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Book Your Summer Flights ASAP: Lufthansa Plans to Cancel 34000 Summer Flights in Europe

One of Europe's biggest airfares, Lufthansa air company, announced planning to cancel 34 thousand summer flights in Europe. It means that every 10th scheduled flight is going to be canceled. All in all, a massive loss for travelers who always travel on a budget.

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By Eglė

Published: Feb 26, 2023 min read

Book Your Summer Flights ASAP: Lufthansa Plans to Cancel 34000 Summer Flights in Europe

Several articles in European media discussed the upcoming difficulties of summer flights. However, the newest coverage shows that there are no smokes without fire. German aviation giant announced that between March 26 and October 29, 2023, they would cancel around 34 thousand scheduled flights, an average of 500 flights per day. And please stop saying that it won't affect flight prices. It will trust me. 

Recently, there have been happening many disruptions in German Airports. Thousands of staff members nationwide have started holding strikes for higher salaries in line with inflation. However, the post-covid travel need is still alive, and workers understand what's waiting for them in 2023 summer. I hope we won't see similar staff shortages and more canceled thousands of summer flights, leaving passengers in an unknown. 

According to official sources, the Lufthansa spokesperson said for Insider that this is happening because of "bottlenecks and staff shortages" as in the summer of 2022.

Being one of the most competitive and well-respected air companies, this Lufthansa announcement will definitely affect the summer timetable and prices for other flight companies such as Eurowings, Swiss Air, and even Brussels Airlines. Price will increase since summer is the most wanted month for everyone. Plus it's going to be school holiday season too. So plan your summer holiday as much as you can. 

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Feb 26, 2023

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