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Want to become a digital nomad but don't know where to begin? We've got your back.

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By Amir

Published: Jun 13, 202210 min read


Traveling the whole time. Not having to sit in the office from 9 to 5. Managing your own time. Think that these could be the synonyms for the perfect lifestyle? No wonder you're brainstorming about becoming a digital nomad. But is it really what it seems to be?

The main difference between being a travel nomad and a digital nomad is that you'll be working remotely during your travels. The rest of it is entirely up to you: whether you're working full time at a particular brand or freelancing and keeping the workload up to your mood. Whether you're traveling and changing locations every few weeks or staying in some places for more than a few months. The freedom from this perspective is yours.


Casual day at the office. Or at any other corner of the world. 🌎

What's it like? Before diving into the nomadic lifestyle, see how it usually looks from up close:

⌚ Theoretically, waking up hours is sort of your decision. No one is waiting for you at the office, which gives you a tad of flexibility. Nevertheless, you'll most likely have a to-do list (which we highly recommend for every day to stay productive) and have to complete it during the day. So if you wake up at 12, there's a huge chance you'll have to finish the work later at night.

Another possible limit: meetings with colleagues/clients. These are often in the morning, and it might be yet another reason not to sleep till midday.

💻 If a laptop is the first thought to cross your mind when thinking about working remotely from different places, surprise, surprise, there's one just as important… and it's WiFi. That's one of the aspects you'll have to always think of in the morning. Are you staying at your accommodation or searching for a cafe with a strong internet connection? Or maybe you're in the mood to find a public co-working space? Choices, choices, choices…

🌊 Time for the perks comes in after getting rid of some work (finally!). If you feel like you can no longer concentrate and it's time for a break - do it. Maybe you'll leave your computer and go to the beach. Perhaps the best way to freshen your mind will be a quick run. Or, let's be honest - you'll be in the mood to just take a nap.

🍸 The greatest part is that you'll meet new people with similar lifestyles practically every day. Literally. At the cafes with solid WiFi. At the co-working spaces. Or at the bars. You'll always have company to do plenty of things after the work is done. Or even during the working time, who are we trying to fool. But keep in mind the fact that you have to wake up the following day. At least you should. But you're the digital nomad now (sounds good, right..?), it's your choice!

Remote online working digital nomad woman with laptop sitting at a sunny pool

I see myself doing this! Where do I begin? 🤔

Woooah, we're glad for this excitement! Don't want to party poop, but there might be a checklist before quitting your current position… BUT after it's done, you're prepared for one of the biggest adventures.

  • Save. Although changing your living place is not necessarily expensive, it's not free either. Collect some money for a good start, and you won't regret it.
  • Find out your skills & passions. What can you offer the employer? This is an excellent start to making your dreams come true. Always wanted to be a photographer? Merge it with the skills you already have & try to make profits this way.
  • Think of the way you're going to earn money. There are plenty of remote-only work offers - you'll have to find the one best suitable for your skills. Or start your own online business. If you feel like there's a chance you could turn your current work into a remote one, give it a shot. There's nothing to lose.
  • Join a digital nomad community. Do it on as many platforms as possible. It'll be your primary source of news, updates & lessons. Getting knowledge from someone who has already experienced it is the secret to an easier start.
  • Get insurance! Wherever you go, make sure to think ahead. Some countries have super strict health systems, which will make your adventures unpleasant (gently said). There are specific insurances for travel nomads, and the most popular ones at the moment are Safety Wing & World Nomads.
  • Find out the first destination you want to travel to. Consider the cost of living, internet connection, safety… And the most important aspect: what's the place you would love to go to?
  • Living in the moment is fun, but stick to the plan. Reality is not the same as an Instagram feed (really?!). You'll still have to get the work done & setting some goals will surely help you do it. When you're constantly changing the locations, and nothing seems permanent, having a plan will get you back on track.

TIP: if you're kind of into being a digital nomad but still not sure whether it's for you, try working/studying in another country. It'll assure you have some stability and might be a step to becoming a full-time digital nomad!


Tourist looking at the map on a trip

TOP 10 Locations for Your Adventure 🚀

Going all in already? We're jealous! Before doing the same as you, we want to make your wanderings easier and as fun as possible. It highly depends on the location you're staying at, that's a fact.

You may ask what makes a specific destination perfect for this. Even though you can travel wherever you want, there are a few things to consider, especially if you're planning to stay in one location for longer. Here are the key points:

💳 Visa requirements. We're starting with the fun part, we know. Whether you need to pay much attention will depend on the destination & the duration of your stay there. There are separate nomad visas that you need to have if you'll be in the country for longer than the tourist visa permits. To get it, you'll most often require proof of your finances.

📶WiFi connection. Unexpected? Doubt it. Laptop & WiFi are your go-to items. Without WiFi, you won't go far - your digital nomad journey will end at the first poor-internet destination. Maybe we're dramatizing a little, but seriously: research the internet quality before buying flight tickets. This may narrow down the list of places to choose from, but it'll prevent unnecessary stress before online meetings.

P.S. The ones in this list are already researched, so you can skip to the flight tickets. 😉

💸 Cost of living. Planning to kick off by living in Switzerland for a few months? We're not saying no, but we're surely emphasizing that it has the highest cost of living in the world. You get the point? It might be wise to choose countries with plenty to offer and low living costs. Take Bali, for example. It's undoubtedly one of the most magnificent places in the world, and at the same time - it's super budget-friendly. It's insurance that you'll always have some extra money, and it's always a plus.

TIP: Airbnb often offers better rates when renting for a longer period of time - that’s worth considering. However, if you’re planning to stay at a hotel, make sure to compare the prices with RatePunk. It’s no secret that prices on booking websites are different, but they differ even more when staying in one hotel for longer than a few nights. This way you’ll be sure you’re saving the most for your next destination.

Here's an example when booking a hotel for a 2-night stay, the savings are $23.

Hotel deal for Senetan Villas and Spa Resort in Bali, Indonesia

Now, if we’re checking the same hotel (in the same month) for 20 nights, the savings reach $200!

Hotel deal for Senetan Villas and Spa Resort in Bali, Indonesia

👋 Social life. The aspect of loneliness often goes with a nomad lifestyle. It becomes hard to keep the same connections with your friends and family when you're constantly on the move. One of the ways to get rid of this feeling - enjoy the social life the destination is offering. Meeting new people will assure you some company and fun during your stay. That's why it's crucial to choose a country that has a strong socialization culture.


Now, the destination list:




Cost of living

Social life

🏨 Lisbon, Portugal

90 days in 180 days with a visitor visa

9 Mbps

Single person estimated monthly expenses: $1,752

​Get ready for friendly people, spectacular beaches, convenient co-working spaces, affordable drinks & nightlife. Lisbon has it all.

🥭 Chiang Mai, Thailand

​30 days on arrival, possible to extend it later

​25 Mbps

​Single person estimated monthly expenses: $866

​It's known to be one of the best cities to live in. If you're a fan of culture & history - it's perfect for you. Plenty of co-working spaces, jungles & nightlife markets are waiting for you.

Medellín, Colombia

​90 days in 180 days with a tourist visa

​15 Mbps

​Single person estimated monthly expenses: $861

​A bunch of cafes & co-working spaces, welcoming people, salsa clubs for nightlife. Even though it has a questionable history, it could be considered one of the best cities in South America now.

🌊 Canggu, Indonesia

​30 days on arrival, possible to extend it later

25 Mbps

​Single person estimated monthly expenses: $985

​One word - surprising. Canggu has many cafes & co-working places for a resort village and offers a robust internet connection. This is your next destination if you're looking forward to working from the beach. Oh, and don't forget the vibrant nightlife.

🍜 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

​30-day tourist visa

20 Mbps

Single person estimated monthly expenses: $1,324

​Vietnam's largest city could not be boring. Fast pace, one of the best worldwide cuisines & fancy nightlife. You'll meet a bunch of like-minded people there.

🥩 Buenos Aires, Argentina

​90-day visitor visa, possible to extend

​25 Mbps

​Single person estimated monthly expenses: $1,219

​It has a European vibe. The prices are very friendly (try the best steaks!), and you'll be able to explore plenty of places around. The standard of living is really high, and the nightlife is crazy.

🌲 Budapest, Hungary

​Visitors can stay up to 90 days without a visa

​40 mbps

​Single person estimated monthly costs: $1,243

​Eating at a Michelin restaurant for $40? Budapest offers one of the best price-experience ratios in Europe and says yes. Most of the people are very friendly here. Be sure that the rich culture & charming old town will keep you busy during the day & night.

🌵 Cape Town, South Africa

​90-day visitor visa, can be extended

​20 Mbps

​Single person estimated monthly expenses: $1,267

​The people there are fun-loving & laid back.

🌞 Istanbul, Turkey

​90-day visitor visa, possible to extend

​25 Mbps

​Single person estimated monthly expenses: $1,139

​The biggest city in Turkey offers the best nightlife in the country. You'll find a bunch of cafes & co-working spaces here. Trust us, it's a place you'll want to return to.

​🦘 Melbourne, Australia

​You'll need a working visa for this one. It'll be valid for 12 months.

​50 Mbps

​Single person estimated monthly expenses: $2,453

​It's one of the best student cities because the vibrant city attracts people from various backgrounds. Another plus: the cafes are always welcoming with solid WiFi.

Jun 13, 2022

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