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Vietjet vs Vietnam Airlines: Which One Is Better?

When traveling in Vietnam, choosing the right airline can significantly impact your travel experience. Vietjet and Vietnam Airlines are two major players in the region, each offering unique advantages

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Published: Dec 07, 2023 min read

Vietjet vs Vietnam Airlines: Which One Is Better?

Hubs and Destinations

Vietnam Airlines, the national carrier, operates primarily from Hanoi's Noi Bai International Airport and Ho Chi Minh City's Tan Son Nhat International Airport. With a broader network, it offers extensive international routes covering +230 destinations in Asia, Europe, and Australia, making it an ideal choice for global travelers.

Vietjet, a budget airline, also uses these airports but has a more limited international reach. The hub - Tan Son Nhat International Airport.  It shines in domestic connectivity, offering around 59 destinations within Vietnam, perfect for those looking to explore the country.

Baggage Allowance

When comparing the baggage policies of Vietjet and Vietnam Airlines, it's important to note the differences in their allowances and dimensions for both hand luggage and checked baggage.

For Vietjet, the hand luggage policy allows passengers to carry one handbag and one small handbag, with a combined weight limit of 7kg. The maximum dimensions for the main handbag are 56cm × 36cm × 23 cm. In addition, passengers can carry either a small handbag (like a lady's handbag, book, camera, or duty-free bag) not exceeding 30cm × 20cm × 10 cm, a jacket bag up to 114cm × 60cm × 11cm, or a laptop bag up to 40cm × 30cm × 10cm. For checked luggage, each piece must not exceed 32kg in weight and the dimensions should not be more than 119cm × 119cm × 81cm​​.

her hand, Vietnam Airlines' baggage policy varies depending on the travel class. Passengers in Business or Premium Economy Class are allowed a total carry-on baggage weight of up to 18kg, comprising up to two pieces (each not exceeding 10kg) and one additional accessory. Those traveling in Economy Class have a total carry-on baggage limit of 12kg.

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In-Flight Entertainment

Vietjet takes a more minimalist approach, opting not to provide in-flight entertainment, in-seat power, or Wi-Fi connectivity. This could be reflective of Vietjet's positioning as a budget airline, where such amenities are often not included in the base ticket price, aiming to keep costs lower for passengers.

Vietnam Airlines, however, appears to cater to a more full-service experience. Their offering includes seatback screens with in-flight entertainment options, in-seat power to keep personal devices charged, and Wi-Fi available for a fee. This suite of features is more aligned with traditional carriers that emphasize passenger comfort and convenience, particularly on longer flights.

For meals and refreshments, Vietjet offers meals and drinks with additional snacks and drinks available for purchase, suggesting a basic provision with more options at an extra cost. Conversely, Vietnam Airlines provides meals, snacks, unlimited drinks, blankets, and pillows complimentary to their passengers, which is characteristic of a more premium in-flight service.

It's important to consider that in-flight amenities are just one aspect of the overall travel experience, and choices may depend on individual passenger preferences, needs, and budget.

Extra Fees

Vietjet's low base fares are appealing at first glance, but the airline's pricing strategy may include a range of additional fees for services such as seat selection, in-flight meals, and excess baggage, which can lead to a higher overall cost of travel. These additional costs are characteristic of many budget airlines, where the initial savings on tickets are offset by charges for amenities that are otherwise standard on full-service carriers. On the other hand, Vietnam Airlines, with its higher upfront fares, typically includes such services in the ticket price, potentially providing a more comprehensive travel package. This approach by Vietnam Airlines can offer better overall value, especially for international or longer-duration flights where the convenience and comfort of these services are more pronounced. For travelers, it's essential to consider the total cost of the journey with all necessary services included, as the sum of the ancillary fees on a budget airline like Vietjet could outweigh the initial savings when compared to the all-inclusive fares of a carrier like Vietnam Airlines. The key for passengers is to weigh the importance of cost versus comfort and the convenience of having a more predictable upfront fare.

In summary, the choice between Vietjet and Vietnam Airlines depends on your priorities. Vietnam Airlines is the better choice for extensive international routes, superior comfort, and inclusive services. If you prioritize low-cost travel, particularly domestic routes, and don't mind paying for additional services, Vietjet is a viable option. Each airline caters to different travel needs, so consider what's most important for your journey.

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Dec 07, 2023

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