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We travel a ton, and staying organised isn't easy, but here are a bunch of tips to consider for your trip to help avoid potential challenges.

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By Amir

Published: Jun 01, 20224 min read


We travel a ton, and staying organised isn't easy, but here are a bunch of tips to consider for your trip to help avoid potential challenges.



🔋 Low power mode

The very first thing starts on the phone before you've even left the house. Make sure to turn it into low power mode to conserve as much battery as possible. And leave it on for basically the whole trip. A new feature in iOS 13, similar to low power mode, is now low data mode.


📑 Photograph your documents

Another simple one you've probably heard this before is to take pictures of your essential documents if you lose them while you're on the road. It can really help you to get out of a tight spot.


🤳 Your phone might be your best camera

Now, let's crack the bag open. When it comes to cameras, a beginner's mistake is people buy these tiny action cams. They're great cameras, especially if you want to take them underwater. But you know what a better camera is? Probably your phone. It makes much more sense to just bring your phone and shoot most things. You will only need one charger and one memory card.


🎒 Pack a tech go-bag

If you travel even a couple of times a year, it's very worthwhile to also get a little accessory kit that is always packed. It has whatever essentials you will need when you're on the go. Just duplicate copies. So when you're trying to pack for vacation, it's already there, and you may not be surprised to see that the most crucial thing inside is charging cables.


🔌 Multiport USB charger

Now here are some specific recommendations for you. First of all, make sure that the charging cables you packed in your go-to tech bag have more than one outlet. At a minimum, make sure that you can charge your phone and anyone else's phone you have with you overnight, all at the same time. You don't want to be trading off and wake up so that only one of the phones is charged. And remember to have a cable to charge your batteries as well. One more thing - cable instead of the direct wall is super helpful.


📄 Travel insurance

Look, half of the fun of traveling is to experience the unexpected. Of course, you don't know what's gonna happen; that's why it's an adventure. But with travel insurance, you can be prepared for the unexpected, so before you book your tickets - take care of your insurance documents. And feel confident if something unpleasant happens while you're on the go.


📡 Use a VPN on public WiFi

One thing when you're browsing the internet online that you should do, and sometimes you forget to do, is use a VPN when you are accessing the internet. It's a bad habit not to log on because there is always a chance that somebody could be accessing your computer through unsecured WiFi networks. There are many ways to get in, so get a VPN when you're traveling on other people's networks. It's worth it to keep your data secure.


🧳 4 wheel luggage

And now some luggage advice. Everything about four wheels is just necessary. And also, everybody gets basically the exact same luggage. So, when you're picking up your luggage, you might notice that most of them are just the same soft black pieces of luggage that all look identical. Think about getting something that you can identify yours apart from all those similar luggage. For example, bright red instead of soft black is much more noticeable. You can spot your luggage a mile away. So you basically can do anything, just something so that you can tell it's yours in one quick glance.


💻 Use extensions to search for travel deals

Many people still feel uncomfortable using new apps and browser extensions when planning their trips. That's understandable, considering that travel tech is pretty new in the tourism industry. But, if you knew you could save a great deal of money and it's not even time-consuming wouldn't you try? Exactly.

In this case, we suggest trying out Google Flights (Explore function) and getting yourself an incredible airfare price. And when it comes to booking a hotel - give it a shot with the RatePunk browser extension. It perfectly works on Chrome and Safari. Whenever you have installed RatePunk, the extension will pop up every time you search for a hotel on any booking site, showing you the provider that can offer you the lowest price for the same hotel you're looking at.


See, technologies are definitely changing the travel industry. 😉

Jun 01, 2022

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