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The most HILARIOUS TRAVEL TIPS | some actually work

The internet is full of traveling tips, tricks, hacks, secrets & advice. Some of them are super helpful, some are nonsense, and others are just… hilarious.

The most HILARIOUS TRAVEL TIPS | some actually work

We gathered 35 of the latter, shared by people on various platforms worldwide. From asking cops about the TOP notch restaurants to reviewing the Magic Mushrooms in Bali, we can’t say they’re useless. Actually, some of them are shockingly good.

Let’s dive down to it 👇


Does becoming a dad oneself work?


And if there are no cops around, just call 911. 


We all have our ways, I guess? 

The advice is very legit, but the La-La land got us there. 


Are we having fun or learning physics here?


Straight to the bucket list. 


Stop with the hate!!!


Or enjoy the prison all-inclusive. 


Okay, okay, won’t! Chill… 


Why?! Some reasoning, please. 


No words needed. Just do. Yeps. 



🎶 Someone hates people… 🎶


Time to start smoking! I guess..?




Sherlock, is this you? 

And no one mentions kidnapping here, okay… 


That must have been one unpleasant experience. 


Wild guess: this guy hates Nike. 


Who said stealing is not a hack? 


Everything tastes better when you’re hiiiigh. 

Facts are facts. 


Bring over some coke & rum - who wants a Cuba Libre?!


And then understand the upgrade costs $20. 

American Airlines only have the 2nd type. 


No one likes these guys… 

Au secours! Elle va avoir un bébé! 


So that’s what we forgot! 

These two go together very well. 


But by anyone else - you’re welcome. 



Yeah, give them some time off. 

🎶Goodbye, my lover, goodbye, my friend..! 🎶


Don’t be a dumbo. 


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Mar 03, 2023

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