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Top 10 Long Haul Flight Essentials

While there are no secret hacks to transform an economy flight into a first-class affair, there are certain essentials and tips that can greatly enhance the overall journey. In an effort to make your next long flight more comfortable and enjoyable, I will share some valuable insights and suggestions on how to make a long haul flight comfortable.

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By Eglė

Published: May 23, 2023 min read

Top 10 Long Haul Flight Essentials

1. Large Scarf

It is one of my top must-have items for a long-haul flight. Even though airlines often offer blankets during long-haul flights, you should consider taking your large scarf for several reasons. They may not always be able to change them after each flight, or they may not be enough to keep you warm. Plus, the temperature in the cabin can vary greatly from hot to cold, so having a warm layer that you can easily add or remove is essential. Also, it can be used as a pillow or cushion, rolled up as a makeshift lumbar support, or draped over your head to create a makeshift eye mask if the provided ones are insufficient. It is crucial if you want to get some rest during the flight and need to be comfortable to sleep.

2. Travel Pillow

One of the most essential things for long haul flights is a comfy travel pillow. While airlines usually offer small pillows like blankets on overnight or long-haul flights, they often lack adequate neck support. That's why it's wise to bring a high-quality travel pillow that wraps around your head, prevents head rolling, and ensures a comfortable sleep in an upright position. In addition, investing in a pillow with proper neck support will greatly enhance your in-flight sleeping experience.

3. Earplugs And An Eye Mask

While some airlines provide passengers with eye masks and earplugs, having your own is always a good idea. Consider packing specially created flight earplugs that come with a convenient carry case. 

Long haul flight essentials by RatePunk

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4. Reusable Bottle

 Stay hydrated while flying to avoid dehydration and disrupting your body's natural rhythms. Dehydration is more likely to occur during flights, particularly on longer ones, due to the lower pressure and dry, cold air circulating in the cabin. These factors can cause fluid to shift within the body, increasing the risk of dehydration. So, instead of relying on single-use plastic bottles available at the airport, opt for a reusable water bottle. Empty it before going through security and refill it at the water fountains in the departure lounge, ensuring you stay hydrated while minimizing plastic waste.

5. Compression Socks

Compression socks are seriously one of the best things you can bring on a long-haul flight. They might not be necessary for people who don't have any medical issues but trust me, they can make a huge difference in how you feel during and after your flight. Not only do they help reduce the risk of blood clots, but they also keep your blood flowing, prevent swelling and leg fatigue. That's why I always recommend having compression socks for anyone seeking to make long flights more pleasant.

long haul flight essiantial - compression socks by RatePunk

6. Slippers or Flip-Flops

Sitting for long hours in one spot can cause swelling and fatigue in your legs, which is not only uncomfortable but also unhealthy. That's why I always take off my shoes and slip into my slippers to give my feet some breathing space. Plus, walking around the cabin during the flight can help alleviate leg fatigue. And let's be real, if you need to use the bathroom, it's not a great idea to go barefoot or in just socks. It's not just unhygienic, but also uncomfortable.

7. Small Bag For Essentials

Avoid the hassle of rummaging through your carry-on suitcase for travel documents by opting for a functional crossbody bag with ample space for your phone, keys, and passport. These bags are perfect for flying as they can hold more than they appear, accommodating essentials like a chunky reusable water bottle and a book. So stay organized and have everything you need easily accessible during your journey.

small bag for essiantial flight - small bag - by RatePunk

8. Lip Balm or/and Face Cream 

With an average humidity of only 10 to 20 percent (lower than the Sahara Desert at around 25 percent), it's no wonder your skin may suffer. That's why it's essential to pack moisturizing beauty products (face mask, face cream, lip balm and other) under 100ml to combat the dryness and keep your skin hydrated during the flight.

9. Hand Sanitiser

Even though we live in post-COVID time, hand sanitizer has become essential, and I wouldn't fly without it. Unfortunately, while airports typically provide hand sanitizers, the ones offered on the plane can be alcohol-based and harsh on the skin. Therefore, it's wise to bring your hand sanitizer to ensure cleanliness while maintaining the health of your hands.

10. Book or Kindle

 Immersing yourself in a captivating book during your long-haul flight. If you are not into reading, download an audiobook. But his way, you should consider having a portable charger. 

May 23, 2023

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