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Fun Facts About Sweden | Ratepunk

Sweden, the enchanting Nordic nation known for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and innovative spirit, is brimming with intriguing and delightful surprises. Beyond its iconic meatballs and ABBA, Sweden has many fascinating fun facts that unveil its culture, society, and achievements.

Fun Facts About Sweden | Ratepunk

1. Sweden Imports Waste

 Sweden has a unique approach to waste management that may surprise you. Despite their impressive recycling efforts, with only 1% of waste ending up in landfills, the country faces an interesting predicament: there isn't enough waste to sustain their incinerators. However, Sweden has ingeniously resolved this issue by importing approximately 800,000 tons of waste from countries like the UK, Norway, Italy, and Ireland. What's more, they even receive payment for this service, making it a win-win situation where Sweden keeps their lights on while helping other nations dispose of their waste responsibly.

2.Donald Duck for the Presidents! 

When it comes to Disney characters, there's an interesting twist in popularity in Sweden. While Mickey Mouse is adored worldwide, it's Donald Duck who steals the spotlight in Sweden.

Donald's popularity in Sweden reached its peak in 2006; the country found it necessary to amend the law to prevent the inclusion of fictional candidates in elections. This change came about due to a peculiar trend where protest voters would often cast their ballots for the fictitious candidate 'Donald Duck.' Such was the extent of his adoration that even in the realm of politics, Donald Duck managed to make a playful impact on the Swedish voting landscape.

Donald Duck popularity in Sweden RatePunk 2023

3.The Nobel Museum. 

The prestigious Nobel Prizes, awarded in categories such as Peace, Literature, Physics, and Chemistry, were established by the will of Alfred Nobel, a Swedish inventor, engineer, and industrialist. Fun fact: a Nobel Museum is located in the heart of Stockholm's Old Town (Gamla Stan). The museum features interactive exhibits, artifacts, and multimedia presentations that delve into the lives of Nobel laureates and their contributions to various fields.

4.Instead of Art Gallery, Choose Stockholm’s Metro 

The architectural marvels of Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, are not limited to its above-ground structures. In fact, some of the most awe-inspiring sights can be found underground!  Remarkably, approximately 90% of Stockholm's metro stations have been transformed into a captivating art gallery. This ambitious project involved over 150 artists, who contributed their talents to create a diverse collection of mosaics, paintings, graffiti, installations, sculptures, and other captivating art forms. As you venture through the Stockholm metro, you'll find yourself immersed in an extraordinary underground world that showcases the city's vibrant and creative spirit. 

Metro in stockholm, fun facts about Sweden, Ratepunk

5. It's Fika time

Taking a break from work is something people cherish, especially in the Mediterranean region. You'll be surprised that it goes beyond a mere concept in Sweden. Enter "Fika," a delightful practice that involves taking a recognized break twice a day to savor the simple pleasures of coffee, cake, and conversation. Fika stands out as a communal and virtually obligatory tradition. It is more than just a simple coffee break—it's a cherished social ritual.

6.One and only - the Icehotel

In the village of Jukkasjärvi, lies the world-famous Icehotel. Every year, during November and early December, an extraordinary transformation takes place in the town of Jukkasjärvi. In this intense period, the once-empty space on the riverbank is magically crafted into a breathtaking hotel entirely constructed from ice and snow. This magnificent creation stands as a testament to the ingenuity and artistic prowess of its creators, offering guests a truly unique and enchanting experience amidst the wintry wonderland. Visitors can sleep on beds carved from ice and marvel at the enchanting ice sculptures throughout the hotel.

Fun facts about Sweden  Ratepunk 2023 The Icehotel

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7. Famous Surströmming

Another fun and interesting fact about Sweden. Did you know that Surströmming, a traditional dish hailing from northern Sweden, originated during the 16th century when the country faced a salt shortage? Fast forward to today, this fermented fish has gained quite a reputation for its unmistakably pungent smell, making it famous in gastronomy. Surprisingly, despite its stinky reputation, enthusiastic fans of Surströmming actually rave about its incredible taste, turning this unconventional delicacy into a unique gastronomic experience.

Surströmming- fun facts about Sweden Ratepunk

8.Get Ready For a Tasty Twist of History!

 Did you know that one of Sweden's beloved dishes, Swedish meatballs, has a surprising origin in Turkey? Yep, you heard it right! Picture this: King Charles XII of Sweden, having spent a good chunk of time exiled in Turkey, developed a serious crush on their meatballs. These juicy little delights won over his taste buds so much that when he finally made his triumphant return to Sweden, he couldn't resist sharing his newfound Turkish meatball obsession with the Swedish court. And voila! Swedish meatballs became a star on the Swedish culinary stage. 

Swedish meatballs- fun facts about Sweden, Ratepunk

8. Many Many Islands

Prepare to be amazed: Sweden boasts an awe-inspiring archipelago comprised of a staggering number of islands. With over 24,000 islands to its name, this Scandinavian country's coastal wonders are truly remarkable. And that's not all! We haven't even accounted for the countless islets and skerries that dot its expansive shoreline. In fact, Sweden proudly claims the title of having the longest coastline of any European nation. 

9. Midnight Sun

In Sweden, during the end of May and Mid-July, you can witness the magical Midnight Sun, where the sun stays up even at midnight. It's a breathtaking experience for those visiting, but for the locals living in the Arctic Circle, it's just a yearly routine. So, it's no wonder that black curtains are a top-selling item among Swedes. If you're planning to catch the Midnight Sun, don't forget to pack a sleeping mask if you want to get some shut-eye. But hey, who needs sleep when you have a natural phenomenon like the Midnight Sun to witness? You can always catch up on sleep when you get back home! 

Midnight Sun in Sweden - Fun facts about Sweden, Ratepunk

10. McDonald’s on Every Corner

Prepare to be surprised by a fun fact: Sweden proudly claims the title of having the highest number of McDonald's restaurants per capita in all of Europe. While it may seem unexpected considering Swedes are known for their healthy lifestyle, the popularity of McDonald's extends its reach even to this Nordic nation. With 220 locations, Swedish McDonald's caters to a diverse customer base including a significant portion of vegans and vegetarians.


Sweden is a captivating country with a multitude of fun facts to discover. From the stunning Stockholm metro art gallery to the beloved tradition of Fika, Sweden's unique cultural aspects shine through. 

May 17, 2023

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