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How to Get into Berghain Nightclub in Berlin

Are you eager to gain entry into the legendary Berghain nightclub in Berlin? Known for its strict door policy and exclusive reputation, getting into Berghain can be a challenge. This guide will provide valuable tips and insights to improve your chances of successfully entering this iconic techno nightclub.

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By Eglė

Published: May 19, 2023 min read

 How to Get into Berghain Nightclub in Berlin

How has Berghain, a techno club, gained notoriety for its hedonistic essence and its reputation for turning away crowds of people who want to enter? The answer lies in the club's elusive nature, where admission is based more on a subjective feeling than a rigid checklist of criteria. And the final judgment rests with bouncers each night. Let's check some techniques that may increase your chances of entering this iconic techno nightclub. 

1.Dress Sharp or Neutral 

Berghain follows a casual dress code policy. Do not wear fancy or cute-pastel outfits, as well as stiletto heels or flip-flops, that are the fastest way to get a negative answer from the bouncer. It is widely discussed that wearing black is the safest option. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to stand out if you have an authentic style but not too much. Just stay true to yourself.

2.Learn a Bit of German

The bouncer might ask, "Wie viele?" ("How many?"), “Bist du allein?” (“Are you alone?”), “Wen willst du heute Abend sehen?” (“Who are you here to see?”) and if you get the idea of what he is asking you, you will retain the opportunity to enter Berghain. You don’t need to be an expert in this language to show your skills but at least some basic knowledge will definitely help you.

3.Know Who's Performing

For the most accurate and up-to-date information about the lineup at Berghain, you can freely access the programming details on the official website. It serves as the best source to find out which renowned DJs, including the likes of Ben Klock, Marcell Dettmann, and Tama Sumo, among others, are performing as resident DJs. Being aware of who is playing during your visit is essential, especially if the doorman or the bouncer asks you about tonight’s evening performer, cause you don’t want to fail, do you?

4.Be Confident But Not Cocky

It's important to stay calm and confident as you are expected to be inside. Avoid constantly looking at the entrance to see who is granted access, as the door staff has likely been observing you for several minutes before you reach them. Instead, focus on the present moment and subtly nod your head to the rhythm of the music as you approach closer. Keep the bouncers out of your mind until you are directly in front of them. Most importantly, only make eye contact with the bouncer once he speaks to you, and show no fear. 

How to Get into Berghain Nightclub in Berlin, RatePunk

5.Age Matters 

While the age limit for clubs like Berghain is typically 18, it is worth noting that you usually don't need to present an ID for entry. However, unlike many other clubs, the average age of visitors at Berghain is around 35 years old. The door policy typically favors individuals in their mid-twenties or older. If you are under 25 or have a youthful appearance, you might not get through the bouncer. 

6.Don't Come in Crowds 

Going out with your friends is fun, but you shouldn't do that if you want to visit the iconic techno nightclub - Berghain. Simply put, it can diminish your chances of gaining entry into Berghain. When attending in a larger group, it is advisable to split up into smaller groups of a maximum of 3 people. Although not everyone may get in, those fortunate enough will have the opportunity to experience the essence of Berghain. Your best chance of getting in is typically when you are alone or with a friend. 

7.Just Don't Make Photos

I wouldn't take selfies while waiting in the queue. The club strictly prohibits photography throughout its premises, aiming to safeguard visitors' privacy and preserve an atmosphere of unrestricted freedom. Placing a sticker over your cell phone camera upon entry, with the consequence of a lifetime ban for its removal, serves as a friendly reminder that violations are treated seriously.

Before queuing, answer yourself if you really love techno or are ok listening to techno all night long. Also, unlike many other nightclubs, Berghain tends to captivate clubbers for a significantly longer time. The queue to enter Berghain can range from 2 to 4 hours, requiring patience and determination. Once inside, partygoers fully immerse themselves in the experience, often spending anywhere from 10 to 24 hours within the club's walls. Sometimes even more! Moreover, it's dark and you shouldn't go there if you are uncomfortable seeing explicit scenes. Do you wonder what is happening there? Well, what happens in Berghain, stays in Berghain…

May 19, 2023

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