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12 Cultural Popular Festivals in Spain

Spain is loud and proud of its rich history, diverse culture, and celebrations. Over the centuries, they have consistently celebrated many traditions that are still going strong today. Fiestas, fierias, and carnivals showcase traditions that are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

12 Cultural Popular Festivals in Spain

Spain is a huge country, and within each region throughout the year, different celebrations are held with their own unique characteristics that, as an outsider, you’re lucky to experience and become part of its history. 

If you’re after culture on your trips to Spain, knowing what each festival celebrates and when it begins is crucial if you wish to witness the rich atmosphere full of rich history that not everyone can say they’ve experienced and been a part of. 

12 Cultural Popular Festivals in Spain - La Tomatina - RatePunk

La Tomatina in Valencia

It is held every year on the last Wednesday of August in the small town of Bunol in Valencia and is regarded as the best festival to attend in Spain due to its fun, playful, and unique qualities. 

The tomato festival is essentially a massive food fight in which hundreds, if not thousands, of overripe tomatoes are thrown throughout the streets of this small town, leaving no one safe from smelling and looking like a sweet tomato. There is no competition, and it is a festival policy to encourage everyone to have a good time.  

This festival is open to the public, but there is one rule that must be followed: squash your tomato before throwing it. There is no other festival like it, and it has been a well-known tradition since the mid-twentieth century; its exact origins are unknown, but it has now become a festival that people travel to attend in order to be a part of the scene and let loose. 

12 Cultural Popular Festivals in Spain - San Fermin Fiestas Pamplona - RatePunk

San Fermin Fiestas Pamplona

You may have seen videos of this bull-running festival, also known as Encierro, in the city of Pamplona, held for nine days starting on July 6th. The festival itself dates back to the Middle Ages and is held in honor of Saint Fermin. Bull-running is the main highlight of the festival, but that's not all that occurs. Religion, procressions, dancing, and bullfighting are included in this celebration.  

You know when the festival has begun when you hear the fireworks bang, also known as the Chupinazo, from the mayor’s balcony. This has become one of the most popular and risky festivals held in Spain; videos go viral every year, and global visitors cannot help but be intrigued and tempt the angry bulls to become part of the symbol of being courageous and adventurous. 

12 Cultural Popular Festivals in Spain - Semana Santa, Holy Week - RatePunk

Semana Santa, Holy Week

Semana Santa is a celebration of the Catholic community in Spain, usually taking place in cities like Seville and Malaga. It's a week-long commemoration of the last week of Jesus Christ’s life, leading up to his crucifixion on Good Friday and culminating in his resurrection on Easter Sunday. It's a deeply religious and solemn observance with very strong cultural and social components. 

The religious services include masses and acts of penance, such as walking barefoot or carrying heavy crosses. These acts are meant to show repentance and solidarity. 

It draws visitors from all around the world who are interested in experiencing and being a part of the unique religious tradition associated with Holy Week. 

12 Cultural Popular Festivals in Spain - Las Fallas - RatePunk

Las Fallas

Another spectacular fiesta held in Valencia was held at the beginning of spring, typically from the 15th of March to the 19th. Locals create giant paper mache characters that represent the colorful, intangible cultural heritage of humanity and brighten the city streets. 

This festival not only celebrates art and culture but also the beautiful history of Valencia and attracts visitors from all over the world to join and learn about the city's culture and where it all began. People can help but immerse themselves in the skillfully crafted figures and be a part of the lively atmosphere.  

12 Cultural Popular Festivals in Spain - La Batalla de Vino de Haro - RatePunk

La Batalla de Vino de Haro

The great wine fight festival in Haro takes place annually in the last week of June in the widely beautiful region of Rioja, renowned for its wine-growing, and this is celebrated in style. 

On St. Peter's Day, it is held to promote local wine production. The adventure begins after you climb a mountain. 

While it may appear wasteful to some, the wine used is typically of lower quality, and the event generates a significant amount of tourism and economic activity for the town of Haro, so it is a win-win situation. Whether you celebrate with friends or family, this will be a memorable occasion. 

12 Cultural Popular Festivals in Spain - La Merce - RatePunk

La Merce 

Celebrated in one of Spain's great cities, Barcelona, Catalonia, every September over several days. It is one of the most significant and beloved festivals and serves as a celebration of Catalan culture, traditions, and heritage. Such as the castells, which are human towers. Each year, these “colles castelleres” create interactive towers, and by climbing on top of each other, even children can get involved, usually at the top of the human towers.  

The festival is full of music, arts, and acrobatic shows, among many other activities. They include giant figures known as “gegants” and "capgrossos,” but a real highlight of the many experiences you share at La Merce is the firework display, which is so magnificent that you can see it from many vantage points. This is a great and fun experience that has something for everyone, enriched with culture and skill. It wouldn't be one to miss. 

12 Cultural Popular Festivals in Spain - Three Kings Day in Barcelona- RatePunk

Three Kings Day

Also known as “Dia de Reyes” or "Epiphany,” a festival celebrated on January 5th commemorates the bibolcal story of the three wise men, and like them, they bring gifts to the locals. Children are a huge fan of this celebration, and it would be perfect for a family to join in on the fun while appreciating its origin.

The streets are filled with floats slowly making their way through the towns, and visitors, locals, and children are making mad dashes to pick up all the sweets. The star of the show is the float with the three kings that bears greater gifts thrown to the children. 

12 Cultural Popular Festivals in Spain - La Feria de Abril  - RatePunk

La Feria de Abril 

One of the biggest parties was held in April in Seville during Easter, two weeks after the holy week. It lasts the whole week, when local girls wearing stunning, colorful flamenco dresses bring the city alive. 

People from all over the world travel each year to witness and participate in the festivities. Wear your best red dress and join in the fun. 

12 Cultural Popular Festivals in Spain - La Noche de San Juan  - RatePunk

La Noche de San Juan 

The Night of Saints is a festival for all you beach party lovers, held at the peak of the summer on June 23rd. The warm nights make this an enjoyable all-night party marked by bonfires, fireworks, and various rituals with both Christian and Pagan origins.  

12 Cultural Popular Festivals in Spain - La Tamborrada Festival San Sebastian  - RatePunk

La Tamborrada Festival San Sebastian 

Renowed for being one of the loudest festivals in Spain that takes place on the 20th of January, The festival is a celebration of Sebastian, a patron saint. Since the 19th century, la tamborrada has been well known for their musical fare and love for drumming, parads, and festive atmosphere. 

If you’re a fan of music paradise, then this is the festival for you. The festival has some interesting origins in the Napoleonic invasion, a significant event that influenced the beginning of this festival. Over time, the tradition continues to grow and evolve, and different groups and organisations have begun to participate, so there's a chance you can join in on the fun. 

12 Cultural Popular Festivals in Spain - Flour festival in Spain- RatePunk

Flour Festival, Alicante

Another popular annual food fight festival in a small Spanish town near Alicante is celebrated every December 28th. This festival has been going on for over 200 years. What happens is that a group of men known as Els Enfarniants dress up in military uniforms and enforce crazy laws that, if broken, the locals must follow, and all the money is later donated to charity. 

This fun-friendly food fight is like a huge game, but at the same time, it is a charity fundraiser. This is a perfect opportunity for the locals to unwind and have some fun while helping others at the same time. 

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Fiesta de San Isidro

Held in the capital city of Madrid, its one of the largest festivals on May 15th in honor of San Isidro Labrador, a patron saint of Madrid from the 12th century who was believed to be a miracle worker, such as in his famous performance when he saved his son from a well by turning to God and asking to fill it with water so he’d float to the top. 

This festival has evolved over the centuries as a way to celebrate Madrid and all of its glory, such as its traditions and modern culture. This festival is open to all and offers Isidro a chance to listen to the stories of San Isidro and witness the rich culture Madrid has to offer. 

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