Unlike in many other States, most of the bars stay open after 2 am here, and that makes it perfect for a night out. Main places that are always in action: French Quarter, Frenchmen street, Bourbon Street. 

It has a lot of places with funky vibe and describing it with a few dance clubs and late-closing bars would be the biggest mistake: jazz festivals, theater events and comic shows are only a few among other cool things to see & do.

Off the topic but still very on point: if you’re planning to visit New Orleans, try to go when Mardi Gras, their main holiday and carnival with costumes and street dances takes place. Sad news - it takes place around February, so it’s not an option for this year. However it’s planned to happen on February 13, 2024 already. The sooner you book, the better the deals!

The main festival you just MUST visit is the New Orleans Jazz Festival. It will take place from April 28 to May 7th this year, and is known to be the biggest one here! You can also check the Essence Festival & Voodoo Music Experience. 


Miami, Florida

For the ones who think that the best type of party is the one on the beach. 

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South Beach, together with Wynwood, Downtown Miami, and Brickell behind are the places where action takes place. With all major night clubs, it attracts party lovers all week long. A few of the BEST night clubs to get you started: LIV, E11EVEN, and Ball & Chain. 

You can find everything from salsa rhythms and EDM here, to cool edgy cocktail bars and events for solo travelers, and, most importantly - most of it is on the golden beaches and in the stunning moonlight. 

If we’re talking about festivals, Rolling Loud Miami 2023 is one that you shouldn’t miss. Check the dates Jul 21-23 if you’re already thinking about visiting. A few more to keep in mind: Ultra Music Festival &  III Points Festival. 


Chicago, Illinois

If you’re a fan of opening your fridge late at night, Chicago is your food-party place. 

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Chicago will strike you with its wide range of live performances happening throughout the week. There are plenty of venues to catch live shows, ranging from blues and jazz to rock and hip hop. Another thing Chicago is perfect for is… comedy! It’s home to some of the best comedy clubs in the country, featuring both local and national acts. It’s also a foodie city, and that extends to late-night dining. Many restaurants stay open late, offering everything from street food to fine dining.

Where to start? Here are a few of the main places: Wicker Park, Boystown, River North, and Lincoln Park. TOP festivals: Lollapalooza, Pitchfork Music Festival, and Riot Fest. 


Austin, Texas

For the ones who can’t imagine a cool night without live music. 

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The capital of Texas is known as the "Live Music Capital of the World." Whether you're into live music, rooftop bars, dance clubs, or late-night dining, Austin has it all. 

Rainey Street is a point to start your night - it’s a street famous for its bungalow-style bars, craft cocktails, and live music. In other words, something cute and cozy. Rainey Street is a great place to experience the unique nightlife culture of Austin. Go to Sixth Street to see the hub of nightlife. It’s popular among locals and tourists both, so you’ll definitely be in the center of action. It has a wide range of bars, clubs, live music venues, and restaurants. Now what’s Texas without its western music? Go to The White Horse. It can be called a honky-tonk bar (how fun does this sound already?) that offers live music shows featuring country and western genres. Most importantly - it has a spacious dance floor, so you can immerse yourself into that music style for real. Also, you can learn two-stepping and line dancing there, so don’t miss out. If you’re more into alternative music - The Mohawk is your choice. It has an indoor and outdoor stage, and it is a preferred spot for indie rock, punk, and metal music lovers. Additional: we vote for Whisler's if you’re on a date night. It’s known for their craft and intimate atmosphere. 

Main party neighborhoods: Downtown, South Lamar, SoCo, and Old West Austin.

Austin is also one of the cities on our list of  TOP 20 LGBTQ+ Friendly Cities in the US.

Los Angeles, California

Sleep is for the weak, and people in Los Angeles are close to the strongest. 

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Party in Hollywood? Count us in! From the trendy bars in West Hollywood to the stylish clubs on the Sunset Strip, this city of lights can’t disappoint.  

OK, so the best nightclubs are… The Viper Room & Exchange LA. They’re super popular & known for their cool atmosphere and live music performances. Then, if you’re not too broke, we recommend staying in The Standard Hotel. It’s in downtown LA and has a rooftop bar with stunning views of the city skyline. If you’re not staying there, you can still go for a cocktail, though. Or a few. However, if you’ve never had a drink in a barber shop… we’d say better go to The Blind Barber

TOP neighborhoods: Downtown L.A.West Hollywood, Venice, and Hermosa Beach. 

Nashville, Tennessee

Fans of country and delicious food!

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Although no one could have ever thought this one would ever make this list a decade ago - it has become a hot spot for nightlife over the last few years. 

Now for the ones who love it all in one place, Acme Feed & Seed is your choice. Located in the heart of downtown Nashville, Acme Feed & Seed is a multi-level bar that features live music on the first floor, seafood and craft cocktails on the second, and a rooftop bar with a stunning view of the city. 

You must visit Nashville Underground: it’s a multi-level venue that features amazing live music, delicious food, and incredible cocktails. The venue also has an impressive LED light show and an outdoor patio with fantastic views of the city skyline. Just like in Austin, Nashville is also known for traditional music. And that’s what The Station Inn is for -  it hosts bluegrass artists and traditional country music shows, and is an excellent spot for those who love roots music. With great acoustics (really, great) - it is a must-visit spot in Nashville's nightlife scene.

Overall best neighborhoods: Downtown and the Gulch.


Atlantic City, New Jersey 

When you want to do some gambling but Las Vegas sounds too hard-core. 

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The city offers a unique blend of glitz and glamor, making it an ideal destination for those looking to immerse themselves in a dynamic atmosphere. One of the most significant attractions in Atlantic City is its casinos. They’re  open 24/7, making it an ideal destination for night owls and giving a billion chances to lose your money on bets!  Aside from casinos, Atlantic City has a thriving nightclub scene, with some of the best-known nightclubs in the country located within easy reach. The boardwalk is another highlight that you can’t miss if you’re already in Atlantic City. It is an ideal spot to stroll along, take in the beach and ocean views, and visit some of the bars and restaurants that line it. It can actually be named THE MAIN place where all the action happens at night. 

You can enjoy a luxurious and upscale experience in any of the city's casinos, dance the night away in popular nightclubs, or enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere at one of the many bars or restaurants scattered throughout the city - it offers literally everything.


Boston, Massachusetts

The number one option for the ones who want to make friends and have loads of options. 

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The city offers a wide range of night-out options from trendy nightclubs to historic pubs, live music venues, and comedy clubs for a good laugh. What sets it apart from others on this list is that it has AMAZING safety measures. The city has implemented strict rules and regulations to ensure everyone's safety, including ID checks and limits on alcohol consumption. Moreover, Boston's nightlife is known for friendly people. There's a sense of community among the nightlife scene, with many establishments welcoming locals and tourists with open arms. Many people find that Boston's nightlife is a perfect way to meet new people and make lasting memories. 

Best neighborhoods to go looking for a party: Allston, South Boston, South End, Cambridge, and Downton. 


And if you already know that you'll spend all of your money on drinks and parties in these destinations (which you definitely will), don't overpay for the accommodation. Install RatePunk for free, be 100% sure you're getting the lowest price & get the most out of that party! 

Mar 17, 2023

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