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Whether you're an employee or an employer, you need to know some details to get the best out of your workations.


You should have seen the word WORKATION quite often recently. It's most probably the most significant trend conquering the traveling world. It got incredibly popular during the pandemic, and it doesn't seem that it will leave the trend list soon. Because why would it? The possibility to work while being on vacation sounds like something we've all been waiting for.

1. Set your goals and expectations

Will you focus more on taking a break or working at the same pace, just in a different environment? Maybe you will be generating ideas for upcoming projects? It will be easier to plan what you need to finish and work without stress. Answer these questions, and set a few goals, so you know that you get the most out of your vacation.


2. The choice of destination & accommodation

Even though we've mentioned you could work from nearly anywhere, it's always good to check before starting to pack your computer. When deciding the destination, keep in mind that some might have poor internet connectivity or weak phone signals (like Venezuela, Bolivia, Egypt, or Sri Lanka). The same goes for the accommodations: make sure the hotel or Airbnb has strong Wi-Fi, and you won't have to face any issues or waste half of your money on mobile data. That's the central aspect of a workation, and these interruptions will definitely affect the quality of your work, and you don't want that.

Since workations sometimes last up to a few months, the price of your stay will make up the majority of your spending. When staying for a longer period, the prices on different booking websites vary more significantly. When booking the hotel, compare prices with RatePunk not to lose a thousand or even two. Install it to save money for another workation 👉

Bali is one of the most popular destinations, and here’s an example of what we have in mind:

Hotel deal for Dinatah Lembongan Villas in Bali, Indonesia
Dinatah Lembongan Villas


Dinatah Lembongan Villas

Indonesia, Bali



⚡ Dinatah Lembongan Villas is a style of Balinese home combined with a modern wooden style floor and a modern open-air bathroom and toilet. This is the perfect place to stay, with a quiet place to approach the heights of hospitality at an affordable price. Dinatah Lembongan Villas is a strategic place only 5 minutes from Mushroom Bay dan Tamarind Beach by walking. Set amidst lush green tropical garden surroundings, the accommodation is perfect leisure travelers.

⚡ Lembongan Island is situated just 23 kilometers from Bali's East Coast. Renowned for its marine life, the waters of Lembongan are crystal clear, and the warm and friendly locals are always happy to provide tips on the best surfing, snorkeling, Village tour, and diving locations. With relatively few tourists on the island, visitors can enjoy un-crowded and white sandy beaches and a relaxed atmosphere as the island's greatest asset.




2 swimming pools | Free parking | Restaurant | Free Wi-Fi | Room service | Family rooms | Coffee/tea making facilities in all rooms | Bar | Superb breakfast

More info

3. Key pack items:

  • Laptop. Not sure whether I need to include it here, but just in case.
  • At least one additional device (a tablet, for example) if you face any laptop issues or want to mix up the working routine even more.
  • All of the portable chargers you own.
  • A backup hotspot. Because what if…?
  • Outlet converters. Only if traveling where they're different.

Take a look around your office: what do you use daily? Include that to the list.


4. Do some work ahead

Whether the workation will last a week or a month, finishing up the main projects before leaving might come in handy. Even though you'll be working full-time there, it will most likely be easier to schedule social media posts and other tasks, if possible. You'll have more free time & it will be more hassle-free to plan the rest of the tasks.

Also, informing your clients and coworkers is a part of this. Don't leave them in a dark place - that won't look very trustworthy. Instead, make sure they know you won't be available at your workplace for that period and that they can contact you via email or a call anytime.




Didn't you say vacation? No, we did not… Here are some tips to keep you on track:


1. To keep on track, you'll need to do some tracking…

Like track your time. It's easier to include more of the vacation part when the work is done during particular hours. Make sure to have at least a flexible schedule. For example, rise & shine at 8, get some work done, have a quick vacation-y break, and finish up. You'll have the rest of the evening yours. There won't be any running in between, no panicking, just finished tasks and time to relax properly.


2. Sad news - you'll have to grow up for a while

Don't go wild on Mondays only because you're on workation. You need to be productive the following day, and 6 margaritas won't help you with this one. It will be complicated to concentrate on your work, and you never know when that client is going to need you. Just a quick reminder: you're still working. The weekends are for the full vacation mode. You'll get crazy then & return to the week more motivated than before.


3. You need free time & me time

Since we're already talking about weekends… When some people forget to work, others skip the enjoying part. It might be a challenge not to start working 24/7 - checking the inbox while on the beach or spending your evenings planning the tasks for the next day. On workation it all blends together, and it's essential to set some boundaries. The first point on this list should have brought some clearance already, so make sure to find some time off.


4. Snacks, snacks, snacks, or motivating stocked fridge

Our favorite part. It's not spoiling yourself (it is, but only a bit). It's a way to stay productive. Do some grocery shopping for a quick breakfast or lunch, buy some treats. If you keep your fridge full, there won't be any teasers to go out and eat somewhere in the middle of your working time. And you'll have moral support in case of a work crisis.

May 31, 2022

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