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RatePunk ULTIMATE GUIDE: all travel browser extension + APP features explained

RatePunk is the #1 travel browser extension on the Chrome Web Store, and is already known to be the ultimate hotel money-saving tool for every traveler. It has 12 (!) features and its own app for iPhones. We're introducing you to the ultimate RatePunk guide so you get the most out of this one tiny & free tool.

RatePunk ULTIMATE GUIDE: all travel browser extension + APP features explained

When you install RatePunk from Chrome Web Store or Safari, it will pop up every time when you're searching for hotel, showing which booking website has the lowest price & the best quality. 

In the RatePunk pop up, you'll see: 

1. RateScore: We aggregate hotel ratings from different major travel websites & calculate a single score, so you have the most accurate rating without any additional research. 
2. Hotel quality: In this section we show you, how the hotel's quality has been changing throughout time, so you know if it's been improving or getting poorer. 
3. Safety around property: RatePunk scans reviews and rates the safety around property, so before booking, you always know whether the neighbourhood the hotel's location is safe or risky. 
4. Comment cloud: We aggregate the main key words from booking websites and list them by the most mentions, so you know what that hotel is popular for. 
5. Price comparison: When you choose a hotel to your liking, the browser extension runs a price comparison in the background and pops up in the corner of your browser if a lower price for the same hotel is found on a different booking website. 
6. Device comparison: Mobile and desktop users get different hotel prices. RatePunk informs you every time your hotel could be booked cheaper on another device. 
7. Insider rates: All of our extension users get access to RatePunk's no-commission booking website, which offers lower prices than most of regular booking websites. 
8. Location change suggestion: Different countries get different hotel prices, so RatePunk shows you which country has the lowest rate. Then you can use VPN service and book your wanted hotel cheaper from that particular country. 
9. Price Tracking: This feature tracks hotel price changes before you book it. You just turn the Price Tracking toggle on the browser extension ON, and it informs you every time the price drops, making sure you book the hotel for its lowest price possible.

LATER, there are a few more features that RatePunk gives you access to: 

10. Rebooking: Once your hotel is booked - make sure to activate rebooking. If we notice a price drop for the hotel you booked, we will notify you so you can cancel your reservation and rebook the same hotel at a lower rate.
11. Cashback: After your stay is complete, we will give you a portion of your booking sum. You will see cashback as pending on your user account - we are waiting for our partners to confirm your stay (please note this may take up to 90 days). When we get the confirmation, you'll see the status of your cashback change. You can then redeem your available cashback right from your account, and we will transfer the funds to your PayPal. 
12. RatePunk Wallet: It's one place to hold all your hotel bookings, get automatic rebooking alerts, monitor all reservations, and pay with one-click checkout, and you can find it in your dashboard after signing up. 

All the 12 features offered by the browser extension are ENTIRELY FREE. 


Now RatePunk also has an APP for iPhones. 

RatePunk APP gives you access to secret retail hotel prices which in most cases are lower than on regular booking websites. It's based on a subscription model: to get these retail prices, you pay a one-time $11,88 subscription fee, and get an unlimited access to all these naked prices for a whole year. 

That fee is charged together with your first hotel booking via RatePunk app, and most often pays off with a first or second hotel booking because the retail price savings are way bigger than the fee. 

A quick how-to:

✅ Install from the App Store 

✅ Choose your wanted OTA (for now only Booking - more coming soon) 

✅ Look for your wanted hotel in a familiar environment of your favorite booking website. 

✅ Get naked retail prices (savings vary up to more than 50% in some cases)

✅ ALWAYS get the cheapest hotel deal out there. 


Nov 13, 2023

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