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Surfing in Costa Rica 2023 - Best Beaches & Surfing Camps & Hotels

Surfing in Costa Rica in 2023 is a unique experience for those who love this activity as the country offers various spots with great waves all year long. Besides introducing the best spots, we will also take a look at the best Camps and Hotels that are nearby for the best experience.

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Published: Feb 09, 2023 min read

Surfing in Costa Rica 2023 - Best Beaches & Surfing Camps & Hotels

Costa Rica: 

The nation of Costa Rica, which is situated in Central America, is consistently included among the top spots on lists that rank the most popular places in the world to go to. Tourism is one of the most important revenue generators for Costa Rica. Despite the fact that the nation is so small and it only occupies 0.03 percent of the area of the earth, it is quite proud of the fact that it is home to 5 percent of the total biodiversity that exists across the entire planet. The country is comprised of conservation and naturally protected territory making up about twenty-six percent of the total land area.

Visitors to Costa Rica will discover a variety of thrilling activities to engage in, all of which take place in the most beautiful environments and are surrounded by unusual species of animals. A trip to Costa Rica offers everyone a fresh perspective on life and is like a paradise for people who are always looking for something new to try. Visitors will be able to find whatever they are seeking in Costa Rica, including but not limited to well-being, wellness options, sun, beaches, forests, animals, and adventures.

Surfing in Costa Rica:

The waves in Costa Rica are some of the best in the world, making it a popular destination for surfers. The water is comfortable to swim in as it is quite warm all year long, the waves are reliable, and the view is outstanding. 

Costa Rica is very interesting for surfing as it has access to both the Pacific and the Caribbean oceans. There are beaches with mellow waves that are ideal for beginners, and others with more difficult waves that are better suited for experienced surfers. Both the Pacific and the Caribbean sides of this country's beaches provide excellent surfing opportunities.

Surfer in costa rica

Best Spots for Surfing in Costa Rica:


It is widely acknowledged that Tamarindo is the premier surfing destination in all of Costa Rica. It features a wide variety of breaks, many of which are located just on the outskirts of the town itself. The majority of first-time visitors won't need to venture farther than ten minutes away from their hostels to find the right spot for surfing. Advanced surfers might want to travel a bit further, to find their best posts for the best waves. 

If you chose Tamarindo for your surfing spot in Costa Rica, it is advised to take a look at the WithRockSurfCamp website in order to check for surfing lessons and tips.

One of the hotels that are very close to the Tamarindo beach and offers surfing lessons is Villa Amarilla Beachfront Hotel Tamarindo.

Villa Amarilla Beachfront Hotel Tamarindo


Villa Amarilla Beachfront Hotel Tamarindo

Costa Rica, Tamarindo

At the Hotel Villa Amarilla, the atmosphere is welcoming to guests of all ages, couples, and families. The enchanted garden is tucked away like a secret retreat just next to the water! Amazing sunsets, handmade banana bread, and muffins for breakfast, which also come with a selection of fresh fruits, coffee, milk, and orange juice. outdoor kitchen, to prepare your own dinner or enjoy a barbecue. The hotel also provides massages right in the garden as well as the option to rent surfboards or take surfing lessons with local surfers. Animal lovers of all kinds, including dogs and cats, are more than welcome here. The motto is "come as a stranger, leave as a family."

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Jaco, Costa Rica is definitely going to be one of the first surf towns that come to mind when you think about traveling to Costa Rica but to be honest, it is not the most popular place, as there are many other places. 

Still, Jaco is the biggest seaside town in Costa Rica and is located close to San Jose, the capital of the country. Although the waves at Jaco are not nearly as clean, rough, or well-formed as those in other surf resorts in Costa Rica, this local surf and partying town certainly has its own charms. It is recommended for beginner surfers visit this place as more advanced surfers might be disappointed here. Therefore, the surfing at Jaco is almost exclusively done by locals.

There are plenty of Surfing schools in Jaco for people who are interested in learning surfing or enhancing their skills.
Jaco Surf School Costa Rica is one of these places that offer individual and group classes. 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly place to stay where you can also learn surfing, we recommend you The Room2Board Hostel and Surf School.

Room2Board Hostel and Surf School


Room2Board Hostel and Surf School

Costa rica, Jaco

The lively heart of the surf town of Jaco can be reached on foot from Room2Board, which is located just a few steps from the nearest beach. It was intended to have the social environment of a typical hostel and surf school as well as the affordability of a boutique hotel. Additionally, it was planned to have the facilities and appearance of a boutique hotel.

Room2Board Hostel and Surf School feature a variety of outdoor spaces, including a garden, a patio, and a bar. A tour desk, a communal lounge, a huge movie screen that is located poolside, and laundry facilities are some of the other amenities that are provided at the hotel. The resort features a rooftop patio with hammocks and provides free parking for guests.

Additionally, there is a surfing school on the site, and it was developed using sustainable building practices.

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An experience like surfing Nosara in Costa Rica will be with you for the rest of your life. The waves are ideal for surfers of all levels, as the water is entirely transparent with different types of waves.  The beach is inhabited by a wide variety of marine life, such as turtles, whales, and rays, amongst other creatures. And when you're not out on the waves, you can take in the jaw-dropping sights of the ocean and the surrounding jungle. It doesn't matter if you're a newbie surfer or a seasoned expert; Nosara is the ideal location to ride some waves and make some memories that will last a lifetime.

Nosara is a relaxing step away from the loud bustle of beach spots like Tamarindo, which have grown extremely popular with tourists year-round. Nosara is home to some of the greatest surfing beaches in Costa Rica. This undiscovered treasure is still regarded as one of Costa Rica's best-kept secrets, and it should be no surprise that the local surfers and other enthusiastic fans wish to keep it that way.

Selina Nosara is our chosen place for you when staying in Nosara. The hotel might not be right at the beach but it is a nice budget stay for surfers that provides all the necessities of a good hotel + surfing lessons.

Selina Nosara


Selina Nosara

Costa Rica, Nosara

In addition to rooms that welcome pets, this property also has a swimming pool, a wellness center, a communal kitchen, a restaurant and bar, a working place, and free WiFi

Visitors can enjoy yoga sessions and healthy meals, and hikers may head to Playa Nosara and Playa Pelada through the verdant Chorotega route. Selina Surf Club offers access to some of Nosara's top surf spots. 

Visit Ostional National Wildlife Refuge as the sun goes down to see newborn ridley sea turtles hatching, then join locals and visitors from all over the world at one of the carefully organized nighttime activities.

Cuisines from throughout the world, especially Latin America. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan versions are also available upon request.

This 3-star hotel features a billiards room and offers bicycle rentals to its guests.

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Even though Uvita is not recognized for having waves of world-class quality, it is a fantastic location for amateur and moderate surfers to polish their skills and improve their overall surfing abilities. Uvita is the best location in the South Pacific for beginners to learn how to surf since it has consistent waves, few to no people for most of the year, and water conditions that are safer than normal for inexperienced surfers.

Interested people can register themselves for different types of surf lessons at Uvita Surf Lessons or other surfing schools nearby to learn or enhance their abilities in surfing. 

If you choose Uvita as your surfing destination, Kura Boutique Hotel is our recommendation for your accommodation. Of course, this is recommended if you are looking to stay at a 5-star hotel!

Kura Boutique Hotel


Kura Boutique Hotel

Costa Rica, Uvita

Kura Boutique Hotel by Cayuga Collection is an adults-only hotel in Uvita with a garden, a bar, and a private beach area. The 5-star hotel includes an outdoor pool, air-conditioned rooms, free WiFi, and private bathrooms. In addition, guests may take advantage of room service, a concierge service, and currency exchange at the hotel.

The hotel's accommodations have a sitting area. In addition, guest rooms will include a closet and a coffee machine.

Breakfast is served à la carte at Kura Boutique Hotel. The restaurant of the hotel provides Caribbean and seafood fare.

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The hotel has access to the private beach area.

Puerto Viejo

Surfing at Puerto Viejo is unlike surfing in any other Costa Rican beach town. While many surfers plan trips to Costa Rica just for the waves, few know about this location. The reason for this is that Puerto Viejo is located on the Caribbean coast, opposite the Atlantic Ocean, whereas most of the country's surf locations, like all of the above ones, are on the Pacific side.

There are debates on whether Puerto Viejo is a spot that is suitable for both experts and beginners to surf or not! Puerto Viejo for sure has very good waves for experts to enjoy. Also, intermediate-level surfers will probably enjoy the waves at this spot. As for the beginners, not to say that Puerto Viejo is a bad place to start, but for sure places like Tamarindo and or Nosara.

One of the places to learn surfing in Puerto Viejo is Surf the Jungle Costa Rica. The camp will provide visitors with surfing lessons, accommodation, airport pickup, meals, yoga classes, and …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Costa Rica have good surfing?

Costa Rica is one of the best destinations for surfers as it has famous surf breaks. Costa Rica has very different spots for surfing and therefore offers great surfing experiences both for Beginner and Professional surfers.

Is Costa Rica surf-crowded?

Costa Rica is not as crowded as other popular surfing destinations in the world. However, it is highly dependent on which spot you choose in Costa Rica as some are more crowded than others.

Which side of Costa Rica is best for surfing?

Both sides of Costa Rica are suitable for surfing, but being on the Pacific side will give you more surfing spots to choose from. The Caribbean side is more limited to a few very good surfing spots.

What time of year is the best Surf in Costa Rica?

As you may encounter a lot of rain during summer, the best months to surf in Costa Rica start from September till June when you will also come across quite large waves.


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