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What is the best time to travel on a budget?

From many tips on how to travel on a budget we know, that one of the best options is skipping peak season. Nevertheless, no one wants to spend a vacation when it is raining, cold, or windy. That's why choosing shoulder season is a win-win situation.

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Published: Oct 28, 2022 min read

What is the best time to travel on a budget?

This expression describes the travel periods between peak and off-season. In many cases, shoulder seasons are spring and fall. Most importantly, you must pay attention to when the shoulder season in your destination is. Many make impulsive decisions for holidays while seeing cheap flight tickets and accommodation forgetting that in the peak seasons such as summer, and Christmas time the prices increase significantly. 

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Visiting Australia

It is hard to find a person who wouldn't want to visit Australia. A massive country with an immensely different climate, amazing landscapes, flora, and fauna. The destination plays an important role in shoulder season. The Southern Australian’s shoulder season would be between April-May and September-November. In March is also possible to travel, however, you might be caught by hurricanes, so you better avoid this month. Are you interested in the Northern side of Australia? Travel there in summer. Are you thinking about visiting South Australia, Tasmania, or New Zealand? Plan your trip between March and May. 


Shoulder season in Bali

Bali is said to have only two seasons: the wet one, between October and March, and the dry one, between April to September. April and May are the months that we can call shoulder seasons. When the weather remains warm and sunny. But keep in mind, that Bali is always overloaded with visitors but you see fewer crowds during these months.Blog Image

Holidays in the Caribbean region

Mid-April to May and early September- mid-December is the shoulder season months in the Caribbean. To be more precise, May is one of the best months to visit some of the Caribbean islands. Booking a hotel and a flight cost cheaper than in the summer season. Be mindful of the destination because there are many Caribbean islands and the temperature variate by 1-3 degrees. 


Traveling in Europe

Europe can be quite pricey depending on the season and country you want to see. No worries, you need to avoid traveling in summer, when tourists flood to European beaches,  and in winter, when travelers seek thrill skiing in the Alps. Shoulder season starts in late April until the beginning of June and in later September till November. These are the best months to visit Europe because flights and accommodation aren’t pricey, the weather is still warm enough and there are fewer crowds.


3 pros of traveling during the shoulder season 


  • CHEAPER. After peak season airlines decrease the cost of flights. The same goes for accommodation. It is way easier to book a cheap hotel in a good location, with many benefits, and at a fair price. If we compare peak season to shoulder season, you might save more than 25%. 


  • FEVER CROWDS. European countries, especially Greece, Italy, Spain, and France, are famous for their culture. Visitors who travel in peak season tend to stand in never-ending queues to visit a well-known object. During shoulder season there are fewer visitors so you can spend more time in museums or wander around the city rather than waiting in the queue. 


  • MILD WEATHER. Excessive heat, tropical rain, or even hurricanes are not the weather we are looking for. Usually choosing to travel abroad during the shoulder season assures warm weather conditions. However, be prepared for unpredictable weather and always carry an umbrella. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. 

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Oct 28, 2022

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