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Marriott vs Hyatt: Which One Is Better?

Imagine seeing Marriott & Hyatt offers for a similar price and in a similar location. When it comes to the main hotel chains, they might seem incredibly similar. So how do you make the final decision on which one’s the better option for you? Let’s make that choice easier by comparing Marriott and Hyatt and digging deeper into what each chain offers.

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By Aistė

Published: Dec 08, 20233 min read

Marriott vs Hyatt: Which One Is Better?

Loyalty Programs

Both Marriott and Hyatt have their membership programs. The rewards include room upgrades, club lounge access, complimentary breakfast, late checkout, etc. If that's one of your priorities, you should definitely consider what both hotel chains are offering. 

While Mariott has more loyalty program types, the cost to reach the higher tiers can be more significant. For example, the Ambassador Elite level offers very nice benefits, but you need to spend $20,000 to reach it. Overall, Hyatt's programs seem to be stronger. According to NerdWallet, Globalist status offers the best return on investment, with high-value benefits for the cost to reach this level​.

Winner: Hyatt for better loyalty programs

Hotel Fees



Marriott typically charges a resort fee that is a percentage of the room rate. This fee covers various amenities like Wi-Fi, pool access, gym access, and other on-site activities. The resort fee at Marriott is approximately 2.81% of the room rate.

Hyatt's resort fees are at around 5.41% of the room rate. These fees cover amenities similar to Marriott’s resort fees. So you're kind of paying more to get the same. 

Parking fees at Marriott properties are also a percentage of the room rate, around 11.25%.

Parking charges at Hyatt properties are about 12.91% of the room rate. 

For those traveling with pets, Marriott charges a fee that is about 28.83% of the room rate. This fee can cover additional cleaning and maintenance costs associated with hosting pets.

The pet fees at Hyatt are higher compared to Marriott, around 37.39% of the room rate.

*Hyatt stands out for waiving resort fees on award stays, which can be a significant saving for guests who book using points. This waiver applies regardless of the guest's elite status in their loyalty program. Moreover, Globalist members in the World of Hyatt loyalty program do not have to pay resort or parking fees. 


Winner: Mariott for lower fees unless you're a Globalist member

Family Travel Considerations

Hyatt is often considered to be more family-friendly, with options like Hyatt Place hotels and hotels with bunk beds. Another reason for this is the fact that it waives resort fees on award stays for families​. On the other hand, Marriott offers a significant number of hotels with free breakfast and a "Stay for 5, Pay for 4" offer, sometimes making it a cheaper option for families. 

Winner: Hyatt for more family-friendly amenities

Hotel Quality and Variety

Marriott boasts a broader range of properties with over 30 brands, including luxury, premium, select, and longer-stay hotels. Hyatt, though smaller in scale with over 1,000 properties and 20 brands, offers a range of hotels catering to different styles and budgets​.

Winner: Marriott for its larger variety and global presence.

Blog ImageEarning Points

Marriott Bonvoy offers points through hotel stays, credit card bonuses, car rentals, dining, and more, with partnerships including Amex Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards​. World of Hyatt allows earning points through hotel stays, credit card bonuses, car rentals, and airline partnerships, notably with American Airlines, which provides a unique opportunity to double dip on rewards​.

Winner: Hyatt for point usage on airlines.

Overall Winner: Hyatt

While Marriott offers a broader range of properties and a larger global footprint, Hyatt wins in several key categories, including loyalty program generosity and family travel accommodations. Hyatt's partnership with American Airlines also adds unique value to its loyalty program. 

However, the choice is entirely up to you. Generally, lower Mariott fees and a bigger hotel variety are two of the main reasons to choose this chain. 

Dec 08, 2023

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