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RatePunk PREMIUM vs. Going

While Going (former Scott’s Cheap Flights) tends to keep up as the most popular option, there are various alternatives for it. One of the most recent ones is RatePunk Premium, and since it’s really hard to choose between a few very similar services - we’re here to compare these two.

RatePunk PREMIUM vs. Going

With travel booming more than ever, flight alert services aren’t even called a hack among frequent travelers anymore - it’s one of the first chapters in the travel basics manual. Scoring a crazy flight deal with all the automatizations used by flight websites is nearly impossible, and these programs have proven to be life savers for everyone who prioritizes good deals for good money. 

If you’re a first-timer: flight alert services send good flight deals straight to your inbox, meaning you don’t have to spend hours on scoring a deal. 






Premium $49/year




20 deals/day 


the US, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico & Guam



















Before analyzing all of these more thoroughly, let’s discuss the different plans that GOING offers & why only Premium is included in the table above.

Different GOING plans

As GOING has been in the market since 2015, it offers multiple subscription plans to align with its users' needs.

LIMITED. This is the free version, and the name hints at quite a few limitations it has. Members of this option have a small supply of economy-class international-only deals and can choose to receive flights from up to 5 departure airports. Another drawback of this plan is that all the deals come in a few days late, lowering the chances of purchasing them on time.

PREMIUM. Members of this plan get more deals, and they come right away. They can also follow up to 10 airports.

ELITE. The main difference from other plans here is that Elite gives more control over the deals you receive - mistake fares are sent from all over the US, and the deals are not only for the economy but also business & first-class. An unlimited number of departure airports is included; this membership costs $199/year.

Why is only PREMIUM on the table up there? It’s the optimal & most popular option between the free & elite versions. When comparing all the aspects below, you’ll see more details & analysis about other plans, too.



Flight alert subscriptions are made to save you money, so don’t mess up by paying more for the same functionalities.

Regarding GOING & RatePunk PREMIUM, GOING offers different plans, making it easier to pick the best quality-price balance. However, RatePunk PREMIUM offers a set price of $11,88/year and offers features that balance somewhere between GOING Premium & Elite plans’ prices.

<aside> ✔️ Winner: RatePunk PREMIUM

RatePunk PREMIUM guarantees more deals for a lower monthly price and works worldwide (more about this below).



No matter what’s the membership plan (Limited, Premium, or Elite) on GOING, the number of deals you get isn’t set. There’s no guarantee of getting a certain amount of good flight offers per day: you might receive 15 on one and 3 on the other.

RatePunk PREMIUM, on the other hand, has a fixed daily benchmark of 20 deals, of which 10 are long-haul/international & 10 are short-haul/domestic. This turns out to be leverage when in the battle against GOING - RatePunk PREMIUM subscribers can be sure of receiving a minimum number of great deals every day, ensuring them they’d have plenty of options to choose from.

✔️ Winner: RatePunk PREMIUM

This fight was easy. RatePunk PREMIUM guarantees more deals for a lower monthly price. Knowing you’ll get a set number of deals gives more reassurance to get a higher return on investment. Moreover, you have more options to choose from, and that’s always a win, right?



Departure airports are also known as home airports, and these are the ones you’re receiving all of your deals from. With GOING, you get to choose a different number of these depending on the plan:

  • With the Limited membership, you can pick up to 5 departure airports.
  • With the Premium membership, you can pick up to 10 departure airports.
  • With the Elite membership, the number of departure airports is unlimited.

However, while you can have plenty of home airports, they can only be based in the US, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico & Guam. This means that GOING users are limited to only one continent and can only be American-based.

RatePunk Premium, for now, allows to include only 1 departure airport. However, it can be changed at any time without any additional fees or conditions, which ensures you’re not getting spammed with deals from airports that are no longer relevant to you & can change your departure airports while traveling.

Also, RatePunk PREMIUM, in this case, is Mr. Worldwide. You can choose literally ANY airport in the world and receive the best deals from there.

✔️ Something close to… a DRAW?

This one really depends on every traveler. If you’re based out of the US, RatePunk PREMIUM is a better option since you can get deals wherever you are. If you’re based in the US, and if your priority is to leave from different airports and receive deals from a variety of them - you should go for GOING.



While some of these programs have employees who handpick the best flight deals, GOING & RatePunk PREMIUM both have automated systems. They do the same job faster and can check way more flights, increasing the chances for a good deal to be found and delivered to the subscriber the second it goes live.


Both of these flight subscription programs have computer software to ensure you don’t miss out on any mind-blowing flight deal.



GOING offers various filters to sort your deals by. A few of them are month, price, airlines, and the number of stops, for example. However, these are only applicable on their website & don't apply to their emails, where most of the deals come in. The deals you receive in your inbox are only filtered to be from your departure airport.

RatePunk PREMIUM personalization is coming soon. In a few months, it will have all the main filtering options, and these will also be applied to the deals you receive via email. Now these can be divided into domestic/short-haul & international/long-haul flights. It’s

✔️ Winner: GOING

At the moment of writing this review, GOING has advanced filtering that makes it more appealing for users who are looking for more specific flights. However, in a few months, the feature of liking & disliking the deals might get RatePunk PREMIUM closer to winning this one.



Both flight alert programs offer a free trial to find out if you like the deals and if the whole concept meets your expectations. GOING has a 14-day free trial & RatePunk PREMIUM offers a 7-day period for that.

✔️ Winner: GOING

Getting something for free for 14 days is always better than getting something for 7 days, can’t argue with that.



With GOING, you have control over departure airports, but you don’t have any power over the destinations. Wherever the best deals are, you’re getting them with no possibility to choose them in any way.

RatePunk PREMIUM steps up the game here and introduces you to a feature of snoozing destinations. It allows you to turn off (snooze) destinations that you don't find attractive at that moment. That way, you no longer receive deals until you activate it again.

✔️ Winner: RatePunk PREMIUM

With GOING, although you’re paying way more (for the most popular Premium version, for example), you can’t manage your destinations. Meanwhile RatePunk PREMIUM allows you to snooze unwanted destinations, making it easier to receive deals to the places you prioritize.



While receiving flight deals is a convenient way to get information the moment they’re found, having them somewhere in one place is also a plus. GOING offers it on its website, and RatePunk PREMIUM has a dashboard accessible on users’ profiles.


This one depends on your personal priorities. Dashboard and website have similar concepts, so both are useful for having all the flight deals in one place and seeing your profile.



While GOING focuses entirely on the flight alert subscription plans, RatePunk PREMIUM develops an entirely different product idea. Together with it, in the same dashboard, you’re getting access to everything that the RatePunk browser extension offers. To name a few things it does: compares hotels & Airbnb prices, tracks hotel prices, lets you rebook hotels for lower prices and offers cashback for every booking you make.

Here you can see the RatePunk PREMIUM dashboard with all its features you’re getting for the price of $11,88/year:

Blog Image

If RatePunk PREMIUM caught your attention more (which we really hope it did) and you’re a fan of growing together with the product (which we also really hope you do) - join it & let us surprise you! 

**Your ticket to a crazy, young & very promising flight journey with a FREE 7-DAY TRIAL is here: 


To get the most out of it, you can start by installing the ENTIRELY FREE RatePunk browser extension.

Oct 02, 2023

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