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RatePunk launches: compare AIRBNB prices on other OTAs (!)

Did you know Airbnb properties are also listed on other booking websites? Well, we do, and we also know that in many cases, you can skip the fees by booking from these other websites.

RatePunk launches: compare AIRBNB prices on other OTAs (!)

So we found THE EASIEST way for you to do it. And, actually, we’re 1st in the world to implement this! 

RatePunk’s NEW FEATURE finds the exact Airbnb on, making sure you ALWAYS get the lowest rate.

It works exactly the same as RatePunk does on any other booking website. 

✅ You install RatePunk for free here 👉

✅ You open Airbnb and fill in the destination & dates. 

✅ You choose one property & click on it. 

✅ RatePunk pops up, showing you similar properties & THE EXACT match if it’s found. 

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✅ You click on it, and you book! 

Together with this Airbnb price comparison, RatePunk has a load of other cool & free benefits you didn’t know you needed: 

  • You always find the lowest hotel price online (RatePunk hotel price comparison).
  • You can get cash back from every booking (RatePunk cashback).
  • You see the most accurate hotel ratings (RateScore).
  • You get informed if the price of your booked hotel drops (RatePunk rebooking).
  • AND way more coming… Want to see what’s next?

Install RatePunk to save you money through THE WHOLE travel booking process!


May 09, 2023

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