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The USA is really a one-of-a-kind destination offering all possible experiences and attractions. If you went once, you’re probably coming back for what you have missed. And if by any chance you didn’t have time to visit some of the best museums or major art exhibitions in the USA, let this list be your inspiration and push you to go back to see some of the best galleries in the year 2023.

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Published: Dec 05, 2022 min read


Or, if you’re traveling to the US for the first time - add at least one of these to your to-do list, and check out 12 things you have to do | First time in NYC.

Although museums are significantly cheap in the US, accommodation costs can be scary. So, make sure your money goes a long way. 

1) The Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York

Also known as “the Met,” it is a fantastic place to visit if you wish to see various art pieces in New York City. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the largest in the United States, and all of the parts inside are legacies from the past and treasures in the present day. 

Its collection of artworks has over 2 million extravagant pieces, divided among the spacious areas of 17 curatorial departments. The Met was built in 1870 and aspires to be the home of rare, exceptional cross-cultural masterpieces. Major art exhibitions of this museum can be found on The Official Metropolitan Museum Website.

The best museums in the USA 2023


2) The Museum of Modern Art - New York

Located in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, The Museum of Modern Art will give you lovely views of art. 

The museum plays a crucial role in developing and collecting modern art. It's often identified as one of the most influential museums focusing on and holding contemporary art. You can explore various paintings using cubism, surrealism, and abstract ways of portraying art. It's also home to Pablo Picasso's "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" - one of the most famous artist's masterpieces. 

Apart from paintings, sculpture, and graphic art, The Museum of Modern Art includes an industrial art collection and architectural designs of other forms of art to admire.

3) American Museum of Natural History - New York

World’s preeminent experimental and cultural institution. The museum accommodates an array of fascinating arts in all forms. 

The American Museum of Natural History was founded in 1869 and is a perfect spot to discover, learn, and interpret arts. The museum disseminates various wide-ranging curricula of scientific study, education, and display. You can also acknowledge human civilization, the natural environment, and the cosmos. 

One of the interesting exhibitions of the museum in 2023 is the shark exhibition. For visitors of all ages, the new exhibition, Sharks, includes a number of life-sized models that range in length from 33 feet to 5.5 inches and fossils from the Museum's archives.

TOP museums in the US in 2023


4) 9/11 Memorial & Museum - New York

To honor the history of New York City, this is one Memorial we recommend you pay your respects to. The museum is devoted to 2,977 people killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks and 6 people in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. 

The museum has many different exhibits, photos, stories, and media to share the narrative and history of the tragic 9/11. In addition, its unique combination of art, archaeology, and history offer a thrilling interaction with the narrative of the bombings and aftermath through them.

5) The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis - Indianapolis

Headed to the US with children? This is a must-see attraction because it is the world's spectacular, finest, and nevertheless, largest children's museum. It's been granted by the American Alliance of Museums as an extraordinary museum for children. 

Thousands of programs for kids, including plays, art lessons, seminars, and traveling exhibitions, are held at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. 

It also features a stimulated and virtual dinosaur habitat, fantastic playgrounds, and various exhibits. Plus, there's a fun train to ride and carousels to fulfill kids' dreams. 

6) The Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago

This museum is one of the best must-sees in Chicago Grant Park. The Art Institute was founded in 1879 and is recognized as one of the oldest art museums in the US. 

Here are permanent collections of nearly various types of 300,000 artworks and masterpieces. The museum not only houses the works but also takes care of and perseveres each artwork as they present it to the public eye.

Many different exhibitions are on display or arranged to be displayed soon. Check them at The Art Institute of Chicago website.

TOP art galleries to visit in the US in 2023


7) The Getty - Los Angeles

There’s no secret LA is filled with beautiful places and many museums, however, probably the most famous and visit-worthy is The Getty. 

The museum caters to various artworks from different eras. It not only displays arts but also provides its visitors with a massive campus to access multiple arts programs. You can discover and learn each art background presented in the galleries. 

The Getty is a perfect location to stop by for an afternoon delight strolling, unwinding, and appreciating arts in all forms.

8) Los Angeles County Museum of Art - Los Angeles

It’s a special tourist attraction not to be missed on a trip to Los Angeles, California. LA Country Museum of Art is considered to be the largest in the western United States. 

LACMA houses a collection of over 142,000 artworks that span 4000 BC ago of creative expression worldwide. In addition, there are group excursions to walk through exhibitions, which attract over 1,000,000 visitors annually.

The largest art galleries in the US in 2023


9) Detroit Institute of Arts - Detroit

Holding an array of spectacular arts, the Detroit Institute of Arts is an attraction not to miss. It’s been granted to be a part of the finest, most classical, and most notable art galleries in the United States. 

Over 65,000 artworks displayed date from the earliest civilizations to the present day. The museum offers visitors encounters with human creativity from all over the world. Additionally, the DIA, founded in 1885, has served as a cultural torch for over a century.

Check out their exhibition part of the website for news related to upcoming exhibitions.

10) Museum of Fine Arts - Boston

Situated in Boston, the Museum of Fine Arts is known to be a spectacular spot to admire art masterpieces. 

It’s recognized and ranked 14 among the most extensive art exhibits worldwide. It accommodates more than 450,000 artworks, making it one of the most comprehensive collections in the US. 

The Museum of Fine Arts was established in 1870, and since its opening, it has welcomed millions of tourists each year. 

Dec 05, 2022

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