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Brazilian Dances List 2023 - Ratepunk

As there are many dances that originated in Brazil, it often happens that we have heard about them, without knowing their countries. Here is the list of the most famous Brazilian dances that you should know about.

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By Amir

Published: May 02, 2023 min read

Brazilian Dances List 2023 - Ratepunk

Brazil is famous and known for many reasons. These reasons include Brazilian attractions, Brazilian carnivals, and for sure Brazilian dances.

Brazilian Dances List

  1. Samba
  2. Capoeira
  3. Carimbo
  4. Lambada
  5. Jongo
  6. Forro

Brazilian dances

1 Samba

Samba was generally introduced to Brazilians by African people, and it got famous really quickly in this nation. In the beginning, Samba was a one-person dance, but through the years, this style of dancing has evolved, and nowadays, there are 5 different types of samba exist. Each type has its own rhythm and is danced solo or in pairs.

1.1 Samba no Pe

Samba no pe is the traditional type of samba which is danced solo. It is the most famous type of Samba in which the body stays straight all the time, and the steps are taken one by one. 

In Samba no pe, men tend to dance on the flat part of their feet, and the women usually wear high heels dancing on their foot fingers.

1.2 Samba de Gafieira

This type of Samba is also referred to as the Brazilian tango, and it has been inspired by the Argentinian tango. It is a paired dance, but compared to tango, the partners are less connected and more spontaneous. Also, the dancers look more relaxed in their upper body compared to the tango.

This dance became famous in the 1940s, and people started dancing in clubs and bars. 

1.3 Samba Pagoda

This style of Samba is close to Samba de Gafieira, but it is a slower version of the dance. This style is also a paired dance and is closer to the traditional Samba. However, it is more rhythmic and has more acrobatic moves.

Pagode means “Fun” in Portuguese, and this type of music was introduced in the early 1980s. That is when this type of Samba was created.

1.4 Samba Axe

This version of Samba is close to the traditional version as it is also a solo dance. However, it is more modern. This version of the Samba is highly entangled with the music that is playing and can change itself accordingly. Therefore, depending on the rhythm of the music, the dancers will change their moves to stay in harmony with the music.

Although this type of Samba is associated with the rhythm of the music, still the default way is that it starts with a slow paste and gets faster as the song goes by.

1.5 Ballroom Samba

Ballroom samba is one of the styles that is a part of international style ballroom dancing. Like most of the ballroom dances, it differs significantly compared to its traditional form. The whole floor is needed in this form of dance for the dancers.

2 Capoeira

This dance is known to be originated from African-Brazilians in Brazil and is very close to Martial Arts. However, there are different beliefs when it comes to the origins of this dance. Some believe it comes from African slaves, and some believe the dance represents two roosters fighting. Either way, this is one of the most famous dances in Brazil.

The dance is performed by two people who are flexible and can perform difficult moves. The dance looks like martial arts as it has kicks, punches, and other types of acts done in martial arts. However, the contact between the dancers is slow and rhythmic.

Two strong male capoeira experts fighting indoors

3 Carimbo

Carimbo is a type of dance that is performed by one or multiple partners and is associated with drums, as the word Carimbo in the Tupi language means drum. It is considered to be a sensual dance in which the women wear long dresses and try to cover the man with their skirts.

4 Lambada

Lambada is highly influenced by Carimbo dances. The origins of this dance are in north Brazil, and it became popular in 1989. It became popular after the song “Lambada” hit the market with great success and stayed on top of the European and US billboard for weeks. 

This dance was labeled “the forbidden dance” because of its hip movements and styles, plus the very revealing dresses of the women dancing it. Men usually wear very colorful pants and vests.

5 Jongo

Jongo was brought to Brazil by the African slaves and is thought to be from Angola. Sometimes people refer to this dance as the old version of Samba, and actually, the steps can be very similar. 

This dance can be performed by a group of people dancing to some simple instruments, and it is sometimes associated with an African religion called Umbanda.

6 Forro

Forro is a dance style that originated in the north of Brazil that got popular over time and spread across the country. This dance is a paired dance and can be performed in many different styles, such as intimate, slow or fast pace or etc. This dance is associated with Waltz as it can have similar moves, such as jumps and swings.

Forro, like many other dances mentioned above, has been influenced by the different dance cultures of Europe, Portuguese, and Africa, changed, and became one of the Brazilian dances close to its culture.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brazilian Dances

What is the most famous Brazilian dance?

Samba is for sure the most famous Brizilan dance. Over the years, this type of dance has evolved a lot, and now there are five different types of Samba in the world.

What dances is Brazil known for?

There are many dances that Brazil is known for, such as Samba, Capoeira, Carimbo, Lambada, Jongo, and Forro.

May 02, 2023

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