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Chinatown light up 2024 - Chinese New Year Singapore Festivals

If you are not in China for this time of the year you can visit the second-best country for the Chinese new year. Singapore celebrates the Chinese new year with many festivals such as Chinatown light up and other celebrations that are definitely worth participating.

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Published: Dec 21, 2022 min read

Chinatown light up 2024 - Chinese New Year Singapore Festivals


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Chinese New Year, also referred to as Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, is without a doubt the most significant occasion in the Chinese calendar. Historically, it was a time to honor both conventional deities and familial ancestors. In Singapore, February 2024 marks the Chinese New Year. Winter to summer season changeover is marked by this festival. This event is recognized as a national holiday in Singapore and the entire country observes this day as a major holiday. Nearly all of the country's shopping malls and commercial establishments are closed during this time. In Singapore, the traditional Chinese New Year is observed with feasts and fireworks and there are many festivals happening all around the country. Some of the famous festivals are as followed in this article:

Chingay Parade Singapore 2024: Blossom

The Chingay Parade is a yearly street parade that takes place in Malaysia and Singapore to memorialize the birthdays of Chinese deities or, in some cases, the procession of the Goddess of Mercy (Guanyin). The street march has a festive feel and a long line of magnificent vessels. Although modern floats come in all shapes and sizes, traditional ones still emphasize themes like the zodiac signs and the Chinese god of luck. You can anticipate seeing cultural dancing, fire eaters, magician performances, and a variety of other "entertaining characters."

Singapore started a trilogy in the year 2021, which started by 2021’s “Light of Hope” Chingay parade and was followed by 2022’s “Ignite Our Dreams”. Last year Chingay parade is 2023’s “Embrace Tomorrow” for Singapore. The idea is to celebrate Hope, Dream and Confidence in having a good Tomorrow for Singapore. 

This year, The Chingay Parade 2024 will enchant audiences with its theme, "Blossom," symbolizing the growth and unity of individuals and communities, while featuring blooming flowers that represent the spirit of togetherness. This spectacle will include six mesmerizing acts with colorful, vibrant costumes and special effects, highlighting flowers as an exquisite central motif.

This year the Parade will take place on Fri 23rd & Sat 24th February 2024.

Chinatown Chinese New Year (CNY) Street Light-Up 2024

Once it comes to the focus of Lunar New Year events in Singapore, Chinatown is without a doubt first and foremost. Quick-thinking merchants have already reserved their seats on Terengganu and Pagoda Streets, attracting tourists with a wide range of products and adding a little enthusiasm to the lovely Chinatown. Chinatown and Beach Road of Bugis are two places that are populated with the most Chinese people in Singapore, therefore, it is noteworthy to visit these places during the Chinese new year. Every year during the Spring Festival, Chinatown will hold a wonderful "Light-Up Show" and "New Year Countdown Party", with more than 2,500 people. The colorful lighting decorations in Chinatown will make the area of ​​Chinatown gorgeous and splendid. Lantern festivals will also be held in conjunction with the zodiac signs of the year to make Chinatown even more flavorful. Generally, the "lighting festival" will last for about one and a half months. In 2022 the statue of the Tiger (Which was the animal of the year) was lit up in the square of Chinatown. This year Street lanterns featuring colorful rabbits were lit up with a lot of Chinese, Singaporean, and Foreigners gathering at the spot. This is the first time after covid to see this crowd.
And on New Year's Eve, Chinatown's "New Year's Countdown Party" is also a must-see. This event will include dragon and lion dances, singing performances, fireworks shows, acrobatic performances, and interesting interactive games.

River Hongbao 2024

One of the most cherished holidays in Chinese culture, the Lunar New Year has a history that goes back more than 3500 years. The River Hongbao is one of the most well-known ways that this ancient custom is commemorated on the island. The exhibits of lanterns this year include well-known celebratory scenes, each with a different theme, including Prosperity, Love, Fortune, and Harmony. Children's rides and amusement rides will also be available at River Hongbao, including a dual horse carousel, a huge inflatable play area, robotic tours, shipwreck rides, and trackless train journeys. Chop your chairs for the evening shows at the main stage of the River Hongbao. Each night will feature a different music, song, and dance performance.

 The event will take place from February 2024 (TBA) , at the scenic Gardens by the Bay.

Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts 2024

Singapore's national performing arts center is called Esplanade. This year this theater invites everyone to Huayi - Chinese Festival of Arts 2024 to discover new worlds, create memories, and laugh heartily for a moment's respite from the stresses of life. This festival will showcase a thrilling lineup of theatre, dance, and music performances by exceptional Chinese artists from Singapore and elsewhere for everyone to enjoy over the holiday season. There are numerous groups that are performing for the Chinese new year Singapore 2024. You can check out the list of performers on the website of Esplanade

This premier arts event will take place from February 16 through February 25, 2024. Tickets on sale from 14 Dec 2023!

For sure these festivals are unique and very different from any other festival from other sides of the world. Many tourists visit Singapore every year at this time of year to explore the country in this magical time of the year. Make sure to use Ratepunk when planning your trip as it can save you lots of money on hotel bookings!

Dec 21, 2022

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