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Today we'll show you exactly how to get significant discounts on hotels every time.

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By Amir

Published: Jun 02, 20224 min read


A few years back, we discovered a way to save hundreds if not thousands on hotels. It's something that anyone can do. And today we'll show you exactly how to get significant discounts on hotels every time. And in case you're a budget traveler - this is definitely a total game-changer for you. These 2 hacks are absolutely fantastic. And you need zero money to use them!

P. S. The second hack is our favorite, but the first one is worth your attention too!


#1 Hotwire | Deal of the day is a discount travel website, and every day they have these deals of the day and hot rate deals. These are typically 50 to 60% off regular hotel prices. But there's a catch. You don't know what hotel you're booking until after it's booked.

The only thing you get to know is the ratings of the hotel and the location it's in. Now, this is where our hack comes in. We've found a way to make it not so much of a mystery. You can actually predict what hotel you're exactly going to get. 

You go on Hotwire, and let's fill in the destination and travel dates. OK, we've always wanted to visit Maui, so we entered this destination and chose dates in June. Press Find a hotel and look what pops up.

Here it is, the deal of the day.

Hotwire hotel deal in Hawaii

We understand you think this is super scary. Like, you don't know what you're getting. What if it's not that good? 

Now, you're going to open that deal in a new tab. And take a quick look at the ratings.

Blog Image

Alright, we see those ratings in detail. So the next thing you do is go back to the previous tab and look at all of the hotels available (scroll down the list), and you just match it up to those exact specific ratings. And that's how you find the actual hotel.

For starters, we're just going to look at those with an overall score of 4.0.
So, for example, Maui Seaside Hotel has a rating of 4.0. And this is the only hotel from all 7 found depending on our dates.

Blog Image

See if the specific ratings on Maui Seaside Hotel match all those ratings of a Deal of the day hotel. And here you go! Mystery solved.

Congratulations, you got yourself a deal, and Hotwire doesn't really need to know that. 😉


#2 RatePunk | Browser extension

Now this one is totally new. You might have heard about it, but we bet you're unsure what it does. Nowadays, traveling is not about luxurious experiences. It's about getting around but saving money and time while traveling. Cause we all want to see things, we want to explore cities and trails. That's why a group of travel tech geniuses partnered up and launched a browser extension, which scans all top booking sites and runs live price comparisons while you search for the hotel.

Now let's do a quick how-to tour. First up, either you use Chrome or Safari, go to the web store, and search for an extension named RatePunk. This is what it should look like if you're on Chrome.

Blog Image

Now click that magical Add to Chrome button, and that's it.

Now, we've always wanted to retake our trip to the Maldives. So, we chose to search for a hotel on

Blog Image

Alrighty, let's begin.

The next step - decide on the hotel or a resort you wish to stay at in the Maldives. Don't pay too much attention to the price now.
We scrolled down the page by page and selected Sun Island Resort & Spa. We knew this resort from people's reviews, so we would love to stay there. Now, click to see more about the hotel and watch the RatePunk extension work its magic.

Hotel deal for Sun Island Resort & Spa in Maldives

So, currently, you're browsing on, and it shows that the resort would cost $1,478 for 6 nights. That's what we call absurd. And here's how you get a fantastic deal again - RatePunk shows that you can book the same hotel for the exact dates on for only $667. It's an even more significant discount than 50% off the price.

Sun Island Resort & Spa


Sun Island Resort & Spa

Maldives, Maamigili



⚡ Whether you seek adrenaline-fueled experiences or serenity, discover a world of adventure at Sun Island Resort & Spa, located in South Ari Atoll close by to the South Ari Marine Protected Area (SAMPA). Set on one of the largest Maldivian Islands and home to thriving biodiversity and marine life, Sun Island Resort & Spa is a luxury eco-resort where natural beauty meets vibrant interior design and luxurious indoor-outdoor living spaces. Nestled by lush coconut palms, this Maldivian paradise invites you to experience warm hospitality, an abundance of opportunities, and unprecedented privacy to reconnect with nature.

⚡ Sun Island Resort & Spa boasts 462 beautifully furnished villas offering harmonious views. All rooms are fully equipped with modern amenities and facilities. So wake up to the sounds of tropical birds and enjoy the beauty of turquoise waters steps away from your villa.

⚡ Sun Island Resort & Spa presents a distinct selection of dining experiences curated to inspire and amaze all tastes. Four à la carte restaurants offer an array of cuisines, from delicious Italian to authentic Maldivian cuisine, served in a warm ambiance.




2 swimming pools | Airport shuttle | Spa | Fitness Center | Non-smoking rooms | Room service | Restaurant | Bar | Breakfast | Beachfront | Private beach area

More info

These hacks are no-brainers and totally free! Try them out and comment below on your experience!

Jun 02, 2022

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