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The Most Adventurous Destinations in 2023

There are many adventurous destinations that offer extreme activities such as skydiving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, river rafting, or other extreme sports. People are hungry for adventures, thrill, and intense experiences. We filter out adventure destinations those offer unique experiences you must try there.

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Published: Dec 02, 2022 min read

The Most Adventurous Destinations in 2023

Hiking, Nepal 

If you’re thinking that in 2023 you must reach the highest heights, choose the most adventurous destination for hiking- Nepal. It is widely known Nepal is the top destination for trekking and hiking. After all, there are 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world. Nepal offers adventurous visitors the opportunity to combine mountain trekking, sightseeing, and cultural discovery in ways that are world-famous and truly unforgettable. Many experienced hikers seem to draw to record-breaking hikes up to Mount Everest, while other faint-hearts prefer to choose a slightly easier route such as the Royal Trek or Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek. We can say that Nepal is one of the ultimate places to travel for adventure. 

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Soaking in Devil’s Pool at Victoria Fall

From geography lessons, we know that Victoria Falls attracts thousands of tourists. Surprisingly, they come not to explore the national park, but to make some iconic photos. They are drawn here for The Devil’s Pool. It is a naturally formed eddy sitting at the very edge of the falls. Naturally, they can splash there only then the water is at a safe level. Usually between August and January. Still, who would like to calmly soak there while only a slippery rock barrier is separating you from falling down? Only fearless people.

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Scuba diving in the Blue Hole, Egypt

One of the most challenging dive spots for extreme lovers in Egypt. The Blue Hole is a deep, natural sinkhole located in one of the deepest zones of the Red Sea. It is believed that it formed thousands of years ago during the melting of the last ice age. 
The Blue hole is a great spot for scuba diving due to the coral reef surrounding its edge. At the same time extremely dangerous because of the one particular dive site- the arch. Many dives believe that they are good and have the skills to dive deeper. Sadly, even some highly trained technical divers and diving instructors have lost their lives. However, in recent years, the Egyptian Chamber For Diving & Water Sports positioned officers who ensure that the divers are accompanied by a certified guide to Blue Hole and follow safety procedures.

Extra Tip: don't miss out on a hotel deal when planning your trip to one of mentioned adventurous destinations. 

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Heli Skiing, New Zealand

Honestly, everyone loves this country. New Zealand offers basically everything: trekking, hiking, skydiving, surfing, snorkeling, caving, Bundy jumping, zip lining, rafting, kayaking, or heli-skiing. Haven’t heard about the last one? Heli Skiing is one of New Zealand's extreme sports and it involves a helicopter ride. The helicopter rides you to any remote hill you want. If you love skiing, you definitely must feel the unimaginably thrilling sensation when you go downhill skiing on the South Island of New Zealand. 


Relaxing vacations on Mars

If the depths of the seas or the highest peaks don’t sound so thrilling, there is always a possibility to experience something on another level. Something in all ways more. For instance, having a vacation on another planet in one of Elon Musk’s hotels on Mars. Interested in knowing more? You can find all the details in the blog post.

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Sandboarding in the Sahara

Sandboarding is one of the newest extreme sports for adventurous travelers. It give a great way to combine an adventurous activity and exploration of the desert. For instance, instead of riding camels you can sandboard and have a truly magical and at the same time thrilling experience on the dunes of the Sahara. Its dunes are colossal and in crescent-shaped forms that are ideal for this extreme sport that’s the main reason for trying sandboarding there. 

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Zip Lining in the UAE

All thrill-seekers must plan a trip to the UAE. Imagine soaring in the sky at speeds between 120 km/h and 150 km/h for almost three hair-raising minutes across canyons and peaks that lie 1680 meters above the Arabian Gulf. It sounds extremely thrilling, isn't it? This adrenaline-pumping adventure can be experienced only in Jais Flight. It is the longest zipline in the world (2,83km), located at Jebel Jais mountain peak in Ras Al Khaimah, the northernmost Emirate in the UAE. There are also shorter distance zip lining, Jais sledder, Jais sky tour, and other activities for brave to extremely adventurous travelers.

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Trekking, Peru

The country has more to offer than Machu Picchu's mysterious stone walls and the breathtaking panoramic view. It is possible to reach the site via bus ride but more adventurous travelers take the five-day trek along the Inca Trail. If five days trek is too much for you, it’s possible to shorter the whole experience in a day. After that, it is highly recommended to head toward the country’s national parks, lakes, or even deserts. The most favorite treks in Peru are Rainbow Mountain, Vilcabamba Trail, Santa Cruz & Laguna 69 Trek, Ausangate Trek, Huayhuash Circuit, etc. So pack your backpack and buy flight tickets to Peru because this country is truly worth visiting.

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Snorkeling in Ambergris Caya, Belize

Not usually the daredevil type? Not a problem. How about  seeing colorful fish, corals, sharks, rays, and sea turtles? If it sounds intriguing, Ambergris Caya is waiting for you! Belize is the most favorite snorkeling destination in the world. There is no need to book a snorkeling tour in advance because there are many companies that provide such tours. Explore the marine life along the second-largest barrier reef in the world! 

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Safari extremes, Botswana

You'll never feel the true circle of life if you won't experience Safari. Watching elephants swim across the river at sunset, roaming antelopes,  following lions and how they play with each other or seeing how leopards hunt and kill their prey. Brutal but at the same time beautiful wild nature. Safari is the destination of startling contrasts and stupendous beauty. 

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Paragliding, Switzerland

Switzerland is a must to be included as one of the most adventurous destinations in 2023. Especially one specific location for paragliding. Thanks to gorgeous straddling glacier-fed lakes, snow-dusted mountains, and stable weather, Interlaken happens to be one of the world's best places to paraglide. This is unarguably Europe's most enticing adventure place for those, who want to live the moment.


Volcano Boarding, Nicaragua

Nicaragua offers many activities for adventurous travelers: kayaking, surfing, ziplining through the jungle, or volcano boarding. Yes, you read it correctly: it is possible to go volcano boarding on Cerro Negro. Passionate travelers climb up the 2.388- foot Cerro Negro and then “volcano board” back down the side of an active volcano. Definitely, you can’t do that independently- you must go on a guided group tour with this one. 

In conclution, the adventurous destinations are those that offer unique, extremely thrilling experiences and are located in some of the world’s most beautiful regions. With so many options available, we hope you'll visit at least one in 2023.

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Dec 02, 2022

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