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Safest Areas to Stay in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California's largest city and the Entertainment Capital of the World, is a renowned hub for the film and television industry. When visiting, choosing a safe area to stay is crucial for enjoying the diverse culture and vibrant lifestyle of the city, and this guide highlights the safest spots for a worry-free visit.

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Published: Jan 08, 20244 min read

Safest Areas to Stay in Los Angeles

When you think about Los Angeles, the first thing that often comes to mind is Hollywood, an emblematic neighborhood that epitomizes the city's global reputation as the heart of the entertainment industry. Hollywood's iconic sign, star-studded Walk of Fame, and bustling movie theaters are just the beginning of what this city has to offer. Beyond the allure of celebrity and cinema, Los Angeles is also famous for its beautiful beaches. Whether drawn in by the surf and sun of its coastal areas like Santa Monica and Malibu or the artistic allure of its museums and street art, Los Angeles presents a dynamic and diverse experience shaped by its myriad of attractions and neighborhoods. But the main question … Is Los Angeles safe for travelers?

Yes, Los Angeles is generally safe for visitors, but caution is advised. Popular tourist areas like Hollywood and Santa Monica are safe during the day, but it's wise to avoid certain areas at night and stay vigilant, especially in crowds. Safeguard your belongings and be cautious in unfamiliar neighborhoods. By staying alert and using common sense, most tourists enjoy a safe visit to LA.

Top  Areas to Stay in Los Angeles

When considering where to stay in Los Angeles for the first time, prime locations include Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Venice Beach, Silver Lake, Downtown, and Pasadena. These areas offer a mix of safety, entertainment, and convenience, each with its unique character.

  • Santa Monica attracts newcomers with its picturesque beach, famous Santa Monica Pier, and the bustling Third Street Promenade. It's a welcoming and vibrant locale, ideal for those seeking a beachside atmosphere.
  • West Hollywood, or WeHo, is the go-to for nightlife and high-end shopping along Sunset Strip. This fashionable area boasts numerous hotels but tends to be pricier.
  • Hollywood offers a dive into entertainment history with landmarks like the Hollywood Walk of Fame and TCL Chinese Theatre. Though iconic, it's vital to select accommodations wisely here due to varying safety across different parts.
  • Venice Beach stands out with its bohemian spirit, street artists, and the Venice Beach Boardwalk. It's an eclectic mix of the quirky and vibrant.
  • Silver Lake appeals to those looking for a hip, artsy vibe, boasting a variety of eateries, cafes, and boutiques. It's a safe, trendy choice for visitors looking for something less mainstream.
  • Downtown LA has undergone a transformation, now featuring attractions like The Broad Museum and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. While improved, certain areas still require careful consideration when choosing where to stay.
  • Pasadena offers a tranquil retreat with attractions like the Rose Bowl and the Huntington Library. It's a picturesque option, generally safe and more laid-back. 

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The Areas You Should Avoid

When you visit Los Angeles, it's important to know some areas might not be safe or comfortable. Skid Row, located in Downtown LA, is known for a large number of homeless people and higher crime rates. It's a good idea to steer clear of this area, especially at night.

Hollywood Boulevard is famous and fun during the day but can become less safe at night. You might encounter people asking for money aggressively, crowded areas, and other risky activities after dark. Try to visit this area during the day and stay where it's busy and well-lit.

South Central Los Angeles has a reputation for crime and gang activity. Even though it's getting better, it's still a place where visitors should be careful. Make sure you stay in well-known areas and avoid visiting at night.

Compton and Inglewood are neighborhoods that are improving, but they still have spots that aren't very safe. While these areas are known for their culture and history, visitors should be aware of where they are going, stick to the main roads, and avoid quiet streets, especially after the sun goes down.

Los Angeles is a big, exciting city with lots to do and see. By avoiding these riskier areas and staying alert, you can have a fun and safe trip. Always keep up-to-date with the latest information about the places you plan to visit, keep your belongings safe, and be aware of your surroundings. This way, you can enjoy all the great things Los Angeles has to offer.

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