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10 Best Buenos Aires Attractions and Activities | Ratepunk

Visiting Argentina and want to know what to do in Buenos Aries? Well, you have many options! Buenos Aires is full of activities and sightseeing places.

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By Amir

Published: Jan 20, 2023 • min read

10 Best Buenos Aires Attractions and Activities | Ratepunk

Buenos Aires offers incredible steaks, red wine, and a ton of attractions to keep you busy for several days. There are numerous weekend ferias or markets, excellent dining options, heritage landmarks, squares, and art galleries to discover in this city that never sleeps.

Attractions and Activities in Buenos Aires

1. Visit La Boca

La Boca is renowned for its vibrant homes, live music venues, lively bar scene, and world-class art galleries. It's impossible not to have fun here because this place is a hive of creative thinking and vitality. "La Boca" is Spanish for "the mouth." This is due to the fact that La Boca was where all ships arriving in Buenos Aires would dock. Even though the region has grown to be one of the best-known tourist destinations in Buenos Aires, it still has the feel of a working-class Italian neighborhood.

Explore Caminito

Caminito, which translates to "little walkway" or "little path" in Spanish, is a traditional alley that doubles as a street museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina's La Boca neighborhood, and its most famous area. Caminito is a fantastic example of the city's flourishing creative scene with its daring designs and eccentric stores. A stroll through this neighborhood provides beautiful views of the residences of local artists as well as the distinctive eateries and shops that continue to characterize the neighborhood's vibe.

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2. Visit the Floralis Genérica flower

A gift from the Argentine architect Eduardo Catalano, Floralis Genérica is a sculpture made of steel and aluminum in Plaza de las Naciones Unidas, Avenida Figueroa Alcorta, Buenos Aires. The steel flower opens every morning at sunrise and closes at the sunset. It also has beautiful colors shown in the evenings and sometimes stays open all night.

3. Go watch a football match 

As we have also mentioned in our article regarding the best countries in South America to visit, Argentina is super tied to football. Football brings people closer to each other in this country and has an amazing atmosphere. Buenos Aires is a great place to watch a football match because the famous clubs of the country are located here and the games can be very interesting and intense.

4. Visit Kirchner Cultural Centre

Argentina's capital city of Buenos Aires is home to the Kirchner Cultural Center or Centro Cultural Kirchner in Spanish. It is the biggest cultural center in Latin America and among the biggest in the world.
The former central post and telegraph office, one of the city's most significant historical structures, is completely occupied by the center. La Ballena Azul, or Blue Whale, a three-story, a 1,750-seat concert hall located in the area that used to be the post office's packing area, is one of the center's main draws. The Klais Orgelbau pipe organ and the hall's acoustics are legendary. A 540-seat chamber and six smaller auditoriums are also present.

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5. Watch the dance show at Senor Tango

“Spend a pleasant evening in Buenos Aires enjoying the sophisticated show "Señor Tango" with the option of dinner beforehand. This activity envelops the spectator in the culture and passion that characterize Argentine tango as imagined by maestro Fernando Soler, with dozens of dancers and vocalists”

6. Visit the Natural Science Museum

In 1823, the Argentine Natural Science Museum was established. It is one of Latin America's most comprehensive natural science museums and is situated in the well-known city park Parque Centenario. It features displays of some of the numerous dinosaurs found in Argentina. This is one of the places that can be very interesting for both children and adults.
The building itself is the silent star of the show, overshadowing the museum's excellent but conventional collection of dinosaur skeletons, tableaux of stuffed native birds with recordings of their calls, live fish in aquariums, and geology and paleontology collections are part of the museum.

7. Have a beer at Plaza Soho

Plaza Serrano, which is part of the historic Palermo district, is well-known for both its daytime and evening activities. It is a magnificent craft and designs fair during the day, but at night, it transforms into a gathering place for young people from Buenos Aires, with the restaurants and bars in the square taking center stage. Young people congregate there to drink, celebrate, sing, dance, play guitar, and generally have a good time. It's simple to join the dreadlocked Rastafarian children in conversation because many sell unique jewelry and other crafts. There are numerous eateries and bars all around the plaza.

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8. Go to Iguazu Falls

This attraction might not be in Buenos Aires, but we mention it here as a tip for interested people to visit this place. This is not one of the world’s most stunning natural wonders, Iguazu Falls – a set of massive waterfalls that sit on the borders of Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil – is a genuinely memorable locale.
Fortunately, several day trips from Buenos Aires offer the chance to see this beauty firsthand. Hop aboard a plane for a short flight to your destination, then spend some time admiring the rushing waters and the striking scenery.

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9. Visit Recoleta Cemetery

Not your typical cemetery, this one. It serves as a resting place for Argentina's wealthy, well-known, and influential. La Recoleta Cemetery is a cemetery that can be found in Buenos Aires, Argentina's Recoleta neighborhood. There are notable people's graves there, including Eva Perón, past presidents of Argentina, Nobel prize winners, the man who founded the Argentine Navy, and generals like Julio Argentino Roca. 

10. Visit the nearby city Tigre

Tigre, which is a popular tourist and weekend destination on the Paraná Delta, is reachable by bus and train. By the riverside, the former "Puerto de Frutos," or fruit market, has been transformed into a crafts fair. Tigre is a year-round tourist destination thanks to its natural beauty, antique shops, restaurants, and bars along the river, casino, and Parque de la Costa amusement park.

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Jan 20, 2023

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