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Best Travel Sites for Packages

Planning a trip to your dream place is exciting! Looking at travel websites can help you save money and make the most of your budget.

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By Eglė

Published: Feb 06, 20245 min read

Best Travel Sites for Packages

Looking through lots of deals can make planning a trip feel like too much work (unless you love doing). But it can be easier with vacation package websites.

What are these sites? They put together your flight, hotel, and sometimes car rental and activities all in one. This makes planning your trip simpler and more organized. Plus, you can often save money because these sites have special deals with airlines and hotels.

Thanks to the internet, we have great tools for travel planning. I've researched to make finding and booking these packages easier and have listed the 7 best travel package sites here. These sites are great for anyone – whether you're traveling alone, with family, or planning a romantic getaway, they offer great deals.

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Even though I wanted to speak about something other than OTA (online travel agencies) such as Agoda, Booking and Priceline, I decided to mention only one - Expedia - simply because many people highlighted this one. 

Expedia stands out as a go-to for snagging top travel deals. Known for its reliability, it offers a vast array of choices. With Expedia, booking flight and hotel bundles is straightforward, and you can even spice up your package with car rentals or cruise options. The website is designed for ease of use, ensuring that a few clicks will have your travel arrangements sorted. For instance, if you're dreaming of a trip to the Maldives, head to the packages section, enter your starting point, and the Maldives as your destination.

The main aspect of why Priceline is so famous is that deep filter choices make for a tailored search experience that suits various budgets. The Expedia rewards program offers points, member-exclusive prices, and more perks.

Drawbacks: direct bookings may sometimes offer better specifics than Expedia. Another triggering part is the cancellation policy. It could incur fees from both Expedia and the actual service provider.

Best Travel Sites for Packages - Costco Travel - ratepunk

Costco Travel

Costco Travel is just for Costco members. It's not the cheapest way to book a trip, but it's super convenient. You can quickly plan your whole trip with just a few clicks, which is great if you're really busy with work or taking care of your family. You can easily book flights, hotels, and transport without any hassle and still get a good deal.

The cool thing about Costco Travel is that you have more choices to make your vacation just how you want it. You can stick with a simple package or change things up to fit exactly what you're looking for.

Main advantages of Costco Travel are these: you can pay in different ways, whatever works for you; you can customize your trip, and you get some money back when you book.

Tiny disadvantages: you need to be a Costco member (yearly fee is $60) and if you're looking for the cheapest option, this might not be it.


Looking for the best place to book your vacation? KAYAK is a top choice. It searches lots of websites to find you the best deals on travel packages, working like your own personal deal finder.

KAYAK, gets that travel deals change all the time. It lets you set alerts so you can grab a great deal for your dream trip right when it comes out. They're also really clear about prices. With KAYAK, there are no hidden fees; what you see is what you pay, which means no bad surprises.

On KAYAK, prices can change based on your flight, where you stay, and the deal provider. KAYAK makes it easy to search for what you want, whether that's trips good for families, ones that are easy on your wallet, super fancy vacations, or the ones with the best reviews from around the world. It's a great site for any traveler.

Best Travel Sites for Packages - ratepunk cheaper hotel price finding tool


When you're planning a trip, finding that perfect balance between quality and cost is the dream. That's where Hotwire comes in, changing the game for me and many travelers when it comes to booking trips.

Hotwire encourages you to move from planning to exploring by simplifying the search for affordable travel packages. Just enter where you want to go, mix and match flights, hotels, or car rentals, and see a bunch of budget-friendly options. By choosing flight and hotel bundles, you can save big, with average savings around $300 (they state that). 

What makes Hotwire stand out are its "Hot Rate" deals. These deals offer big savings on hotels, flights, and car rentals. The twist is you won't know the exact details like the hotel name or airline until after booking. But you'll get enough info to make a good choice, like star rating, area, and reviews. It's great for those who love surprises and luxury for less.

Plus, Hotwire often has extra promotions and special deals, so you can get even more value for your money. With these discounts and the "Hot Rate" deals, you can enjoy top-notch stays and services without stretching your budget.

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Feb 06, 2024

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