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Scilly Isles Day Trip - How to get to Scilly Isles? What to do there?

The Scilly isles day trip is an amazing option for those who want to have a getaway from their daily routines and are looking for an adventure close to a tropical destination experience. For such an experience you need to plan ahead and know How to get to Scilly isles and what to do there?

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Published: Jan 06, 2023 min read

Scilly Isles Day Trip - How to get to Scilly Isles? What to do there?

Where are the isles of Scilly?

The Isles of Scilly are a stunningly adventurous and undeveloped destination just 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall where you can get away from everything. It is amazing how you can have the experience of  A tropical day trip in the UK on these islands. The Isles of Scilly, also known as the Scilly Isles, is a collection of more than 50 tiny islands of which five are inhabited. These five islands are St Marys, Tresco, St Martins, Bryher, and St Agnes. The Isles of Scilly all have a similar feel, outlook, and speed of life, yet every island possesses its own special enchantments. Each tourist easily develops a preference for one island over the others and forms a quiet connection with it.

How to get to Scilly isles?

Depending on where you are located, you have three options to reach the islands. 

  • Skybus.
  • Helicopter.
  • Ferry.

Helicopter to Scilly isles

The quickest way to get to the Isles of Scilly is to take a flight from Penzance Heliport to either St Mary's or Tresco, which will take you there in just 15 minutes. Going by helicopter is definitely an experience to remember. You get to see the islands from above and all their beauty. Also, there are many sights such as Cornwall’s quaint villages, the world-renowned open-air Minack Theatre, and the Land’s End peninsula that are nice to be watched from above.
However, this method of transport can be a bit more expensive. Check the Penzance helicopter website for more information and the ticket purchase.


Ferry to the isle of Scilly

The largest of the five inhabited islands, St. Marys, is reached by the Scillonian ferry, which leaves from Penzance, in 2 hours and 45 minutes. Although it costs the least, it takes the longest to complete of the three modes of transportation.
The ferry has comfortable seats and there are cafes and restaurants inside it for passengers. Also, dogs are allowed to enter the ferry. One of the amazing sights of the ferry is that there is a high possibility you spot dolphins near the ferry.



Skybus departs from Land’s end airport, Exeter airport, and Newquay airport and lands in St. Mary's. The experience is similar to the helicopter but it is relatively cheaper.

Check islesofscilly website for Ferry and Skybus timetables and prices.
We recommend the option with which you get to go by Skybus and come back by Ferry to have the ultimate experience.

What to do on day trips to Scilly isles?


St Marys

Of course one of the common activities for all of the islands is going to the beach. A sizable area of uncontaminated sand that is ideal for walking dogs, playing with kids, and other activities, but St Marys has way more to offer. Firstly, there are three interesting ways to explore the area. You can rent a bike and ride over the island, go uphill and explore or you can visit Saint Marys's riding center to ride a horse. You can take an hour's ride with the horse and explore many interesting parts of the island. Also, You have the possibility to rent carts from The Scilly Cart Co and explore the area with your small vehicle.

Visit Garisson gate and Garisson walls to see the cultural buildings and enjoy the nice views. Go to the Holy Vale Wines to have a meal, watch the winery farm and maybe do some wine tasting. You can also visit Hugh Street where the majority of the town's commerce is located. In addition to restaurants and bars, this area has a supermarket and many shops where you can buy souvenirs. When you get tired of all the riding, swimming and walking relax at Sabai Sabai Thai Massage.



Tresco has many cultural places to visit for those who are interested. The most famous place is The Tresco Abbey Garden & Valhalla Collection where large numbers of exotic plants from all over the world are thriving. Species from all over the world's largest Mediterranean climate zones, including Brazil, New Zealand, Burma, and South Africa, can be found in the lovely garden, which was constructed in the late nineteenth century around the wrecks of a Benedictine Abbey.

Other attractions of Tresco include Cromwell's Castle, Old Blockhouse, King Charles's Castle, and St Nicholas Church. Visitors can also take a boat ride and see some sea sights. You may also take the ride boats to go to another island.

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Jan 06, 2023

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