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Best Surfing Camps Europe 2023 | Ratepunk

Traveling and surfing in different parts of the world is an amazing experience. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, surfing camps in Europe, Hotels, and destinations mentioned in this article can for sure help you with your next surfing trip!

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By Amir

Published: Oct 26, 2022 min read

Best Surfing Camps Europe 2023 | Ratepunk

1. Portugal

Praia do Norte, Nazaré

Praia do Norte is one of the most famous beaches for suffering, located in Nazare, Portugal. This beach is famous for its giant white waves and the fact that surfing here has been recorded in the Guinness World Records book for the biggest wave ever surfed! The location offers Surfing lessons under the administration of the Local Surfing School. There are several hotels very close to the Praia do Norte beach for surfers to reach the surfing spots most conveniently. Some of the closest hotels are Hotel Mar BravoVillamar Style Maison.

Santa Cruz

Another famous surfing place in Portugal is a coastal small town called Santa Cruz. The town is famous for its large-scale beaches that are perfect for surfers. Nevertheless, this town has more to offer, in summer the town offers different activities such as hiking and biking with amazing landscape views. Noah Surf House is a suitable accommodation place to choose from when visiting this town. The place is right at the beach, has different types of accommodations, and has facilities like a pool and a skatepark. People can also choose to have Surfing lessons if interested.
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The city of Lisbon functions as the nation's capital and is situated on the coast of Portugal's westernmost region. The city may be reached quickly and simply by flight, and there are a number of airports that service Lisbon airport (LIS). If you are arriving in Portugal from another European nation, you have the option of taking a bus or rail to the capital city of Lisbon.

There are many different beaches and many different surf camps in Lisbon as this destination is quite famous among surfers. Surf Lisbon is one of the surfing camps that offer different types of lessons for different ages. This surfing camp also provides accommodations for interested visitors. If you would like to stay in a Hotel instead, Riviera Hotel Carcavelos is one of your choices as it is very close to the camp.

Surf Cascais is another surfing camp in Lisbon that is worth visiting. They provide group and individual training and provide the material needed for you. You can also choose to stay at their Villa and get to know the other surfers.

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2. France


The Grand Plage and Cote des Basques are two fantastic beaches in Biarritz that offer big wave surfing for the people who love this sport. There are many surfing schools and suitable beaches for a beginner to learn how to surf in Biarritz. Le Garage Biarritz Hôtel is a convenient place to stay in Biarritz. The hotel is Just next to the coast and near the sea and has facilities such as swimming pools. The hotel offers surfing lessons for beginners and it is also very close to the Golf de Biarritz Le Phare which is a prestigious golf course.

If looking for a surfing camp in Biarritz, Biarritz Paradise Surf School  is our recommendation to you where both children and adults can learn surfing and yoga. Also, there are lessons available in English for those who do not speak French. Besides, the Surf camp provides accommodation if interested.

If you are more interested in staying in hotels, 4 stars Radisson Blu Hotel, Biarritz is the hotel we recommend for you as it is very close to the camp.

3. Canary islands


Fuerteventura is the second biggest island of the Canary islands and is being referred to as “Europe’s Hawaii”. The Island offers beautiful beaches and landscapes with great weather all year round for people who love to surf, although the best times for surfing are from autumn to spring. When you visit Fuerteventura, Surf Riders Fuerteventura is an amazing place to choose for your accommodation. The place offers various activities, sports, excursions, and anything related to surfing.

Surf & Yoga Fuerteventura is another place where you can learn Yoga, Surfing, and Kite-surfing and also reside in a vila.

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4. Germany

Eisbach, Munich

Germany might not be the first country that comes to mind when talking about surfing but it is actually one of the most interesting surfing destinations in the world. This surfing place is located in the city center and attracts many visitors any time to watch the surfers. However, the location is only appropriate for professional surfers and not beginners! As the place is in the city center, there are plenty of hotels nearby to stay at. Unsöld's Factory Hotel is one of the closest locations to the surfing spot which is suitable for surfers and regular tourists due to its perfect location.

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5. The United Kingdom


Tenby is one of the most popular places to surf in the united kingdom. One of the main reasons Tenby is an attraction is the variety of watersports provided at this location. As surfers, other tourists also choose their vacations at this spot in order to enjoy Paddleboarding and Kayaking. There are several beaches and a variety of lessons available at this spot. Giltar hotelClarence House Hotel, and The Park Hotel are only a few names among all the nice hotels surfers choose to stay at.

One of the schools available at this location for people interested in Surfing, Paddleboarding, and Kayaking is Outer Reef Surf School.


There are a lot of good reasons to go surfing in Wales, which is why you should make it your next vacation. Imagine waves that are ideal in every aspect, surrounded by unspoiled nature, far from the tourist hotspots of Devon and Cornwall. Now, add to that the opportunity to visit some fantastic pubs and restaurants right on the beach, in addition to an abundance of cultural places in the surrounding area. 

Surf Schools Wales is one of the best places in Wales to learn surfing. The place offers private and group lessons for everyone and has interesting programs for kids such as birthday parties.

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Oct 26, 2022

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