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Last Minute Winter Getaway: Beautiful Magical Montego Bay

Are you constantly checking how many days are left till summer or considering taking a last-minute winter getaway? I can assure you that you are not the only one who's fed up with the depressing winter and the lack of bursts of sunshine. How about experiencing the tropical adventure in Montego Bay, Jamaica? It's the ideal destination if you're looking to relax on perfectly white sandy beaches under the blue sky, party all night, and enjoy thrilling experiences in one of the most beautiful Caribbean places.

Last Minute Winter Getaway: Beautiful Magical Montego Bay

The main reason for going there in February is the ideal weather. The average temperature in the daytime is around 25°C and 21°C in the evening. I bet you already texted your colleague that you plan to vacation and spend a week or two in Montego Bay. White sandy beaches, warm weather with a refreshing breeze, tasty food, and plenty of gorgeous luxury resorts, and fancy hotels... 

Montego Bay is the second biggest Jamaica city and the most popular tourist destination of the Caribbean for its white sandy beaches, resorts, vibrant nightlife, smiley people, and sunny weather. Surrounded by lavish tropical forests and white beaches, it has many attractions. I guess it is pointless to sugarcoat the truth - the most popular attraction in Montego Bay probably is its whitey beaches. Crystal clear water, goldish sand, and calm rhythm of waves - experience pure happiness while chilling on Doctor's Cave Beach. A long time ago this beach was used by a doctor to treat patients with respiratory problems, that's how the beach got this name. Nowadays, it is more likely a perfect spot to relax and enjoy tranquillity after stressful workdays, weeks, or months. Like many similar places, this one takes a small admission fee. On the other hand, Doctor's Beach Cave has comfy facilities such as restrooms and lounge chairs, there are several restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops. Walking by the coastline you'll see several tour operator desk that offers boat tours around the area. Also, you can go swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, or windsurfing. 

Next to the Doctor's Cave Beach is Cornwall Beach. It offers the same marvelous scenery and is less crowded Doctor's Cave Beach. The beach is owned by Decameron hotel so to be there you'll have to get a day pass. However, there is no significant difference between these two mentioned beaches. Personally I didn't find one.

Montego bay golf course scenery  Ratepunk

Montego Bay is a popular destination for golfers, with several world-class golf courses located in and around the city. Some of the most famous golf courses in Montego Bay include the White Witch Golf Coursethe Cinnamon Hill Golf Course, and the Half Moon Golf Course. These courses offer a range of challenging holes, and jaw-dropping sceneries set against the backdrop of the enchanting Caribbean Sea and the lush Jamaican landscape. All of them are top-notch legendary courses. However, our team liked The White Witch of Rose Hall Golf Course the most. The property is intertwined with the hills and boasts some of the best views of the sea. And the best part of spending time there is that after a few golf rounds, you can sign up for a night tour to learn the eerie story of Rose Hall. 

I will be frank with you - beach bars are awesome in Montego Bay. Chilling during the day and waiting for the sunset, or simply coming to party in the night time. There are several outstanding beach bars that everyone shouldn't miss. Let's start with the Margaritaville bar that boasts bikini contests, live music, refreshing cocktails ( experts in making the best Margaritas), and a water slide readily available. Yeah, there are many tourists there but it is definitely fun. Then there is a rickety shack floating on the water called Floyd's Pelican Bar. It is super attractive, and people can only access the bar by boat. Interesting place with warm atmosphere in Montego Bay. However, the most vibrant place is Pier 1. This place holds and organizes the most remarkable Friday night parties in Montego Bay. An energetic DJ makes great sets, the kitchen serves fresh and tasty dishes, accomplished musicians come to play there, and usually, this place draws over a thousand people. 

I bet that after rocking parties till the early morning, the first thing everyone craves is to lay down on the comfy bed and have a sweet power nap. There are various hotels and fancy resorts to stay. Just always remember that the best way to find a brilliant hotel offer is always with RatePunk. This marvelous browser extension shows the cheapest deals and has cashback and rebooking features. 

For example, there is a brilliant place to upgrade your winter getaway to the highest level - Azul Beach Resort Negril. This fancy 5-star property boasts 7 outdoor swimming pools, a full-service spa, luxurious service, and 9 restaurants. And if you'll be mega hungry 24-hour room service will bring meals to satisfy your hunger without stepping out of the room. Shortly, the resort will try to please you in every step guests may take. There is a pretty accurate review of Azul Beach Resort Negril you might find in handy.  Worth mentioning, that this all-included resort is family-friendly, and offers various activities for children. What else people should need during the holidays? 

Azul Beach Resort Negril


Azul Beach Resort Negril

Jamaica, Negril

Azul Beach Resort Negril is a popular resort located in Negril, Jamaica, near Montego Bay. This all-inclusive resort is known for its luxurious accommodations, beautiful beachfront location, and extensive on-site facilities and activities. The resort offers a range of room types, from standard rooms to suites, and features multiple dining options, a spa, and a variety of recreational activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and yoga. 

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Azul Beach Resort Negril is a family-friendly resort, with a kids' club and a range of activities for children too.

Stay Alert Of Being Scammed

Like in any tourist destination, there are high chances of confronting individuals who may try to take advantage of tourists in Montego Bay.  Some common scams include overcharging for goods or services, misleading tourists about the quality or availability of a product, or falsely claiming to be affiliated with a legitimate business.  Be cautious and do research before making any purchases or commitments, and use common sense - or your sixth sense-  when dealing with unfamiliar people or situations.

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