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Write for Us Travel | Free Guest posts and Backlinks

Passionate about writing about traveling? Like to share your experiences with the world through writing? Or Having a travel-related website or social media page? Write for us about Travel!

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By Amir

Published: Jul 31, 2023 min read

Write for Us Travel | Free Guest posts and Backlinks

Who can write for us?


We do not have any restrictions on who can write for us. Travel enthusiasts, bloggers, students, or anyone who would like to share their travel experiences are welcome to write and be published on the RatePunk travel blog.

Why write for us?

Our mission is to provide all the details travelers need on our website, whether it is travel itineraries, attractions, flight details, hotel booking website comparison, or Airbnb features. 

  • By writing for us, you can be a part of this journey and spread travel-related information to the users.
  • Gain recognition for your work.
  • Get backlinks to your social media page or website (only travel-related, well-established websites)
  • Broad range of Topics. You have the chance to spread information related to your hometown, country, favorite travel location, food, … 
  • It's all FREE

What are the requirements?

  • Topics must be travel related. Make sure to contact us before writing your piece so that we can both agree on your topic. If you are unsure about your topic or do not have one, choose one from our suggested topic list.
  • Aim for a minimum of 1000 words. 
  • Your writing should be unique and not a copy-paste from the internet.
  • You can not republish your writing somewhere else.
  • Use keywords in the title, preferably one time at the beginning of the article and one time near the end.
  • Images are not required, but it's very much appreciated, especially the ones you have taken yourself! 🙌

Some examples of published guest posts:

Note: we might slightly change your writing and titles sometimes and add internal links to our blog posts as well. This is done to increase the performance and visibility of the blog.

Interested in writing for us? Email us at, and we will get back to you ASAP!

You may also drop your questions in the comment section below.

Jul 31, 2023

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