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Before you make a purchase, make sure you know all about the best Esim cards for traveling to your desired destination, as there are many options on the market.

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By Amir

Published: Dec 06, 2022 min read


Travelers and digital nomads always struggle with finding a local sim card and activating it. Finding a new sim card as soon as you arrive at your destinations can be challenging, and if your phone only supports one sim card, you face other problems! You must start switching SIM cards in order to use your payment system. We have all been there! eSIM for traveling is here to solve this issue. Let’s take a look at how eSIM works and what are the best eSIM in the market now.

What is eSIM?

The days of acquiring a variety of SIM cards from various countries around the world are long gone. Now that you've bought your global eSIM, all users must do is individually enter the information provided or manually scan the QR code. An eSIM is a form of programmable SIM card that is embedded directly into a device. You can continue using your provider from your preferred home network, so this does not restrict your device's ability to have a physical SIM card as well.

Who are the best eSIM providers?

There are a lot of eSIM providers nowadays competing with each other to offer the best options. Let's take a look at some of the best eSIM providers in the market.

  • Airalo
  • Dent
  • Holafly
  • Nomad
  • BNEsim
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What are some advantages and disadvantages of using eSIM?


  • Convenience: eSIMs eliminate the need to physically swap out SIM cards when changing or adding service providers, which is especially handy for frequent travelers or those with multiple numbers.
  • Space-saving: As devices no longer need a slot for a physical SIM card, manufacturers can use this space for other features or simply make devices more compact.
  • Durability: No need for a physical SIM card slot can make devices more water-resistant and reduce one potential point of failure.
  • Instant Switching: eSIMs allow users to change carriers or plans instantly without needing to obtain and install a new card.
  • Support for Multiple Plans: Many eSIM-enabled devices let users have multiple plans and numbers on one device, which can be great for separating work and personal use.
  • Environmental Benefits: Reduced production and distribution of plastic SIM cards can reduce waste.


  • Compatibility: Not all carriers support eSIM, and not all devices have eSIM capabilities.
  • Device Restrictions: Some carriers may restrict certain features or capabilities on eSIM, limiting how users can use their devices.
  • Data Transfer: While physical SIM cards can be removed and placed in a different device, eSIM profiles can't be simply "moved." If you're switching devices, you may need to go through a more complex process to transfer your service.
  • Potential Lock-ins: Some carriers might lock the eSIM to their network, making it harder to switch to a different provider compared to simply swapping out a physical SIM.
  • Learning Curve: For many, the concept and management of eSIMs can be confusing or intimidating, especially if they've used physical SIM cards for years.
  • No Physical Backup: If there are issues with the eSIM profile or the device, users don't have the fallback option of using the SIM card in another device. They might need to liaise with the carrier to sort out the problem.

Overall, the use of eSIM brings both potential benefits and challenges. As the technology and its adoption evolve, we can expect some of these disadvantages to be addressed and for eSIM to become more prevalent in the market.

More details about eSim providers


Our top choice of eSIM for traveling abroad is Airalo. Airalo supports around 190 countries on Twitch, making it one of the best international eSIMs out there. 

When it comes to prices, Airalo provides relatively cheaper prices than other providers. Users can choose between options of country, region, or global plans. The broader the chosen plan is, the more expensive it gets.

Airalo official website


Dent is special because it is based on its own blockchain cryptocurrency and has its own unique way of GB purchase. You get to choose between packages of 1,3,5 and 10 GB. Each package is for 70 countries and for 365 days. What makes Dent different from the other eSIM cards is the fact that you get to sell your unused GB at the Dent marketplace or buy someone else unused GB. The price of a 10GB package is  89,99$.

Dent official website

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Holafly is another eSIM for traveling that offers international esim. Their plans are based on days, and users can decide between short or long durations. They offer regional plans but do not offer global plans. As for a price example, the 30 days of unlimited data for Europe costs 69$. 

Holafly official website


Nomad is another eSIM for traveling abroad that has its own specified options. With Nomad, users get to buy plans and pay per GB. They have the option to choose between country, region, and global plans that can cover 110 countries. As an example, The global plan of 5 GB costs 54$ and lasts for 30 days. One of the disadvantages of the Nomad esim is that 30 days is the maximum duration offered by them.

Nomad official website


BNEsim is considered to be one of the best international eSIM for traveling abroad in 2022 / 2023 because of its country coverage. It covers More than 170 countries and has regional plans for Asia and Europe. They have a variety of daily and monthly plans. Users can get 10 GB monthly for Europe at the price of 21.65$.

BNEsim official website


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Dec 06, 2022

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