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RatePunk launched a feature that lets to negotiate Airbnb price

Recently listed as the number one travel extension on the Chrome Web Store, RatePunk just launched a feature letting its users negotiate Airbnb prices in one click.

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By Aistė

Published: Jan 26, 20242 min read

RatePunk launched a feature that lets to negotiate Airbnb price

Justin Albertynas, the CEO at RatePunk comments:

Every traveler can contact property owners before booking the Airbnb. The problem here is that you’d rarely meet someone who knows this fact, and even if they do, they never consider it a way to get a lower rate.  

However, as he adds, it’s not the only problem. Besides not knowing, it’s also the part of negotiating that’s not a usual practice in the travel market. People aren’t used to offering their own price and agreeing on a personalized deal. 

The CEO states:

The thing is that Airbnb property owners are often willing to negotiate. Imagine a very last-minute booking - they’re eager to rent it for a lower price rather than keep it empty, and that puts travelers in a position to hunt down a better price. 


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Instead of spending 20 minutes crafting a nice message requesting a lower price, RatePunk allows its users to negotiate it in one click. 

Travelers can simply enter the price they’d like to pay and send it to the property owner. It also shows a recommended negotiation price, which is 15% of the original nightly rate. 

Install RatePunk for free and try out this feature on Airbnb by clicking HERE.

ABOUT RatePunk. 

RatePunk is a travel-tech startup launched at the beginning of 2022. The browser extension is available to install on all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox & Opera), and you can access the app on iPhones & Androids. 

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All of RatePunk’s features help its users to get around tricks used by OTAs, such as Booking. Here are the main ones:

 ✅ Live hotel price comparison across major OTAs. 

 ✅ Checking the rates across multiple devices (mobile & desktop).

 ✅ Scanning different countries for best deals. 

 ✅ Cashback system. 

 ✅ Rebooking option. 

 ✅ Blended hotel rating from all major OTAs. 

 ✅ A price tracking system with updates to your email. 

 ✅ Review cloud that gives the most accurate information. 

Jan 26, 2024

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