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8 Best Romantic Getaways In Italy

Breathtaking natural beauty, stunning beaches, boat rides, hiking dramatic cliffs…These are only some of the amazing stuff you’ll enjoy in Italy. Home to the best romantic spots in the world, Italy is a haven for newlyweds and old couples alike.

8 Best Romantic Getaways In Italy

You can feel the love of Italy’s culture and ambiance. It’s a perfect destination for all kinds of couples as they have an incredibly romantic setting. For most people, it has become one of the hottest wedding destinations in the world, as well as the best place for a honeymoon

Talking about Italy automatically puts you in that romantic mood. There are so many places to choose from, but don’t rush it. Pick a few and enjoy each experience and place to the fullest. From homemade pasta to sizzling seafood, don’t miss out on Italy’s delicious cuisines.

Whether it's boating through the dreamy canals of Venice, enjoying world-class wines in Tuscany, or having a couple dance with your partner on the Amalfi coast, Italy is all about romance and creating magical experiences. It’s a place where you and your partner can find peace and tranquility.  Check out our post on Italy’s top romantic destinations that’ll make you pack your bags right now.

1. Lake Como

Lake Como a.k.a Lario, is a go-to romantic haven for couples seeking peaceful moments together. Explore the charms of Italy’s third-largest lake through boating and swimming, surrounded by picturesque views.

Whether you prefer the warm embrace of summer or the snow-kissed peaks of winter, Lake Como offers a delightful retreat year-round. Cycling is also one of the popular activities you can try. To enjoy an intimate experience, opt for staying in charming cottages, or if money is not a big issue for ya, you can also indulge in the luxury of lakeside hotels for a romantic getaway you won't forget.

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2. Tuscany

Time to taste some delicious wine! If you and your partner are wine aficionados, you’re going to fall in love with Tuscany. Enjoy wine-tasting and sipping on Italian reds in places like Gimignano, Chianti, and Montepulciano.

Visit Lucignano a.k.a the “Village of Love”. There you can find the popular Tree of Love, visited by couples and tourists from every corner of the world. In front of this tree-shaped shrine in the Municipal Museum, couples swear their love and share a promise to stay loyal to their loved ones till eternity. The myth says it brings good luck to the couples.

If you wanna enjoy a relaxing ambiance, dive into Saturnia’s hot springs. It is cheaper than other locations in Italy. In addition, don’t forget to take a snapshot of the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa. It’s a perfect reminder for your most amazing trip to Italy. 

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3. Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is one of the top romantic destinations in Southern Italy. Staring at this amazing place makes you feel like a painting has come to life. Amalfi Coast has been a hotspot for many moviemakers and adventure lovers. You can visit the gorgeous, breathtaking beach that attracts couples from all over the world or take a boat tour around Capri and Faraglioni.

This is a true paradise if you wanna enjoy a quiet beach time with your loved one. It may get a bit pricey here but it's worth the experience. 

When you visit the Amalfi coast don't forget to try out the popular specialties this place has to offer. Tantalize your taste buds with delicious seafood and pair it up with some good wine for a truly delightful day. The stunning cliffs hugging the coast and the beautiful beach with its blue waters create the perfect backdrop for a chill and relaxing vibe.

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4. Venice

Thinking of proposing to your partner? Then, Venice is a dream destination for you. Imagine strolling hand in hand through the peaceful streets of Venice. Cobblestone alleys, charming canals, it’s pure romance. When anyone talks about Venice, the first thing that comes to mind is the romantic Gondola ride and hearing your gondolier sing you and your better half a lovely ballad.  

In the Northern lagoon, the charming and vibrant island of Burano is a must-see, adding a splash to your romantic getaway. Venice is all about warmth and good eats. Cute dinner spots are everywhere, setting the scene for a perfect date night. Morning walks in the mist or quiet late-night moments, Venice is a city for couples who want to enjoy a stress-free holiday trip.

Whether you’re catching views at the Grand Canal, exploring Dorsoduro, or getting lost in the beauty of Scala de Contadina del Bovolo, each spot is a love story in itself. If you wanna have a laid-back and a romantic experience with your partner then Venice is the hotspot for you. Check out the most instagrammable places in Venice

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5. Positano

Whether it’s newlyweds planning a honeymoon, couples seeking to reignite the spark, or two individuals planning to tie the knot…well, Positano is a dreamy destination for a romantic escape.

Enjoy a nice relaxing vibe, breathtaking picturesque views, and restaurants that will make you fall in love with Italy’s cuisines. Some of the recommended restaurants are Da Vincenzo, La Taverna Del Leone, and Vinni e Panini. The town looks exceptionally beautiful from the water. Take a boat ride to explore the town and the Amalfi coast.

If you're not a boat person, you can always walk through the streets or enjoy hiking on the cliffs. The stunning sunset will take your breath away. Enjoy partying with your partner on one of the private beaches or one of the best beach clubs in Positano.  Don’t miss the iconic view from the church of Santa Maria Assunta, a perfect spot for a memorable moment with your loved one.

8 Best Romantic Getaways In Italy - Florence recommend for ratepunk

6. Florence

Florence is the third romantic spot in the love triangle next to Venice and Rome. Despite being a small city, it has become the center of attraction for tourists and couples seeking a honeymoon trip. 

You can enjoy walking down the streets, dining out at some good restaurants like Osteria Osvaldo, Cibreo, Pizzaiuolo, La Buchetta, and Enoteca Pinchiorri, and having a gelato on the way back. Florence is a vibrant city full of life. Here you can experience the nightlife, concerts and some good music.

Places that will catch your eye are Duomo di Firenze where you and your partner have to climb 463 steps to reach the top but it’s worth the panoramic view. Visit the Galleria dell'Accademia and Uffizi Gallery to take a glance at a true work of art. Some memories last forever. So make sure to buy a ring for your special one from the jewelry shops in Ponte Vecchio. Your partner will love it!

7. Verona

Verona hasn't gained as much hype as Venice, Rome, or Florence, but it's a destination that truly deserves a spot on your travel list. It’s a city with which you’ll immediately fall in love withClimb up to Castel San Pietro for a stunning view, and catch an opera in the ancient Arena di Verona.

Being less crowded than Venice, you can enjoy moments of solitude and togetherness in a peaceful ambiance. Check out Juliet’s House and feel the love in this Shakespeare setting. Thai spot is located in Centro Storico, surrounded by other fantastic places to explore, such as Piazza Bra. Here. you’ll discover numerous cafes and restaurants, each offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

If you ever imagined telling your partner how you feel about them, then take a romantic walk across the Ponte Pietra. It’s one of the most romantic bridges in the city. Find a spot, do a spontaneous picnic with a glass of wine, or simply some snacks. 

8. Rome

The capital is known for its biggest tourist attraction “The Colosseum”, where gladiators fought the battle of their lives. Not the most romantic thing to consider but amidst the hustle and bustle of the city you can find some of the sweetest spots made just for you and your loved one like Trastevere, Pincio, and Gianicolo.

Another popular place where you can find love birds hangin’ around is the Trevi fountain. There’s an old myth attached to this place. If you toss a coin in the fountain from your right hand, over your left-hand shoulder, you and your better half will come back again to this magical place in the future. Hey! It’s worth the try.

Rome with its rich history and artifacts, beautiful fountains in Piazza Navona, and amazing restaurants like La Pergola–is a stunning place to share some quality time with your partner.

Now you know where to take your partner to enjoy the most romantic holiday trip in the world. Imagine saying “I do” standing at a place where you are surrounded by scenic views, turquoise water, and iconic places.

In Italy, love is in the air, from Venice to Lake Como. Each city, like Rome or Florence, has its own romantic vibes. Find warmth in a cottage by the lake or a cozy hotel on the cliffs of the Amalfi coast. It’s all about the cool culture, amazing food, and jaw-dropping views. Cheers to your love story and the lovey-dovey vibes of Italy.

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