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Which One is Better : Frontier vs Spirit

Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines are top players in low-budget airlines, offering affordable travel options to passengers. Although they may appear similar in terms of service and experience, there are some differences between the two carriers regarding routes, loyalty programs, WiFi service, and fees.

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Published: Jun 15, 2023 min read

Which One is Better : Frontier vs Spirit

Destinations: Wins Spirit Airlines

Frontier Airlines has an extensive network of 596 routes, connecting passengers to destinations across 11 countries. Of these routes, 460 are focused on domestic travel within the United States and 136 international routes, allowing travelers to embark on exciting journeys to destinations outside the United States. 

Meanwhile, Spirit Airlines boasts an extensive network of 639 routes, connecting passengers to a wide range of destinations across 17 countries: 487 domestic routes and 152 international routes. And these numbers take over the first point. 

WiFi on Board: Wins Spirit Airlines

As airlines adapt to the changing preferences of their passengers, onboard WiFi has become a valuable feature, enhancing the travel experience and offering convenience in today's technology-driven world. Spirit Airlines has noticed the evolving need for inflight WiFi and initiated the installation of WiFi connectivity on most of its fleet since mid-2019. So now passengers can stay connected and engaged during their flights, making the journey more enjoyable and productive. In contrast, Frontier Airlines does not provide inflight WiFi service options, focusing instead on delivering cost-effective travel solutions.  

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Baggage & Seats Fees: Spirit Airlines Wins

Even though it is most likely you travel light while one of the low-budget airlines, let's talk about baggage fees.

The basic fare allows only a personal item for free, while a carry-on bag incurs a fee ranging from $39  to $60, depending on whether you book online or at the gate. For checked bags, the cost ranges from $38 to $60 for the first bag and between $50 and $55 for the second bag. Additional fees apply for checked bags weighing over 40 pounds. Bags weighing 41-50 pounds will incur a $50 fee per bag, per direction, and bags weighing 51-100 pounds will result in a $100 fee per bag, per direction.

The fees for baggage on Spirit Airlines vary depending on your destination too. Generally, you can expect to pay approximately $30 to $60 for a carry-on, $26 to $56 for the first checked bag, and $35 to $60 for a second checked bag. 

Now let’s review Frontier Airlines charges for seat selection. The cost of standard seats ranges from $17 to $55, while stretch seating is priced between $35 and $70. For seat selection on Spirit Airlines, regular seats range from $1 to $50, while Spirit's Big Front Seats can range from $12 to $150. 

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Loyalty Programs: Frontier Wins

The Frontier Miles frequent traveler program offers straightforward mileage earning, with one mile earned for every mile flown. Elite status can be achieved by flying 20,000 miles or 25 segments, unlocking perks like family pooling, waived redemption fees, and free seat assignments. The program provides good value, allowing travelers to earn the most miles per dollar spent compared to other major domestic U.S. airlines. Award flights start at 10,000 miles per one-way trip.

Spirit's loyalty program, or Free Spirit, offers improvements, including earning points based on ticket cost. Points are valued at around 0.8 cents each, slightly lower than Frontier's. Free Spirit members earn at least 6 points per dollar spent, with additional points for upgrades. Reward redemptions start at 2,500 points, and members can use a combination of points and cash for partial awards. Gold or Silver status can be achieved through flying and credit card spending, with Silver requiring just 2,000 qualifying points.

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Which One is The Winner? 

Nevertheless, both airlines are similar, with minor victories in some cases. For instance, the person who travels with a pet will say that Frontier is way better than Spirit because it is one of the most pet-friendly airlines ($99 per pet while the average price is $113 per pet); persons who can't live without wifi will praise Spirit for the access to inflight wifi-service. So it's up to you to decide which is more attractive: Frontier or Spirit.

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Jun 15, 2023

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