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Is Volotea Safe And Reliable Airline?

When pondering over budget-friendly travel options, Volotea Airlines often emerges as a viable choice. However, it's natural to question the safety and reliability of an airline you haven't flown with before. Making an informed decision is key, especially when it involves air travel.

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By Eglė

Published: Nov 24, 2023 min read

Is Volotea Safe And Reliable Airline?

Two weeks ago, I had my first flight with Volotea. Why? Well, I chose this airline cause it was the cheapest option to travel to/from Bordeaux compared to other airlines. Honestly, I was a bit doubtful if everything would be okay with my trip because of my user experience booking the tickets and there was not enough info and reviews on this airline. It all influenced me to write a comprehensive review of Volotea cause my experience was a good one!

About Volotea

This year Volotea was nominated as the Europe's Best Low-Cost Airline, by Skytrax in the World Airline Awards. Yes, it as another low budget airline in Europe but not so well known as EasyJet, Ryanair, or Wizz Air.

Volotea Airlines, renowned for its budget-friendly direct flights, links Europe's major cities, focusing on enhancing local experiences. Operating over 354 routes from 17 key sites and connecting more than 100 cities, Volotea is a familiar name across Europe especialy South European countries. The airline prioritizes safety and quality, ensuring a worry-free journey for its passengers. Onboard, a variety of entertainment options awaits, allowing travelers to relax and enjoy their flight in a comfortable, homely atmosphere.

Volotea Airlines serves a wide range of destinations, including flights to Algeria, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, and Spain, effectively connecting key locations across Europe and North Africa.

Ticket Prices

Volotea Airlines offers truly cheap ticket prices. That’s the reason why I came to and from my beloved Bordeaux.  (Check Volotea deals yourself, and you'll be amazed) And I’ll give one more reason why you should try it. It offers an appealing Best Price Guarantee program to its cost-conscious travelers. Should you book a flight with Volotea and then find a comparable flight with another airline that's at least €10 cheaper within the next 24 hours, Volotea promises to match the price. To claim this offer, you need to capture a screenshot of the cheaper offer, provide its link, and submit these details through the "Best Price" section on Volotea's website. The key requirement is that the cheaper flight must have the same itinerary and conditions. This feature is a boon for travelers keen on maximizing their savings.

Europe's Budget-Friendly Airlines You Must Know

Loyalty Program - Megavolotea and Megavolotea Plus

Even though ticket Volotea's flight tickets are cheap (yes, cheap not affordable) someone can enroll their loyalty program called Megavolotea and Megavolotea Plus. It offer a unique loyalty rewards program for their clients. For an annual fee of €49,99, members gain access to a variety of benefits. These perks include discounted flights, reduced prices on luggage and seat selection, higher birthday gift vouchers, exclusive monthly offers, and the ability to make unlimited flight changes. Additionally, members can extend these unlimited benefits to their travel companions, making it a standout choice among competitors' loyalty programs. This comprehensive package is designed to enhance the travel experience for frequent flyers.

Is VOlotea Safe and reliable?- we say yes - ratepunk

In-Flight Experience

Onboard Volotea flights, passengers are treated to a diverse range of in-flight entertainment. All passengers have to do to access in-flight Wi-Fi on Volotea flights, simply switch their device to airplane mode and connect to the "Volotea" Wi-Fi network. Entertainment options include travel guides, a variety of games, an assortment of newspapers and magazines, a selection of series and films, and even Wi-Fi access to keep you connected and engaged throughout your flight. 

For in-flight dining, Volotea offers a tempting selection of snacks and beverages, ranging from sandwiches and cakes to savory and sweet treats, all at reasonable prices compared to other major airlines. By stating a reasonable price, I mean € 3.50 for any type of coffee or tea and €3.50 for Pringles or blueberry muffin. Also, there are bundle deals that save money so prices are definitely not flashy and affordable compared to other airlines. 

Special mentioned goes for service. The cabin crew was polite and friendly. Everyone looked nicely dressed (great uniforms)  and professional. Also, the cabin was tidy and  neat, so it was pleasant to have a flights. Especially after paying 40 euros for direct flights! Moreover, my partner was super happy seeing that on-boarding process was fast and we landed 20 minutes earlier than it was expected. I don't know if it happens often but this experience truly inspired me to shared with you, RatePunk Blog readers!

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Booking Flights - Volotea

Booking a flight with Volotea Airlines can be done on website or mobile app. Start by searching for your destination and selecting your preferred dates. Next, choose your seat and decide on your baggage options. You have the option to select priority boarding. Then, enter your personal details and confirm your payment method. If you need to change your flight after booking, you can easily do so by visiting the "Change Flights" section on their website or app.

I won't lie - I didn't use the app; I prefer booking flights via desktop unless it's Ryanair cause I just love their user-friendly interface experience. Getting back to Volotea - I was confused for a while after booking a flight. It looked too simple- also, Volotea sent me a notification to do the check-in a day before the flight so I could get their boarding pass. After doing so, I was calm. 

Cancellation Policy

Once you purchase your Volotea tickets, they are non-refundable. However, you have options to modify your booking. Changes like altering the passenger's name, or adjusting the date, destination, and time of your flight are possible, although they incur an additional fee. 

For more flexibility, consider selecting the "Flex Plan" when booking. This plan acts like insurance, allowing unlimited changes to your flight up to 4 hours before departure, as long as it's added at the time of booking.If you need to cancel, Volotea offers the option to convert your ticket cost into flight credits for future use.

Is it Worth Having a Flight with Volotea Airlines?

Volotea stands out as a compelling choice when searching for affordable flights within Europe. It easily outshines other major airlines in terms of value.

In addition to its competitive pricing, Volotea offers flexibility, exceptional customer service, and an attractive rewards program. Furthermore, Volotea provides the added benefit of complimentary hand luggage for all passengers.

However, it's important to note that Volotea has strict baggage policies. Both the check-in counter and gate personnel meticulously inspect carry-on luggage, and failure to adhere to weight limits or restrictions may result in additional fees.

Have you flew with Volotea too?? Share your experience in comment section!

Nov 24, 2023

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