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Upgrade Your Trip: Unusual Things to Do in Lanzarote

Explore hidden corners of sunny Lanzarote, a small island packed with diverse activities. Hike volcano craters, dive to underwater sculpture museums, and uncover secluded bays. Discover caves, local villages, and vibrant markets. As the fourth largest Canary Island, its unique terrain offers wild beauty, from dry hillsides to clear blue bays. For an extensive list of unique Lanzarote activities, consult our guide.

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Upgrade Your Trip: Unusual Things to Do in Lanzarote

1.Visit The Cactus Garden

Tucked in an abandoned quarry in eastern Lanzarote, the Jardín de Cactus hosts 450 species from five continents. While wandering through, keep an eye out for prickly pears and a restored windmill on the terraces. Savor a cactus burger on the restaurant terrace, surrounded by the calming melodies of birds and insects.

Unusual Things to Do in Lanzarote - hiking in Timanfaya National Park - ratepunk

2.Hiking in Timanfaya National Park

As you explore Timanfaya National Park, you might mistake it for Mars. The landscape is a showcase of nature's might, with volcanic craters, geysers, and the towering Fire Mountains leaving a lasting impression. The park's rugged terrain offers a real adventure, whether you choose to hike, take a bus tour, or even ride a camel. Each option adds a unique touch to your experience. Let the otherworldly beauty of the park's features and the thrill of exploration make your visit truly unforgettable.

Unusual Things to Do in Lanzarote - jameos del agua lanzarote- ratepunk

3. Explore Jameos del Agua's Caves

Embark on a journey into the surreal landscapes of Lanzarote, where you'll unveil a volcanic tunnel guiding you to an extraordinary underground restaurant and auditorium. Trace the path of lava stones to venture into this expansive and enigmatic world. Keep an eye out for sightless crabs inhabiting the saltwater lagoon, and be captivated by the enchanting play of lights that become truly mesmerizing after dark. It will feel like you came to a fantasy world. 

For an added adventure, take a refreshing swim in the outdoor pool before immersing yourself in the delight of dining and dancing within this astonishing geological marvel. It's an experience that fuses nature and innovation in a unique and unforgettable setting.

the César Manrique Foundation - unusal things to do in Lanzarote - ratepunk

4.Visit the César Manrique Foundation

Not all the time you need to hike, sunbath, or do water sports. You can also spend your holidays learning something new. Break the mold and dedicate some moments to discovering the legacy of an extraordinary artist, architect, and advocate – a prominent figure born on the soils of Lanzarote. Roam through the house museum, ingeniously constructed atop five volcanic bubbles, and appreciate the array of priceless artworks showcased within.
Beyond the confines, delve into the subterranean garden, capturing snapshots of the artistic integration with nature, including the skillfully crafted miniature blue lagoon. It's a chance to immerse yourself in the fusion of creativity and the natural world.

ususual things to do in Lanzarote - The Pirate Museum in Santa Barbara Castle- ratepunk

5.The Pirate Museum in Santa Barbara Castle

From art to history. Step into history's embrace at Santa Barbara Castle, an ancient sentinel gazing upon Teguise. Here, the past comes alive, revealing the buccaneer existence on the open seas and the integral role piracy played in 16th and 17th century Lanzarote. As you wander through, prepare for a spine-tingling experience as you encounter a treasure trove of pirate relics. The weapons hall holds a riveting display of reproduction cannons, evoking the daring spirit of those times.

unusual things to do in Lanzarote : Learn Myths and Stories Enclosed in Cueva de los Verdes - ratepunk

6.Learn Myths and Stories Enclosed in Cueva de los Verdes

Descend into the depths of one of the island's most awe-inspiring hidden natural marvels with a journey through Cueva de los Verdes. Initially a refuge for locals seeking safety from pirate assaults, this cave has transformed into a captivating highlight of Lanzarote.

Venturing into this remarkable cavern, bathed in gentle illumination, reveals a world of wonder. As an added bonus, you can now enjoy live music performances, adding a melodious layer to your exploration. 

Unusual Things to Do in Lanzarote -  texas rancho - ratepunk

7.Time Out at Rancho Texas

Imagine a zoo that goes beyond expectations – one complete with swimming pools! Rancho Texas takes your experience up a notch by offering not just wildlife encounters, but aquatic adventures as well. Plunge into the excitement of swimming alongside sea lions, hop on pony rides, and engage in thrilling treasure hunts, all within the immersive backdrop of the Wild West at Rancho Texas. As you explore, encounter a variety of inhabitants, from the majestic white tiger to the charming armadillos and the impressive American bison. For a refreshing twist, head to the Water Ranch, where you can indulge in poolside relaxation or exhilarating slides. It's the ideal way to conclude an exceptional family day trip on Lanzarote, blending wildlife encounters with water-filled fun.

unusual things to do in Lanzarote -   El Golfo’s Green Lagoon - ratepunk

8.Take a selfie next to El Golfo’s Green Lagoon

Put on your volcanologist hat and delve into the intrigue of a unique crater lake, adorned with a captivating shade of green that starkly contrasts the ebony sands of the adjacent beach. This enigmatic phenomenon emerged following eruptions in 1730, with the lagoon's distinct hue heightened by its unusual setting.

Connected to the sea through concealed subterranean passages, the lake offers a glimpse into nature's enigmatic workings. Ascend a rustic dirt track leading to a viewpoint, allowing you to fully absorb the picturesque landscape and capture breathtaking photographs. For an added touch of magic, visit during the evening hours to witness the sun's graceful descent into the ocean, painting the scene with hues of warmth and wonder.

El Golfo has gained the status of a nature reserve, resulting in the prohibition of swimming in its lake. As you arrive at the parking area, a dirt pathway guides you toward a viewpoint. Here, you can marvel at the lake's beauty and capture optimal photographs.

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unusual things to do in Lanzarote - visit underwater Museo Atlantico - ratepunk

9.Extraordinary Visit to Museo Atlantico

Even though I didn't want to put swimming, snorkeling, and surfing into this list because it's obvious that Lanzarote is suitable for water sports. I just coudn't skip this wonderful place. If you are diving enthusiast, this is a treat tailored just for you – an opportunity to explore Europe's sole underwater sculpture museum. Following a brief boat journey, it's time to venture beneath the surface. Uncover an ensemble of 10 distinct sculpture collections, each portraying the evolution of life and culture on Lanzarote.

Tailored to certified divers seeking a genuine adventure, this excursion is also open to beginners. Even if you're new to diving, you can delight in the sights from shallower depths, making it an accessible and captivating experience for all. More information you can find HERE

unusual things to do in Lanzarote - Soaking in Los Charcones - ratepunk

10. Soaking in Los Charcones

This is the place where you can relish in the cool embrace of natural swimming pools, providing the perfect opportunity for a revitalizing swim.Diverse in size and depth, these pools cater to various preferences. For the daring souls, there are designated diving spots, ready to challenge your adventurous spirit. Stretching over a 2-kilometer expanse from the Pechiguera lighthouse, a string of miniature lagoons beckons. Embark on a delightful shoreline scramble, and you'll uncover your own secluded sanctuary amidst these picturesque waters. 

unusual things to do in lanzarote - wine tour around the La Geria vineyards - ratepunk

11. Sip, Think & Enjoy - Take Wine Tour Around the La Geria Vineyards 

A must-do activity is sampling the renowned offerings of La Geria Winery. Embark on a scenic hike through the lush vineyards and rolling hills, immersing yourself in the winelands' beauty and stopping by a top-notch winery on the route. Here, you'll meet the vintners and gain insight into their craft, harnessing the volcanic soil's unique qualities. Bodega La Geria stands as a prominent attraction in this region, showcasing the art of winemaking.

The landscape is adorned with more than one gem. Explore additional vineyards like Bodegas El Grifo and Bodegas La Florida, each inviting you to partake in wine tours and tastings. For a unique twist, some experiences lead you through national parks, combining scenic treks with delightful wine samplings along the way.

unusual things to do in Lanzarote - hike Corona Volcano - ratepunk

12.Ain’t No La Corona Volcano High Enough

Lace up those boots and ascend the awe-inspiring Volcan de La Corona. Envelop yourself in the wonders of lava tunnels, sinkholes, and traverse through vibrant vineyards on the mountain's slopes during the invigorating 45-minute climb. Revel in the gratifying payoff as you reach the crater rim, where panoramic views of the island unfold beneath you. Afterwards, venture into the heart of the volcano for further exploration.

Guided walking tours present a superb way to navigate this terrain, offering a more moderate alternative to strenuous power hikes. Across a span of four to five hours, journey through Volcán de La Corona, commencing at the Chinijo Archipelago Nature Reserve. Along the way, absorb invaluable insights about the landscape.

unusual things to do in lanzarote - most beautiful beaches in lanzarote - ratepunk

13. Beaches Beaches Beaches

When it comes to Lanzarote's beaches, you're in for a treat with a range of stunning options. Picture-perfect Papagayo Beaches, with their golden sands and turquoise waters, stand out as some of the island's most beautiful. If you're into surfing, Famara Beach's impressive waves along the northwest coast will enthrall you. Playa Blanca not only offers a charming beach but also a lively promenade lined with eateries and shops, creating a vibrant scene. For a unique twist, Caleton Blanco boasts natural rock pools that are perfect for snorkeling. And if you're up for a bit of exploration, head to Playa de los Charcos, where tidal pools reveal marine wonders. Playa Quemada, with its black sand and tranquility, provides a serene getaway. For a more off-the-beaten-path experience, Playa de las Conchas on La Graciosa island offers isolation and stunning views after a scenic hike. And if you're into wind or kite surfing, Matagorda Beach is a fantastic spot to enjoy those activities amidst golden sands and gentle waves. 

Lanzarote offers a serene getaway, and for those wishing to explore more of the Canary Islands, there are enticing options nearby. However, first of all, try some of these unusual things in Lanzarote and only then travel to other Canary Islands. Consider a five-hour ferry ride to Gran Canaria, with its quick 45-minute flights, promising beach bliss, outdoor adventures, historical exploration, and waterfalls, particularly appealing for couples. Tenerife, home to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital, boasts remarkable history and landscapes, accessible by convenient air travel. For a quick yet comprehensive experience, multi-day trips are a viable choice.

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