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RatePunk launches: find all hotel ratings in one place - meet RATESCORE

If you’ve ever tried to pick a hotel, you know - it might turn into a hassle when the same hotel is rated entirely differently on booking websites. It’s 7 on TripAdvisor, 10 on Booking, and 4 on Google.

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By Aistė

Published: May 09, 20231 min read

RatePunk launches: find all hotel ratings in one place - meet RATESCORE

It was annoying us at RatePunk, so we decided to put them all in one place & just launched RATESCORE - the official RatePunk hotel rating.

How does it work?

It takes ratings from all major websites & calculates the final one, so you know the most accurate one without any research. It pops up in the list of hotels so you can compare them in between. 

✅ You install RatePunk for free here 👉

✅ You open one of the major booking websites and fill in the destination & dates. 

✅ RateScore pops up, showing you the ratings on the main websites & the final blended, or, in other words, the most accurate rating. 

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Together with RateScore, RatePunk also has a load of other cool & free benefits you didn’t know you needed: 

  • You always find the lowest hotel price online (RatePunk price comparison).
  • You can compare Airbnb prices & skip their fees (RatePunk Airbnb feature). Psst, 1st in the 🌍!
  • You can get cash back from every booking (RatePunk cashback).
  • You get informed if the price of your booked hotel drops (RatePunk rebooking).
  • AND way more coming… Want to see what’s next? 


Install RatePunk to save you money through THE WHOLE travel booking process!

May 09, 2023

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