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If You Book Hotels on Agoda, Read This

Agoda applies even more pricing tricks in 2024, but there's a new money-saving hack to save on hotels.

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By Aistė

Published: Feb 15, 20241 min read

If You Book Hotels on Agoda, Read This

You might as well be throwing money away if you’re not using RatePunk. This browser extension knows nearly every Agoda pricing trick and automatically finds the cheapest price for you (and the 190,000+ other people currently using it).

Here’s how it works:

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Book hotels on Agoda, Expedia,, or any other major booking website? When you search for hotels, RatePunk will instantly get around all the pricing tricks these booking websites use and give you the cheapest price on the internet. 

Ever wondered if the hotel price dropped after you booked it? No more wondering - RatePunk browser extension tracks hotel prices after you make the booking and informs you if the price drops. You simply rebook it for the cheaper rate then. 

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The best part? It’s totally free. Do yourself (and your wallet) a favor and get RatePunk browser extension HERE.

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Feb 15, 2024

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