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Travel Subscriptions: The New Face of Travel?

In an era where almost everything is obtainable through a subscription service, the travel industry is no exception. Let’s check the recent travel subscriptions and why it has become more and more popular.

Travel Subscriptions: The New Face of Travel?

From streaming platforms to monthly snack boxes, the convenience and novelty of subscriptions have captured the interest of consumers across the globe. Now, this trend is permeating the travel sector. But the question emerges, are travel enthusiasts ready to commit to regular payments for perks in their wanderlust pursuits? Is the allure of predictable benefits enough to overshadow the capricious nature of travel? Finally, how to explain that it is really worth paying a yearly fee rather than not having it. 

The Growing Trend

This model's embracement by the travel sector is recently gaining more and more attention. Airlines and hotels join the parade of industries exploring subscription services, testing the waters with enticing offerings ranging from discounted flights to luxury accommodations and elite credit card perks. The travel industry, notorious for its fluctuation, now eyes the stability that subscription models promise.

Unraveling the Subscription Model in Travel

The inception of subscription models in travel is epitomized by notable ventures from leading airlines. Alaska Airlines made headlines with its pioneering "Flight Pass", a subscription plan granting subscribers access to discounted flights, with conditions attached. Despite its limitations, the airline perceives it as a lucrative lure for a specific demographic, underscoring Californians' propensity for intra-state travel. Some time ago I also covered Frontier Pass - one more subscription based mode for flights. 

However, the reception has been mixed, with communication emerging as a formidable barrier. Alex Corey, managing director of business development at Alaska Airlines, delineates the challenge in conveying the service's niche focus. Despite this, the optimism for its potential resonance with a segment of the travel enthusiast population remains unwavering.

Luxury Options for the Opulent Traveler

Beyond the realms of budget-conscious travel, the luxury segment unveils its subscription enticements.One of the best known - Inspirato, a renowned luxury travel platform, beckons the affluent traveler with its opulent offerings, albeit accompanied by a hefty price tag. Yet, the appeal for the frequent, well-heeled traveler is undeniable, presenting an opportunity to bask in global luxury without the usual hassles of planning and booking. Naturally, such service costs $2,550 per month. Is it worth it? Well, if the traveler affords, is into luxury vacation, and travels a lot - yes, it’s worth it. 

Inspirato's subscription model mirrors the industry's general trend, embedding limitations to manage demand and maintain exclusivity. The gradual transition from exclusivity to inclusivity in travel subscriptions represents a notable shift, widening the scope and making these services more accessible to a larger populace.

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The Digital Nomad Appeal

As the world embraces remote work, digital nomads emerge as a potential beneficiary of these subscription services. Selina, a novel co-living and coworking subscription service, epitomizes this trend, merging accommodation and workspace costs into a unified, convenient monthly payment. The added allure of exotic locales and recreational activities amplifies its appeal, presenting an attractive package for the modern remote worker with a penchant for travel.

The value proposition extends beyond mere convenience. The elimination of the tedious task of sifting through countless listings, comparing prices, and ensuring availability is replaced with a streamlined, straightforward process, saving time and reducing stress. Despite these advantages, the discerning consumer, accustomed to the intricacies of subscriptions, seeks undeniable value amidst the simplicity.

Looking Back to Look Forward

While this wave of travel subscriptions brings forth an array of fresh possibilities, it's essential to glance back at the beginning of it. JetBlue Airways' ambitious "All You Can Jet" initiative in 2009 captured attention but faltered in sustainability, a stark reminder of the challenges that lie ahead. Moreover, the continued success of established subscription services, including premium travel credit cards and streamlined security checks, provides insights into crafting a resilient, appealing subscription model.

The Path Forward: Niche is King

In the unfolding landscape, specificity emerges as a critical determinant of success. The eclectic demands of travelers necessitate a tailored approach, with services honing in on niche markets rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all model. This nuanced approach could potentially foster deeper connections with consumers, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

The uncertainty surrounding the travel industry's venture into subscriptions lingers, with divided opinions and unpredictable consumer responses. Will these services flourish, revolutionizing travel and setting a new industry standard? Or will they face the fate of their predecessors, disappearing into oblivion? As companies like Alaska Airlines, Frontier, Inspirato, RatePunk membership navigate these uncharted waters, only time will unveil the enduring impact of subscriptions on the travel industry. The journey is underway, promising intriguing developments and valuable insights in the days to come.

Sep 28, 2023

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