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Miami Beach Weather: Best Time to Visit

It feels like Miami Beach and sunny weather go together, whatever time of the year it is. But do they? Read along and find out when it's the peak, shoulder & low seasons and when it's best to visit Miami Beach for the best weather and price balance.

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By Aistė

Published: Jan 17, 20243 min read

Miami Beach Weather: Best Time to Visit

The summers in Miami Beach are warm and humid, and the winters are short and mild, and that's a big part of why it's so popular among tourists seeking sun all year round. 

Winter in Miami Beach is considered from December to February. 

Warm & dry. 

The average high temperatures in these months range from the mid-70s to low 80s Fahrenheit (24-28°C). Nighttime lows are usually in the mid-60s Fahrenheit (around 18°C). This so-called winter period has the least rainfall and is considered the dry season. 

Spring in Miami Beach lasts from March to May.

The perfect hot weather. 

You can notice a slow yet steady increase in temperature during these months, with highs typically in the 80s Fahrenheit (27-30°C). The sad part is that rainfall increases towards the end of spring, leading into the wet season.

June to August is the summer season in Miami Beach. 

Hot & wet. 

Temperatures often reach the high 80s to low 90s Fahrenheit (31-34°C), and while it's perfect for heat lovers, the humidity is at its highest at this time. Afternoon thunderstorms are common, and it's also the start of the hurricane season. 

Fall takes place from September to November. 

Hot yet with some hurricanes popping in. 

The weather begins to cool slightly, but temperatures remain warm, typically in the 80s Fahrenheit (27-30°C). And here comes the downside: autumn in Miami Beach also marks the peak of the hurricane season, especially in September and October.

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When's the best time to visit for you? 


Peak Season. December to April. 

These months are when all the tourists dream about going to Miami Beach. The weather is ideal, with warm temperatures and low humidity, making it a perfect escape from colder northern climates. Moreover, major events, such as Art Basel Miami Beach in December and the Miami Beach International Boat Show in February, occur.

This results in Miami Beach being the most crowded during this period and hotel rates at their highest. 

Shoulder Season. May and November. 

The number of tourists drops in May since it's just before the hot and humid summer and in November, right after the hurricane season. The weather is still pleasant, though May can start getting quite hot. Hotel prices tend to be lower than during peak season, and the beaches and attractions are less crowded. 

In my opinion, the shoulder season, especially May, is the best time to visit Miami Beach. You have more chances of scoring a good flight deal, and the hurricane season is still in the far future.

Low Season. June to October. 

The low season coincides with the hottest, most humid, and rainiest months of the year. It's also the hurricane season. 

Despite the weather (which I think makes up for most of the Miami Beach travel experience), you'll find the lowest hotel rates and fewer people. 

At the end, it's entirely up to you to make that final decision on the timing of your visit here. Just make sure to check the weather forecast to avoid the possible hurricanes crashing your dream Miami Beach vacation. 


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Jan 17, 2024

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