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The MOST Unique Hotels in The World

The world is full of unique and strange places to visit. Hotels are no exception. If you are a fan of special and unusual buildings and architecture you would want to take a look at our chosen most unique hotels.

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By Amir

Published: Dec 08, 2022 min read

The MOST Unique Hotels in The World

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STF Jumbo Stay Stockholm

A distinct hotel housed inside a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet. A wonderful experience in the world with excellent sleeping comfort close to Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN). Flat-screen TVs and either private or shared bathrooms are standard in each of Jumbo Stay's guest rooms. On the wing of the Boeing 747, there is a common balcony that is accessible to visitors. All pricing includes cleanup, towels, and bed sheets.

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Bivacco Gervasutti, Italy

One of the most creative hotel in the world is 9,300 feet (2,835 meters) above sea level on the Frebouze Glacier in the Mont Blanc massif in Italy. This capsule hotel seems to be falling from the cliff and is a unique hotel, especially for those who like hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. The hotel is named after Alpine climber Giusto Gervasutti.

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La balade des gnomes, Luxemborg

located in the serene and beautiful landscapes Belgian Adennes region's green wooded areas. A distinctive hotel is The Balad des Gnomes. Heyd, inside the region of Luxembourg, is where it is situated. The rooms are inspired by fairytale stories, therefore, this unique hotel represents the inner child of all of us combined with the love of nature.

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Barin ski resort, Iran

Approximately one kms from the Shemshak ski run in the heart of the mountain, the architects created a ski resort in the autumn of 2008. Here, the natural environment is so distinctive that this project was chosen as a demonstration one to look into how nature and architecture interact. The amenities and necessities you might need are in the rooms. You can leave your igloo and have fun in the snow at Barin Ski Resort since it is close to ski hill. This one-of-a-kind hotel is gorgeous and well worth the price!

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Kolarbyn Eco Lodge, Sweden

Kolarbyn Eco Lodge, also known as Sweden's most rustic hotel, is where you spend the night. There won't be any electricity, showers, or anything upscale; just a natural mystique. And for precisely that reason, you're going to adore this location, although it might be one of the strangest hotels in the world.

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Nine Hours Otemachi-Imperial Palace, Japan

Nine Hours Otemachi-Imperial Palace is the ideal Japanese capsule hotel feeling for those seeking a modern, clean environment. Each visitor is given a locker, and the bath room has lockable cabinets. Additionally, men and women rest on different floors. The Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station, from which you can take the bullet train, metro, and JR train to nearly anywhere in Japan, are both within walking distance of the hotel, making it very centrally located and practical. There are many excellent restaurants in the area as well.

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Karosta Prison, Latvia

One of the strangest hotels in the world! Meet the notorious Karosta Prison, where you can now spend a night inside a cell, sleep on a bunk, a steel bed, or just a mattress for a small fee. Everyone should be able to find something they enjoy because there are numerous intriguing and nonviolent scenario games. A small gift store and prison cafeteria are both on-site. Excellent location for family vacations, and friend reunions!

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Arte luise kunsthotel, Germany

The hotel is accommodated in a stunning 1829 neoclassical structure. The Reichstag and other important landmarks are nearby. It has taken the current owners more than 20 years to transform the building into its present form; it was formerly the voluble Mowe Art Club's home. The diligent detail is evident. The hotel, which bills itself as an "art museum in which you stay the night," has a number of rooms, each of which is furnished by a variety of artists. The staircases themselves were chosen by a philosophy professor. 
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Dec 08, 2022

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