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Top 10 Instagrammable Places in Venice | Romantic, Historic and Gorgeous | 2023

Have you ever experienced Love? If so, you will feel an instant connection with the vibrant city of Venice upon your arrival. And if you are yet to experience the touch of love, then get ready to be lured by its captivating beauty.

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Published: Aug 22, 2023 min read

Top 10 Instagrammable Places in Venice | Romantic, Historic and Gorgeous | 2023

In all circumstances, Venice is a place that truly epitomizes romance. This city actually has love in the air. 

From the stunning Doge’s Palace to the iconic Teatro La Fenice and the glorious gondola rides, Venice has something for everyone.

These are top 10 instagrammable places in Venice that you cannot afford to miss: 

St. Mark’s Square - Venize - the msot instagrammable places

1) St. Mark’s Square

Situated in the heart of the city, this largest square in Venice is the first spot travelers gravitate towards after landing in the city. Consisting of spectacular monuments, churches and government buildings, it offers a great insight into the rich culture and heritage of Italy.

You can take a 360 degree panoramic shots for your social media and also go live from there. After that, don’t forget to step inside the St. Mark Basilica and the Doge’s Palace.

Although it’s one of the most instagrammable places in Venice, it’s mostly crowded due to its popularity. Therefore, if you want to click some striking uncluttered pictures, it’s advisable to reach the site as early as possible in the morning.

Most instagrammable places in Venize - Rialto Bridge RatePunk

2) Rialto Bridge

The historic stone arch bridge at the Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge is the most renowned architecture built towards the end of the 16th Century.

San Marco and San Polo, two of the most popular squares in Venice are connected by Rialto Bridge at the highest point.

This pristine bridge is shaped as a bow with steps on both the sides and there is heavy water flowing underneath. It’s also called as the ‘Lover’s Bridge’ and has been the ultimate inspiration for many artists including several painters and filmmakers. You can book a cheap flight with ixigo to Venice. ixigo also helps you in your visa requirements.

most instagrammable places in venice - Santa Maria Della Salute  RatePunk

3) Santa Maria Della Salute

Commonly known as ‘Salute’, this iconic church is one of the most significant religious architecture in Venice. You must have seen its artistically unique dome everywhere on the posters and in the films.

Founded in 1631, this basilica has an octagonal interior with small chapels on each side of the building. Decorated with intricate paintings and designs, this monument sits upon a platform made of 10,000 wooden piles that have remained intact.

Scala Contarini Del Bolovo - most instagrammable places in Venice - RatePunk

4) Scala Contarini Del Bolovo

A little unexplored, this old tower is famous for its intricate spiraling staircase. The architecture of this site was so unique at the time of its construction, that it became instrumental in naming both the palace it’s attached to and the entire branch of the Contarini noble family that lived there.

Located in the middle of the bustling town, this place beautifully showcases the combination of Gothic, Renaissance, and Byzantine architectural styles. Visitors can climb to the top of its 80 steps, from which there is a beautiful view over the rooftops of the city.

Bridge of Sighs - the most instagrammable places in Venice RatePunk

5) Bridge of Sighs

Keen to capture the iconic ‘Bridge of Sighs’ through your lens yet uncertain about the ideal vantage point? Worry not, let us tell you! Head over to the ‘Ponte Della Paglia’ and click the most amazing pictures of the ‘Bridge of Sighs.’ The stunning view of canals, gondolas and the sheer architectural splendour of the the bridge will surely take your breath away.

This passageway-cum-bridge is a quaint, enclosed span of white limestone with stone bars covering the windows. It has become famous due to a unique mix of whimsical aesthetics and romantic history attached to it.

Grand Canal - the most instagrammable places in Venice RatePunk

6) Grand Canal

This legendary 3.8-km-long canal is adorned with centuries-old palaces, stunning castles and architectural wonders enticing travelers for ages. These buildings date back as far as the 13th century and speak volume of the opulence and magnificence of that era.

For the hardcore romantics, embarking on a gondola ride along the Canale Grande with your loved one stands out as one of the most captivating experiences in Venice. This also provides you a panoramic vista of the entire city, perfect for the social media feed.

Burano - the most instagrammable places in Venice RatePunk

7) Burano

They say, “Colors speak louder than words.” Where’s the lie though?

If you are a person who lives his life in colors then, Burano is definitely THE place for you. This colorful paradise, is a small island in the lagoons of Venice famous for its vividly painted houses and green water channels.

Legend has it that the houses were painted with bright colors so that the sailors could see them on gloomy days and be happy.

This not-to-be-missed place would surely make your Instagram explode with colors. To reach this location, you can opt for a water bus from Fondamenta Nuovo or San Zaccaria. The journey takes 45 minutes approximately.

Campanile di San Marco - the most instagrammable places in Venice

8) Campanile di San Marco

Do you want to witness an exquisite view of Venice? If yes, then you must visit campanile di San Marco. Originally, built as a lighthouse to aid navigation in the lagoon, it has now become one of the most visited tourist spots. You can click some truly amazing pictures from here that can greatly enhance your social media presence.  

Teatro La Fenice - the most instagrammable places in Venice RatePunk

9) Teatro La Fenice

One of the largest theatres in the whole Italy, La Fenice is the central hub to experience Italian musical excellence. Adorned with artistic paintings and sculptures. This opera house is one-of-a-kind and stands as a symbol of cultural significance.

The Theatre has hosted the famous New Year's Concert, broadcasted live by the main television channels of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Albania and France. Feel free to explore the upper galleries, with the royal lodge, destroyed during the 1848 uprising and later reconstructed.

Ghetto Venice - most instagrammable places in Venice RatePunk

10) Ghetto Venezia

Famous for its historical importance, Ghetto Venezia is Europe’s first ever Jewish Quarter in the center of the city. This unique architecture boasts 5 synagogues, of which two are open for exploration and religious practices. The Ghetto area still houses all the religious and administrative institutions of the Jewish Community of Venice.

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