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Today we’ve collected 5 technologies from extensions and apps to websites that will help you boost your lifestyle.


✍️ Grammarly for mistake-free love emails you send to your customers every day

Grammarly app

We wouldn’t want you to make silly grammatical mistakes when writing an important proposal. And using Grammarly website does not necessarily mean you can’t write yourself. It’s about quick help, so you don’t need to worry about commas and misspelled words.

⭐ High-quality writing
⭐ Trusted by millions of users
⭐ A simple, guided editing process


📒 Toggl Track for increasing your productivity to focus on changing the world, not chatting with your crush

Toggl Track App

Oh, this one's definitely a must-have tool. Toggl Track app makes your life harder, but it's a life-saver when it comes to tasks at work. We said harder because focusing on doing your job without any distractions is not pleasant. But you're going to be the next-level world changer with the greatest ideas, so try it out.

⭐ Easy to use
⭐ Available calendar integration
⭐ Graphs and pies to visualize your data


RatePunk for saving every hard-earned penny and precious time while traveling

RatePunk Extension

Traveling is expensive. That’s one of the biggest myths in the world. Because we say - you don’t need to go broke on vacation. RatePunk extension is a total game-changer. We don’t want you to overspend when booking a hotel at any destination. Also, we don’t suggest spending hours looking for a deal to save vacation money. So, having these two factors in mind - RatePunk extension will do magic. It will compare hotel prices live and show you the cheapest provider to book through.

⭐ Free of charge
⭐ Absolute no-brainer
⭐ Modern like an eye-candy design


💬 Slack for better communication with your colleagues, so you always know what the hell is going on

Slack App

This is a thousand times better than any other platform for communication at work. So forget those useless messenger groups, be modern and share your powerfully creative ideas with your colleagues. Slack app is excellent for creating separate channels for different teams at work: marketing, sales, customer service, IT, etc. Make as many channels as you wish - this is the way to increase the whole team’s organizational skills.

⭐ Icons to show when you’re on & off
⭐ Colorful design to power up the mood
⭐ Place screenshots and share media files


📍Countries Been for better understanding what to do with your life next

Countries Been App

Well, we’re not going to tell you what to do with your life, but we just wanted to let you know about this app that we’ve started using ourselves. In addition, we wouldn’t want to see you keep exploring the same city over 100 times, because you keep forgetting you’ve already been there. So, here’s the deal: Countries Been app allows you to track destinations (countries, cities, states & provinces) that you visited and select those you’d like to go to.

⭐ Fun visual bucket-list
⭐ Customized map of the world
⭐ Community that will inspire your next adventure

Jun 27, 2022

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